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I have been learning and teaching American Sign Language for over 20 years! (how can that be, when I'm only 29? haha). I am hearing, but I've always had a love for the language. I co-created a student course book with one of my Deaf ASL teachers (currently preparing for online access and a phone app, as well as hard cover availability). I enjoy teaching, have a pretty good sense of humor, and I like to create a positive environment for learning.
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For my ASL classes: I am a hearing teacher, who has been learning and teaching ASL for 20 years. I love the language, and I want to support the Deaf community by teaching hearing students how to best communicate with deaf and hard of hearing folks. I even co-created an ASL textbook with one of my deaf ASL teachers. I love to teach, have a pretty good sense of humor, and I enjoy creating a nurturing environment for learning. For my acting classes: I have been a professional actor for 25 years, starting in theater and then moving to television (I have some self-produced short films as well). You can view my credits at IMDB. My expertise is in audition technique: coaching the actor to make solid and discerning choices (every actor brings something unique to the table, and that's what we focus on!), interpreting an audition scene(s), "seeing" the scene so that you can put yourself into the puzzle that is the script, and knowing what will make your audition stand out.


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Julia makes learning fun with games that work a different part of my brain and I remember signs I forgot learning. Her personality undergirds everything !!! She is easy to learn from.

Posted Nov 20, 2021
Teaches Online

Julia is a great teacher and you will learn so much from her! She explains the signs and has great knowledge of American Sign Language. She is also very kind and funny which helps make learning this language fun and easy!

Posted Jul 29, 2021
ASL Teacher
Sep 2018 - Present
I Love Learning ASL
I teach both beginner classes and practice sessions, as well as "special topics" (those things that don't fall into the regular class curriculum). Originally, we began with in-person classes (located in southwest Georgia), but then when the pandemic hit, we started teaching via Zoom.
Jan 2004 - Present
Diva D Productions
As an actor, there are many stretches of time where you are not working (or even auditioning!), so I decided to create my own work. When I first arrived in LA, I concentrated on building my film resume, and called myself "the Parker Posey" of student films (I booked and shot 15 student films within six months!). As my resume grew, so did my knowledge of film production, and this on-the-job training led me to try my hand at producing. I co-produced and co-wrote my first short film in 2004, as part of the 48-Hour Film Challenge (a contest where you write, shoot and edit a movie in two days). Subsequently, I did seven more such films, eventually producing them on my own, and Diva D Productions was born. One of these 48-hour films was re-edited and cut into a festival film called "The Amoeba." Another of these films became what is now the web series "Cast This!." The opportunity to produce has kept me in front of the camera, as well as behind it, working with people I enjoy (and who are extremely talented!).
Apr 1992 - Present
Julia Flint
As a professional actor, I have appeared in multiple TV shows, short films, web series, and theater projects. I love comedy, and I've been part of several improv troupes, as well as doing stand-up for several years in Los Angeles. I love breaking down a script/scene, discovering the story the character is trying to tell, and incorporated some of my own history to further flesh out the character. Nothing makes me happier than "playing pretend!"
Aug 1990 - Jun 1992
University of Connecticut
BS Business Administration
Jan 1986 - Jun 1990
Sacred Heart University
American Sign Language
Professional Proficiency

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