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Joshua A.
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Learn to program video games and other software in Python from a teacher with 15+ years experience!
Note: I very strongly suggest sending a message before booking to make sure I can meet your needs in your lessons! Python is one of the most popular and valuable programming languages in the modern world. It can be used for everything from data analysis to game design. I've been coding since I was in grade school, and have developed everything from games to niche software tools. I offer lessons for beginner and intermediate Python programming. My approach to teaching Python focuses on keeping lessons engaging and fun, while ensuring lots of practice with the concepts taught. I am constantly developing my curriculum to find ways to improve understanding while keeping things interesting. There are two main paths I offer students: 1) Game Development -- A very fun way to learn to code! We start with text-based games to teach the fundamental concepts of Python, then graduate to drawing graphics on screen using PyGame. 2) Data & Productivity -- For those looking to add Python to their repertoire for professional reasons, we cover the fundamentals with an eye toward data analysis using libraries like Matplotlib and Pandas, as well as GUI development using Tkinter. I'm also happy to tutor alongside your existing coursework if you're currently enrolled in a Python class. I look forward to being your new Python teacher!
About Joshua A.

Hello! My name is Josh, I'm a music & technology specialist, and I'd love to be your new teacher! I graduated with a Master's in Music (with focuses in composition and classical guitar) from Belmont University in Nashville, TN. All throughout school, though, I was always keeping up with programming as a side gig and (let's be honest) a fallback plan. I've been both playing music and programming since I was eight years old, and to this day, music and coding are my two biggest passions! That curious combination led to a five year stint teaching music technology courses at Vanderbilt University, involving everything from traditional classical music study to programming synthesizers. I also occasionally contributed to faculty concerts with classical guitar. When that stint ended, I decided to turn my attention to private lessons once again, so here we are! Today, I consider myself an expert in three things: guitar, digital signal processing, and Python! In particular, I'm a classically trained guitarist and composer, although I've also played lots of rock, metal, and lately, jazz. When it comes to DSP, I can teach you all about how to create new, unique sounds with Pure Data, including creating brand new synthesizers from scratch. With Python, I'm most comfortable in video game development. I can, of course, cover the business side of things too, but making video games is my real passion in the world of coding. I love teaching students of all ages about any (or all) of the subjects I love. I believe nobody should feel limited to practicing a single skill or hobby, so I'd love to teach you a new skill today! Hope to teach you soon!

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