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Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced
I have been playing guitar for just over 10 years now. I typically begin with guitar when writing a song and love playing along to just about anything. With diligent practice, a new student on the guitar can expect to be able to play basic solos, read tablature and chord charts after just a few weeks. I particularly enjoy working with singer/songwriters who have intermediate experience on guitar because I have a handful of shortcuts and ways of thinking, that connect all the dots and cultivate musical proficiency in any genre. As with all instruments, the ability to replicate what you hear in music you listen to, is the most useful thing I can teach you. This is done with ear training and music theory (pattern based learning).
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Julian delivers an exceptional lesson experience and ranks in the top 15% of our teachers nationwide.
Teaches students:
Ages 6+ and special needs

Teaching since:
February 2010

My musical background is uniquely rooted in classical training and popular music (non-classical) experience. I have professionally played toured and/or taught on a variety of instuments including Bass, Drums, Guitar, Piano, Ukulele and Voice for the past 8 years all over the world. My main focus has been bass guitar, on which I've played in over a dozen local bands. In addition, I received my Music BA from CU Boulder in 2014. My classical training in combination with my experience as a song writer, multi-instrumentalist and band leader gives me a uniquely well-rounded teaching style. I aim to teach and inspire students to use music as a joyful platform for learning important skills such as diligent practice, cognitive flexibilty, and creative expression.

Growing up and playing in Hawaii and Colorado, I have had the opportunity to learn from prolific, passionate and talented musicians from all over the globe. With my students, I love to share my experience, appreciation for eclecticism, nuance and groove while also emphasizing the importance of a theoretical foundation in music and comprehension of aural skills (hearing music in a theoretical context) as a means to fluent apprehension in any genre. Ultimately, this makes me a very flexible and expeditious teacher. What would you like to learn?

If you have any questions, or would like to chat, please feel free to call me at three O three 5032572 or message me via my Take Lessons profile. I look forward to it!

*** Travel Equipment ***
I can provide most necessary lesson materials, however it is necessary that students have their own instruments on which to play and practice. I may request that students buy some materials such as tuners (for stringed instruments), lesson books, or music applications, but these are optional purchases.

*** Studio Equipment ***
I can teach in my home studio in South Boulder if that is your preference. The studio has keyboard, bass, drums, guitar, ukulele and vocal microphones. Students should bring their own instruments to the studio lessons (drums and piano provided in the studio) Parents may attend the lessons if they choose.

*** Specialties ***
Pop, Rock, Jazz, Blues, Reggae, West-African Highlife, Funk, and Soul

***Some additional background to my experience***
I grew up "noodling". I avoided the difficult task of learning to read proficiently until I was almost 18. Looking back I realize that for me, music was a way to relax and pause internal dialogue. I would create music, especially on the piano that was entirely my own, and based solely on intuition. I got by in piano lessons and choir for so many years as kid by relying on an intuitive ability to aurally recall music and "play by ear". Eventually, I was turned on to the necessity of being able to read when I was accepted into a nationally competitive choral program at Fairview High School under the direction of Ron Revier. Shortly after that, I picked up a guitar and discovered music theory.
Realizing that reading, and theory were inherently different things allowed by to accelerate quickly at music theory which opened so many doors for me creatively. Suddenly, my ability to improvise in context and write my own songs was born.
I realized that every note I sang or played was part of an essential structure, whether or not I was paying attention to it. This is why I particularly enjoy teaching aural skills, sight reading, and music theory in conjunction with whatever repertoire or skillset a student wants to learn. These things facilitate becoming one's own teacher which is the most important thing I can pass on to a student. If you can contextualize everything you hear, you can more easily pursue whatever type of music inspires you.
Understanding theoretical things like musical modes creates a structure around the seemingly elusive nature of musical improvisation. It comes naturally to some, but is stubbornly avoided by others. I assure you, anyone can do it with some guidance. Through the years, I have developed a handful of shortcuts and tools that allow elementary musicians to start creating their own music that is not necessarily oriented in genre or style, but can be applied to all of them. I look forward to sharing my passion with new students!

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Bachelor of the Arts in Music
Aug 2006 - May 2014
University of Colorado at Boulder


Limited Proficiency
Limited Proficiency

Photos & Videos

Floyd Fest in Virginia :)

This is a video with one of my drum students and his family, he's practicing some of his new drum beats with a band for the first time:)
A little bit of the process...
Charlie shows his groovy skills on the drums, and then switches to play his improvised melody on the piano (cousin on rhythm, dad on guitar)
Me and my brother in Hawaii, giving a friend's daughter her first Ukelele lesson :)

My first gig at Mishawaka Amphitheater 10 years ago!

