Julissa Fernandez

Julissa F.

Parkville, MD
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100% Satisfaction Guarantee

100% Satisfaction Guarantee

Try the first lesson and if you’re not satisfied we'll refund any unused lessons.
100% Satisfaction Guarantee

100% Satisfaction Guarantee

Try the first lesson and if you’re not satisfied we'll refund any unused lessons.

About Julissa F.

I am a freelance tutor and translator. I have been tutoring for more than 8 years. I am very friendly, patient and professional. I tutor college students and children. I got my Associate in Arts and Sciences - Psychology from Union County College in NJ. On my sessions I apply constructivist teaching techniques which have proven excellent results. I am an avid observer of details which helps me determine the student's strengths. My classes are fun as playing a game! I am also a Therapeutic Mentor in Catholic Charities. In order to be accepted I had to get a full background check because I deal with very special and unique children.

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  • Speaks Spanish
  • Teaches students 5 and up
  • Teaches Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced

Reviews (52)

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Francoise Choveau Dec 11, 2019
Spanish · Online

Wonderful teacher...fun, patient and supportive!

Francoise Choveau Nov 13, 2019

Very patient and accommodating .

Ronda Nov 2, 2019
Spanish · Online

Francoise Choveau Sep 25, 2019
Spanish · Online

Very patient...Thank you Julissa.

suja N. Jun 19, 2019
Spanish · Online

Noah May 18, 2019
Spanish · In studio

Off to a wonderful start! My son is looking forward to his next lesson.

Georgene M. May 8, 2019
Math · Online

Had our first lesson with Julissa and the experience was painless lol! My daughter was reticent at first but warmed easily. She thought she might not understan Julissa because of her accent but that was not a problem. All in all a great mathematic experience.

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Aaron Apr 16, 2019
Spanish · In studio

I love how she started with the Spanish alphabet to build a solid base. I'm looking forward to the future classes.

Shabri V. Mar 27, 2019
ESL · In studio

I have gained the good knowledge.

Darryl B. Mar 16, 2019
Spanish · In studio

Had a great experience!

Jennifer Malloy Feb 5, 2019
Spanish · Online

Off to a great start! Looking forward to our next lesson.

Frances L. Feb 2, 2019
Spanish · Online

Frances Dec 20, 2018
Spanish ·

Julissa is a pleasure to work with and a wonderful teacher. I look forward to our lessons.

Albert Sep 20, 2018
Spanish · Online

Chelsea F. May 31, 2018
Spanish · In studio

Julissa was a very knowledgeable tutor! She helped me through an advanced college level Spanish class that I was taking online. I couldn’t of done it without her! She was also a pleasure to work with.

Ronda May 19, 2018
Spanish · Online

Love love love Julissa!

Kim Apr 16, 2018
Spanish · In studio

Excellent first lesson! I am looking forward to more lessons.

Christopher C. Mar 24, 2018
Spanish · Online

Julissa is excellent! Her method of. Instruction is very effective in reinforcing concepts learned during class. I would highly recommend her to anyone wanting to learn or improve their Spanish.

Ronda Mar 10, 2018
Spanish · Online

janea Barraza Feb 27, 2018
Algebra · Online

Julissa is amazing! Math is such a confusing subject
For me and she made it fun. I’m
Excited to be learning from someone so knowledgeable. I definitely recommend her.

Saylor Feb 17, 2018
Spanish · In studio

She's terrific!

Amelia Feb 16, 2018
Elementary Math · Online

She does an amazing job breaking things down for my daughter and helping her visualize.

Robin W. Jan 10, 2018
Spanish · Online

I felt confident that I’ll have great guidance going forward. Her teaching method is soooo easy to understand.

Maria G. Dec 4, 2017
Spanish · In home

A very great and engaging instructor! Julissa makes her best effort to understand the needs of a student and she thoroughly helps with parts that are harder to understand. I really enjoy working with her!

Ronda Aug 11, 2017
Spanish · Online

Thank you so much for your patience. I truly enjoy my classes with Julissa. I am learning so much.

Ronda Jul 11, 2017
Spanish · Online

Julissa is the best. Patient and intuitive.

Ronda Jun 6, 2017
Spanish · Online

Very patient

Ronda May 9, 2017
Spanish · Online

Amo Julissa!

Ronda Mar 28, 2017
Spanish · Online

Demerris J. Jul 15, 2016
Spanish · In studio

Julissa is a wonderful teacher who meets me at my level but also challenges me beyond my limitations.

Bertillia Jun 9, 2016
Algebra · Online

Our experience with Ms. Julissa was wonderful! Ms. Julissa stepped and corrected my daughter's mistakes but make the correction in a way that helped my daughter see her mistakes. Ms. Julissa ability to engage our daughter, gave her the drive and ambition to reactivate. My daughter is now on the right track. Thank you Ms. Julissa for your skills and willingness to help our child!!!

If we need you again we will reach out to you! Be blessed!!!!

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Donna May 4, 2016
Spanish · Online

Three lessons in and loving it!

Donna May 4, 2016
Spanish · Online

You will love Julissa; she is a great instructor.

Donna M A. Apr 29, 2016
Spanish · Online

Julissa is a very thorough instructor. She is extremely patient and very fun to work with. I look forward to many more lessons together.

