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Miami Beach, FL

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Josue teaches: Ages 7 to 60
Teaching since: June 2004
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Hi, there! My name is Josue and I can't wait to meet you! I've been teaching private lessons since 2004 and have loved helping my students accomplish self-expression, accomplish performance goals, and breaking through previous limitations. I went to Indiana University Jacob's School of Music and earned a Master's degree in Music in 2012. I'm a people's person and a caring person and my teaching style is patient, selfless, and informative. I look forward to helping you reach your goals!

How will our lessons work? I customize them completely around what you want to get from them. Some students are focusing on the Classical genre meanwhile others want to learn how to improvise and play commercial music. Whatever artistic direction you want to focus on I can guide you.

Studying together you will benefit by developing a warm, deep and robust sound through exercises such as long tones, tongueless starts, overtones and mouthpiece exercises. We will also focus on instrumental technique by utilizing technical material found in etudes, arpeggios, patterns, scales, solos and many other sources. Reading music is key to performing on the saxophone so we will address sight reading and answer any questions you may have toward rhythm, time signature, rests and note duration. Articulation and time-feel is of the utmost importance when expressing yourself through the saxophone and we will grow from listening to and analyzing the phrasing of world class musicians. You will familiarize yourself with time feel through utilizing the metronome while playing and learning how to internalize it.

Through fun work and self-discipline you will feel so proud of yourself that you have learned how to communicate and speak your emotions through your saxophone as if it were your own voice. I can't wait to help you feel that gratification of accomplishment, see you on the other side in the classroom!

Photos and Videos

Enjoy this video art collaboration that I did with my talented video artist Phusol in Miami, FL. The music was recorded in Nashville, TN.


Saxophone Instructor
Jun 2004 - May 2010
Gonzales Entertainment

Taught various saxophone students ranging in different levels of skill.


Master of Music
Aug 2010 - May 2012
Indiana University Jacob's School of Music
Bachelor of Music
Aug 2007 - May 2010
Belmont University

Languages Spoken

Fluent / Native Proficiency
Limited Proficiency


Saxophone Section Leader
Aug 2012
Belmont & Indiana University Jacob's School of Music Bands
Music Scholarships
May 2007
Belmont & Indiana Universities
Outstanding Soloist Award for Concert & Jazz Bands
Feb 2006
Disney Music Days Festival
Drum Major
Jun 2005
Baytown Robert E. Lee High School Band
1st Chair All-Region Classical & Jazz Bands
Jan 2004
Texas Music Educator's Association

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Richard L. May 25, 2017
· Saxophone · In studio Great first lesson with Josue, we are very impressed thus far...
Freddy May 4, 2017
· Saxophone · In home great saxo teacher
Sean Feb 25, 2017
· Saxophone · In studio Both patient and excellent!!
Daniel Oct 17, 2016
· · Josue is an excellent musician and a great guy. He is well-versed in multiple styles, and can explain even very complex musical concepts in simple language that you can understand. I highly recommend reaching out to Josue whether you have specific music questions or are just interested in bettering your overall playing and growing as a musician.
Andrew Jun 14, 2016
· Saxophone · In studio I have known Josue personally for many years. He is an experienced performer capable of playing and teaching many styles and techniques. Come to josue if you want to get chops!
Dustin Bank Jun 9, 2016
· Saxophone · In studio Josue is not only a world-class saxophonist, but also a talented and patient instructor. His passion for others will be evident from the moment you meet. If Josue is your instructor, your lessons will be fruitful, challenging and also a blast!
Harold Jun 7, 2016
· Saxophone · In studio I've known Josue since I was in college. He played with several bands and ensembles, and was always an advanced saxophonist. He loves what he does and that translates into his teaching style.
Randy Jun 3, 2016
· Saxophone · Josue and I were in college together at Belmont University in Nashville, TN. He is a fantastic musician. Not only does he have fantastic chops and technique on his instrument, he is also very knowledgeable on music theory. He is also enjoyable to work with. When I knew him he always brought a positive attitude and a love of music to the table so to speak.
Rachel Jun 3, 2016
· Saxophone · Online Josue is an excellent musician, and one i highly recommend as an Instructor. His work ethic is extremely high, but he is patient with those he teaches. If you take consistent lessons with him, i believe you will achieve a high level of craftsmanship with your instrument.
Jared H. Jun 2, 2016
· Saxophone · In studio I had the pleasure of performing and working with Josue at Indiana University's Jacobs School of Music, known for it's outstanding jazz program, from 2010-2012 during our Master's degree. You should first know that Josue is a great, melodic saxophonist who always keeps an open mind and ear in regards to music. He has a constant desire to learn and grow. More importantly, Josue is one of the kindest human beings you will ever meet. His spirit is inviting and warm. As an instructor, Josue is honest, open, and helpful in helping a student learn, improve, and maximize their potential.
Josue Gonzales
Josue G.

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