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Hermosa Beach, CA

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Julia teaches: Ages 5 and up
Special needs
Teaching since: February 2015
Last sign in: More than two months


I am a motivated, intuitive, knowledgeable, and innovative teacher of Hatha Yoga. I have practiced Yoga regularly for over seven years and now attend Loyola Marymount University to pursue my Masters in Yoga Studies. My dual understanding of Psychology and Yoga allows me to combine my knowledge and intuition about each individual with a deep understanding of Yoga to create a lasting, meaningful, and unique experience for my students as they better their health and wellness.
Through rigorous study and experience I specialize in recognizing the needs of each individual student and design my classes to meet those needs and to assist in helping my students reach their health and wellness goals. I also offer both relaxation and physical challenges for all levels of experience.

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Tania Aug 26, 2016
· Yoga · In studio Julia is by far the best yoga teacher I have had since I began studying yoga nearly ten years ago. She is an extraordinarily gifted teacher: attentive to her students' needs and excited about learning anything that might help her better meet those needs, compassionate toward her students' limitations and physical/emotional/spiritual state on any given day, and never hesitant to challenge and push her students when the time is right. She has years of experience in yoga and a highly attuned body awareness; I always felt physically and emotionally safe in her classes, and I always left feeling like I had awoken every part of my body, not just my shoulders/hips/etc. Study with Julia! There's no one like her out there.
Gabrielle Aug 25, 2016
· Yoga · In home I have been practicing yoga for over 4 years at my local gym, but something was always missing and I never left fully satisfied. It wasn't until I met Julia that I encountered such a passionate and knowledgeable yoga instructor like her! Julia has a profound understanding of yoga and she goes above and beyond to create a class to cater to your personal need. For instance, Julia helped me to overcome my mental and physical obstacles after I broke my leg from playing soccer. Now, I am more strong and my mind is more present than ever before. I definitely recommend taking a class from Julia, even if you are new to the yoga practice, she will help guide you towards an insightful experience.
Julia Kasza
Julia K.

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