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League City, TX

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Julie teaches: Ages 18 and up
Teaching since: March 2001
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Hello, my name is Beth S. I am a professional Singer/Actress/Entertainer with 20 years of hands on experience.
Most importantly, I am one of the last proteges of the late great world renown vocal coach, Judy Davis. I have developed an exciting curriculum based on my 4 yrs. with my beloved friend and mentor Judy Davis, (cut & paste into your browser "Judy Davis/Vocal Coach to the Stars" for more information) and now I want to share them with you. These lessons really work! I will teach you what she taught me and many legends of our time, such as Barbara Streisand, Frank Sinatra and Tony Bennett. These lessons are not your average singing lessons and I am not your average singing teacher. I paid a fortune for these lessons and now I want to share her work with you.

But wait, there's so much more! Being a great singer isn't just a great voice, it's being able to entertain! It's being able to deliver a song so that your audience never forgets you! It's stage presences, showmanship, musicianship, it takes personality, charm and pizzazz! I will teach you these things and much more. I will teach you vocal techniques, breath control, stage presents, and showmanship so that you truly entertain your audience. I will teach you how to write your own songs, speaking techniques and audition tips so you get the roles and jobs you seek. So, if you dream of being a professional singer or just sound like one, then this is a fun and exciting studio for you!

For you who aspire to sing professionally, there's so much more to learn besides how to sing.......The business aspect of the music industry is a real business and you'll need business "savvy."
I will teach you how to market yourself, how to network, put your promo pack together (demo, bio, head shots etc...) I'll teach you how to get paid gigs, studio work, and how to manage your career. I'm not only a teacher, I am a professional singer/actress and songwriter with many years of experience. I have played with top notch musicians, done hundreds of shows, venues, concerts, live theater and radio. So if you want to become a professional singer/entertainer then these are the lessons for you!

*** Lesson Details ***
I am a patient and easy going vocal teacher who enjoys teaching, supporting, inspiring and empowering my students. I have worked with students of all ages from 5 to 60 and believe it's never too soon or too late to learn. I love what I do and am very passionate about music. On your first lesson I will teach you a breathing technique that will improve your singing within the first week, you will also leave my studio knowing your vocal range, and 2 very important vocal exercises that will strengthen your vocal cords in a safe and healthy manner. There is an infinite variety of musical styles and repertoire for you to explore and I will guide your tour.

In the following lessons you will learn the importance of singing on pitch, phonics, phrasing, diction, timing, tempo,and rhythm. You'll learn techniques that will improve your vocal range so you can hit high notes with ease! You'll learn how to deliver a song, and connect with your audience so that never forget your name.

Learn how to read key signatures, transcribe music into your key and sub-plot your songs so you never forget them. You'll learn stage presence, showmanship, musicianship and how to work your microphone and set up your own equipment.

Stars the limit! If you dream of becoming a professional singer, rapper, entertainer or professional speaker, I will do everything in my power to teach you what you need to know to succeed. I can guarantee you that your vocal skills and stage presence will improve 100% within the first 3 months providing you do the work! In time you'll be ready to audition for shows like American Idol, musical theater, performing arts schools, choirs, speaking engagements or just sing for family and friends with confidence!

All's you have to do is believe... (and do the work!) :)

*** Studio Equipment ***
Bright, airy, well lit music studio with upright piano, music stand, microphones, top of the line PA equipment, comfortable chairs, couches, and environment. Student also have their own private bathroom.

Everything a student needs to succeed. Parents/guardians are always welcome to sit in on lessons.

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Professional Singer Feb 1990 - Present
Mipasion Studio

I have over 20 years of hands on experience as a professional singer/entertainer. I have been the leader of my own band, have had my own original songs played on radio and have been the lead singer for a 10 piece salsa band for the last 5 years.i have had the pleasure of singing on television, festivals, concerts, sung for senators, mayors, put on benefits for such causes as a Cancer & Lymphoma Foundations, AIDS Foundation, Hope for Haiti benefit concert, Hurricane Katrina Benefit Concert, Missing & Exploited Children Concerts, International Film Festival and many other worth while benefits and shows.


