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Julissa F.
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Student Favorite
Vowels and consonants are different! I will teach you the right sounds and grammar. Easy to follow!
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I teach ESL to beginner - advanced students.
About Julissa F.

I am a freelance tutor and translator. I have been tutoring for more than 9 years. I am very friendly, patient and professional. I tutor college students and children. I got my Bachelor in Arts and Sciences - Psychology from Towson University in Maryland. On my sessions I apply constructivist teaching techniques which have proven excellent results. I am an avid observer of details which helps me determine the student's strengths. My classes are fun as playing a game! For 3 years I was a Therapeutic Mentor in Catholic Charities. In order to be accepted I had to get a full background check because I deal with very special and unique children.

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Bachelor of Science in Psychology

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