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Learn German with an experienced teacher and native speaker
Would you like to prepare for your next vacation? Do you need to learn German for your new job, or do you just want to improve your skills you've learned in school? As a native German I can teach you German on a high level! The best way to do that is starting with a simple conversation. Learning through talking, gestures and pictures is the most natural and easy way to be successful in a new language! As I'm from Hanover I speak the cleanest German with no accent at all! My knowledge of grammar and syntax will help you to learn the 'correct' German!
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Hi there! I am Judith, a professional Pop/Rock/Jazz singer and pianist. In 2009 I've got my Master's degree in Popular Music Voice Education at the University of Music & Drama in Hanover, Germany, and for more than 10 years I've worked as a voice instructor and freelance singer/pianist in Germany, the UK, Egypt, Greece, Houston, TX and now Miami, FL. My approach to singing is to combine the voice with your whole body in order to reach higher registers, gain more power and lose strain and fears! I would love to help you to enjoy singing even more - in an effortless and comfortable way! I've prepared previous students for music college or university auditions, plenty successfully graduated! Content of my lessons are: - speech level singing - belting - ear training - breathing techniques - score reading - improvisation/scat - songs from the popular music genre (Jazz, Rock, Pop) - body & posture as a support for your singing - singing harmonies I can't wait to meet you and to start singing with you! *****I can travel farther than 10 miles on a case by case basis. For distances greater than 10 miles, I do also charge additional. Please feel free to message me directly to discuss rates and times for that.

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I’ve worked with Judith for a few years now and she does a great job working with my goals for learning German. She is very patient and flexible with our learning and lessons!

Posted Jan 11, 2021