Jermile C. Apr 13, 2016
Spanish · In studio

She's very good with her teaching modified. This is my first day, but it was pretty good

Muhammad Mar 18, 2016
Spanish · Online

Very patient and thorough. She sent me documents to review for my pronunciation and a last of textbooks to practice with at home. I look forward to additional sessions.

Bianca D. Feb 12, 2016
Spanish · Online

Julissa, is very professional and punctual. She is very patient. She always prepare the classes and adapt it to your level. She pushes you just enough to make sure you progress. I highly recommend Julissa!

John R. Feb 12, 2016
Spanish · Online

Julissa is a wonderful instructor!!!

She challenges and encourages. She blends both conversational and textbook instruction.

She is very patient when I am a bit frustrated and she is very flexible when schedule changes need to be made. I have extended my original series of classes due to my satisfaction with her teaching style and the results I am seeing.

I highly recommend Julissa as a Spanish tutor!!!

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Yaneth R. Jan 29, 2016
Spanish · Online

I just had my first lesson and I can'tell believe there are so many things about my native language that I didn't know of! I couldn't believe the lesson was already over :c She's fun and understanding, can'the wait for the next one!

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Katie Andino Jan 5, 2016
Algebra · In home

I probably learned more algebra in 4 months with Ms.Julissa than I did in my whole high school career. She helped me prepare to retake the placement test at my college. My scores raised dramatically and I was moved up two math levels. Where was she when I was in high school?! She loves her students and she is passionate in making sure the goal that you have set for the tutoring is achieved.

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Justin Dec 20, 2015
Spanish · Online

Ms Julissa will goes through all my son's working paper. And teach him setup by step! Thanks a lot Ms Julissa

Justin Dec 20, 2015
Spanish · Online

Ms Julissa will goes through all my son's working paper. And teach him setup by step! Thanks a lot Ms Julissa

kkk Dec 5, 2015
Algebra 2 · In studio


Keegan S. Oct 16, 2015
Spanish · Online

I greatly enjoyed my first lesson can't wait for next weeks lesson

Tracey Jul 15, 2015
Algebra 2 · In home

Ms. Julissa did an excellent job with my daughter. She provided one on one tutoring, and her the math section of her SAT was increased due to math tutoring with Ms. Julissa. She also was a financial bargain compared to other tutors in the industry.

Aleina Jul 14, 2015
Algebra 2 · In home

Excellent tutor! My daughter improved 2 grades (went from a C to and A). Her tests scores were also improved and she did a great job on her SAT and ACT tests. Julissa, has helped her with her confidence in Math overall! Julissa is very reliable and provides a structure that helps students to excel.

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Sarah Jul 12, 2015
Spanish · In studio

She's fantastic! I really feel like I am improving daily on my Spanish!

Babara Jul 10, 2015
Spanish · In studio

Julissa is a wonderful teacher. Very patient and encouraging. I highly recommend her!

Greg Jul 10, 2015
Spanish · In studio

Julissa has been tutoring me in Spanish for a few months. I needed to begin with the basics. Julissa is patient and very thorough. The lessons she prepares for me, she does on her own time. She is punctual and very personable. I look forward to my lessons once a week. They are fun and packed full of information. I will continue receiving tutoring form Julissa for as long as it takes for me to thoroughly learn the language. She is a gem in the rough and I would highly recommend her services.

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Sadie Jul 9, 2015
Spanish · In home

I take Advanced Spanish lessons from Julissa and have thoroughly enjoyed the sessions. She has tailored the sessions quite well to accommodate my learning needs and abilities and is very gracious with my sometimes tumultuous schedule changes. Julissa has wonderful command of her class sessions, but also makes the student feel completely relaxed and eager to learn. She offers corrections gently and points out the many ways one can express the same thought so that I have options that I can remember. Her background in psychology prompts her to really understand me as a student and adapt her teaching in ways that match my learning level and motivation (and that varies with the session, but she is also always ready to shift gears!). I look forward to my time with her and would recommend her to anyone who wants to improve their Spanish with an expert teacher who is enthusiastic to help you learn.

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Romy F. Nov 14, 2014
Math · In home

Hola. Mi nombre es Romy. Quisiera decirles que: si no entiendo un ejercicio de matematicas, voy donde mi hermana para que me explique y lo entienda mejor. Les recomiendo un100% que la busquen.
Hi. My name is Romy. I want to tell you when I don't understand any math exercise, I ask my sister to help me. She always explains them very well and I understand math a lot better. So I recommend her a 100%. Look for her because she is a good teacher. She helps me a lot.

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Romina S. Nov 12, 2014
ESL · In home

I speak Spanish so when i was learning to write an essay in English, it really was very difficult for me. I look for help, and I found Julissa!!!. She has very good techniques to teach :). She helped me to learn and understand. I recommend her, she is an excellent and patient teacher.

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Freelance Tutor
Jan 2006 - Present


I tutor kids and adults. Math and Spanish are challenging but with my help my students improve a lot and achieve their goals!!! ESL sessions are fun because we discover another world of words and phrases!


Associate in Arts-Science Psychology
Sep 2007 - Sep 2010

Union County College



Fluent / Native Proficiency


Associate in Arts-Sciences Psychology
Jan 2010

Union County College


Jan 2018


Mar 2016


Best Tutor in Baltimore Area
Oct 2015


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