Music Major, Drug & Alcohol Specialist/Counselor Sep 1996 - Present
DVC, Ananni Institute of Drug & Alcohol Counseling

Languages Spoken

I speak fluent English and Spanish Fluent / Native Proficiency


Certified Singing Teacher, Jun 2008
The National Association of Teachers of Singing.

I am a certified singing teacher and member of The National Association of Teachers of Singing.

I am also a certified youth counselor, domestic violence counselor and specialize in drug and alcohol counseling.


2008 Original Composition Award Sep 2008
International Latin American Composer Award
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16 Reviews on Julie S.**

Shelby K. Sep 10, 2013
Great Teacher!

Last year I started acting and singing lessons with Julie. She is wonderful. Very professional, and definitely knows what she's doing. She's very patient, and helped me with different vocal/acting exercises and gave me a lot of information I would need for acting and singing. Unfortunately, I had to stop taking lessons with her over the summer as I was unavailable to meet with her, but I am lucky enough to begin lessons with her again next week. I'm super excited to be seeing her again; Julie is an excellent teacher!
Kylie P. Aug 21, 2013
Verified Student
Talented Vocal Coach!

I've been taking lessons with Julie for a little more than 2 months now and I have seen major improvement in my voice. She teaches it in a way that helps me understand why we do the exercises that we do and answers any questions that I have. I was always kind of embarrassed to sing in front of people in the fear of not hitting some notes, but Julie is easy to be around and provides a comfortable environment for lessons. She is very patient and wants to see you reach your goals for whatever you wish to pursue with your voice.
Lianne H. May 8, 2013
Verified Student
awesome voice coach!

Julie really helped my daughter improve her vocal range by several notes in both directions and also assisted in preparing her for her performance. She is really flexible with the student's needs and personality and my daughter loves working with her. She goes beyond just being a teacher, she is very supportive and we love her for that too.
Lisa R. May 3, 2013
Verified Student
Singing Lessons

I have only been taking lessons from Julie B for about 2 1/2 months now and have improved tremendously. She has a great ear for tone and a excellent teaching method. Thanks to Julie my goals are becoming a reality.

September H. Jan 18, 2013
Verified Student
Great teacher. Easy breakdowns and understanding

Julie is a great teacher, with my first lesson I went home with an
Understanding on how my voice works, what my voice range is and exercises to work on at home to approve my vocals with each lesson. I have never done anything music related befor and she made me feel very comfortable learning. And using my voice.
Trisha R. Dec 1, 2012
Verified Student
Best in all of Sacramento

Julie B has every characteristic needed to teach, let things be fun,and for me most important make progress and even excel.
Jeanlaurie A. Oct 22, 2012
Verified Student
Julie taught singing to my daughter

Julie was excellent in her explanation and encouragement with my daughter. Her knowledge of music surpasses other instructors we have worked with in the past. She also made it fun and obviously enjoys teaching. I think she is the best we have found and will resume lessons in the future
KarenE2 May 29, 2012
Sorry to leave!

Julie has been a great singing teacher for Brittney (my 13 year old granddaughter). She is patient and encouraging. Brittney has enjoyed her lessons very much; however, she needs to focus on piano and we cannot manage both piano and singing. Brittney is sorry to have to quit singing lessons; but looks forward to coming back in the future and we will certainly contact Julie B. -- I hope she is still available!!
MoniqueR Mar 12, 2012
The Greatest!!!!

Julie is such a wonderful teacher and person! Her techniques are wonderful and she knows exactly how to connect with her students. Her lessons are productive and fun! I don't think there is any one better, a great friend, a fantastic role model, and a talented teacher!
JodyK Feb 20, 2012
Excellent Music Teacher!!!

I am so happy that we were able to find an excellent music teacher like Julie B. She is very dedicated when it comes to Music lessons for her students. She planned her lessons very well and kept me informed of what she would be doing every week. She helped my daughter so much in self confidence and stage presence. She did a wonderful job in organizing music events with her students.