This is me and my brother in our first Reggae band 7 years ago!

This is Charlie's first experience with Reggae, after he finds his sticks of course! (His cousins are reluctant to sing)
My first show at The Fox Theater in Boulder
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Grant -. Nov 16, 2017
Guitar · In home

This was my 14 y/o and my very first lesson. We learned chords, strum patterns, and melody. Super fun evening! Julian even gave my 12 y/o a lesson on his drum set while we practiced on our guitars. Now the family is hooked! Excited for our lesson next week.

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David Jun 5, 2017
Guitar · In home

Julian has spent lots and lots of fun time with his nephews and nieces (age 13-2), playing music with and teaching--ukulele, piano, guitar and drums over the last few years, and as a result they all have some great skills, confidence, and excitement about music. He's kind and very tuned in to where his students are.
I'm his Dad so I've seen how rewarding it can be for his students. He's also given me a basic set of skills on the guitar. It goes without saying, I recommend him highly!!

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Josh D. Dec 10, 2015
Guitar · Online

Great instructor.

Julie B. Dec 9, 2015
Bass Guitar · Online

As a beginning bass player with no previous experience, my daughter was relunctant to start online lessons. Julian quickly established a rapport with her. She now looks forward to her weekly lesson and even practices daily (a miracle) after school. Julian has taken the time to build a good relationship with my shy daughter, and she thinks he is wonderful. I am impressed by his willingness to not just teach the mechanics of playing, but to build a relationship with his students. I would recommend this dedicated and patient teacher.

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Josh D. Dec 8, 2015
Guitar · Online

Julian has been very helpful to me and finding my way around a guitar. He has been patient with me and going along with the pace that I choose. I highly recommend to students beginner and advanced.

Cassidy B. Nov 6, 2015
Bass Guitar · Online

Excellent for a beginning bass player. Very patient.

Carolyn K. Sep 22, 2015
Piano · In home


Brenda T. Nov 16, 2014
Piano · In studio

Julian has been wonderful to teach Music Theory as well as Piano. He has interesting methods and uses very solid music theory, to create a larger picture which leads to a full understanding of how piano works, and of the music you play on it.

Lessons are interesting and fun. Also I find them very well-rounded. Julian is a positive instructor and I find him very respectful and simply fun to learn from.

I highly recommend Julian Y.

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Niel R. Jul 26, 2014
Piano · In home

It's difficult to find an instructor and I feel extremely lucky that I ended up studying with Julian. I was a beginning piano player but very interested in a strong music theory base for my studies. Julian has an extremely deep knowledge of music theory and application across many styles. We have probably spent as much time on theory as on playing (my choice/naturally where our lessons have gone). He is also an excellent guitar player and i have paired relearning guitar with the piano so our lessons can range widely from piano practice to theory to guitar and back.

I find Julian extremely easy to get a long with, very good at explaining theory and leading me to my own epiphanies and conclusions that have made learning continually exciting. He is a good communicator about lessons times and has been probably more flexible than i deserve in accommodating my schedule.

As we have progressed we are now working on song writing, music notation, jazz/staff notation, working through the REAL BOOK, ear training, etc..

My greatest fear was ending up with a very parochial or didactic instructor. Julian is anything but that. I look forward to my lessons every week and have increased my time with him to twice a week.

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Nicki H. Jun 26, 2014
Drum · In home

My son has been taking drum lessons from Julian for about six months now. Julian is fantastic with him. He seems very knowledgeable and his demeanor is perfect for kids (and adults!). He likes to incorporate other instruments into the lesson as well, since my son can also play piano. He has a nice energy during lessons, keeping a good balance of having fun and learning. He also just led my son in his first group experience, where he played drums while others played guitar and keyboard. Julian was amazing at keeping everyone on task, while having fun at the same time! I would recommend Julian as a music instructor for anyone and everyone. :)

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Cathy B. Nov 1, 2013
Ukulele ·


Julian has been teaching my 9 year old for about 1 year now. My son has learned a lot from Julian and continues to grow under his direction. Julian is very patient with him but also lets him know what he expects. Julian has substantive knowledge about music but also knows how to let your child have fun and be a child! I wholly recommend him for any music lessons for kids.

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