Jordan McClellan

Jordan M.

Seattle, WA
Teaching Locations:
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Teaching Locations:
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Levels taught:
Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced
I teach students how to belt in a healthy way, and also work on "the mix" used to successfully belt throughout your range, in order to avoid the break between "chest" and "head" voice. I have a lot of experience singing and teaching Musical Theater, I was a member of Studio East in Bellevue, Wa, as well as part of the Musical Theater department at The San Francisco Conservatory of Music. I have played Rapunzel in Into the Woods, Beth in Little Women, Golde in Fiddler on the Roof, and Various characters in the musical Quilters.

Over time my goal is to work toward auditioning for local theaters in the Seattle area, building repertoire as well as the working on the "audition package". If you are a student in school, I will also prepare and encourage auditions for the school musicals, and plays.

About Jordan M.

Lesson Details/Services:

Singing/Audition and Resume Coach:

Lessons begin with stretching, vocal warm ups, scales, and extensive breath work, as well as resolving any tensions that may be hindering your vocal production. I then through collaboration with the student, work on beginning repertoire that is suited for the voice, and challenging at the same time. I record all lessons, and email them to the student so that one has the opportunity to review the warm ups, and hear the improvement in the voice, I also write a review of every lesson, with notated warm-ups and a list of "To Do's" for the week so that the student will have a structured practice week. I provide music, and if needed recordings of the pieces so that the student can take the materials back to their homes and practice them on their own.

I track the range of the voice, and usually within a month it will have improved by at least 4 notes either higher or lower.

It is important to note that learning voice is a highly individualized journey, each person will have their own set of strengths and weaknesses, as a teacher it is my job to asses this in a person and craft a curriculum, and style that will fit those individual needs.

I am also adept at navigating local opportunities for students in the Seattle Theater world. I have had students receive callbacks at 5th avenue, perform for Seattle Childrens Theater. Young Actors Institute, Driftwood Players, win multiple pageants and score high in talent as well as acting opportunities in movies and modeling. I am a performer as well and had to navigate through the college system as well as the Seattle theater system and can provide much guidance to those interested with resume, repertoire and audition coaching.

There is no feeling in the world than the freedom and beauty of singing, it is a joy to hear in my students, and very fulfilling to teach this kind of wonderfully positive experience to people of all ages!

I received my B.A. in vocal performance from San Francisco Conservatory of Music in 2009. I am a classically trained singer, however I enjoy all genre’s of music and firmly believe having a classical base in a singing technique will enrich any style of music you wish to work toward. I am devoted to healthy singing, and unlocking your true timbre and voice with extensive breath, and vowel work. As a graduate from a highly competitive music institution I can help in guiding students along the right path of pursuing this art form at a collegiate level.

Theory/Song Writing techniques:

For some students learning music is just as much a part of the lesson as learning to sing. I love teaching people of all ages how to read music, so that the student can be an independent teacher for themselves and learn music on their own at home, this I think is very important in order to improve skills for singing, the faster the student can learn music, the more time can be spent working on technique and improving the sound of the voice.

I graduated from a prestigious Conservatory and had to take very advanced theory classes in order to receive my degree. I also played flute and oboe in orchestra for 10 years, and taught myself how to play piano. I have assisted some of my students interested in writing their own music on chord progressions, and have offered my musical expertise on their compositions. There is nothing like being involved in the creative process of composing and I love supporting my students that decide to explore this art form.

Speaking Lessons:

I have a studio in Bellevue where I work closely with the transgender community as a vocal coach to feminize my clients voices transitioning from male to female. It is a wonderful process and anyone interested please do contact me!

I also teach language diction classes. I am fluent in IPA (international phonetics alphabet) in English, French, German, Italian, and Spanish. I can help with accent reduction in English or pronunciation in any of the above languages.

A little bit about me:

“Playing alongside Drumheller were a number of young performers like Jordan M., who appeared as Cousin Hebe. A past member of Tacoma Opera's Young Artist Program, she is an emerging artist with a beautiful voice and very appealing stage presence who is slated to appear in several shows in the region this year.” Sandy McDade Chair of the ArtsFund Board, 2015

Soprano Jordan M. kicked off 2015 with a role debut of Nancy In Albert Herring with Vashon Opera. She was thrilled to make her 5th Avenue Main Stage debut in The Sound of Music, and to sing in Cry To Heaven part of 5th Avenue's New Works Department, which was a collaboration with writer Anne Rice and academy award nominated composer Matthew Wilder (whose credits include the music of Mulan).  She joined Tyrolean Opera this last summer on a full Scholarship in Maurach, Austria on Lake Achen (Achensee), in a role debut of Gretel in Humperdincks Hansel und Gretel. 

In 2014 she was excited to be in the world premiere of Yoshinaka, by Garrett Fisher with the Fisher Ensemble as Tomoe.  It was an adaptation of the traditional Japanese Tales of Ise, which made it’s world premiere at Seattle’s ACT Theater “Central Heating Lab Series”.  It was a noteworthy collaboration with Munenori Takeda, and The Takeda Noh troupe which consists of members who are Living National Treasures in Japan for their Noh artistry, this collaboration was featured on the front page of The Arts section of the Seattle Times.  

Other notable credits from 2014 include 2nd Lady in The Magic Flute,  Rosina, in Il Barbiere di Siviglia with Tacoma Opera and a recording for Kakitsubata, with The Garrett Fisher Ensemble for Jack Straw Production Studios.  In spring of 2014 Jordan sang Papagena and 2nd Lady with Skagit Opera, and  N.O.I.S.E. (Northwest opera in schools) for their Washington tour, as well as various Rossini arias with Bremerton Symphony, and two solo recitals with Second-City Chamber Series, and Music Northwest.  She also continues to be involved in recording sessions for Hollywood’s top video game soundtracks, including Starcraft and World of Warcraft.

Jordan is equally at home singing song repertoire as well as early music. She was chosen to participate in Lieder Alive! Singers Studio with Håkan Hagegård in San Francisco, CA where she delved deeper into lieder classics, culminating in a public masterclass. Jordan has since been invited to sing several recitals with, Second City Chamber Series, in Lakewood, WA, Music Northwest, in Seattle, Wa, Hearthstone Chapel Recital Series, in Seattle, WA, Skagit Opera, at Lairmont Manor, as well as with Tacoma Opera.  Her recital repertoire varies from Italian Art Song, to Fauré Chanson, Lieder, American Songbook Classics, as well as Irish Folk Songs.  She has particpiated in Accademia D’amore, a summer program lead by Grammy Award winner Stephen Stubbs who is  devoted to educating singers about early music, baroque dance and rhetoric.  Most recently she participated in Bach Meisterkurs, in Leipzig Germany (Bach’s hometown) to learn the art of stylistically singing Bach’s passions.  

Past credits include a 3 month tour with Portland opera singing Hansel in Hansel and Gretel, Phylo in the West Coast premier of Pénélope by Fauré with Vespertine Opera, and her Italian concert debut in Urbania, Italy at the Teatro Bramante.  

Her upcoming engagements include, starring in a local independent film as an opera singer, a role debut of Adalgisa in Skagit Opera’s Norma, singing a solo recital with Music Northwest, a performance with the Fisher Ensemble at Folklife Festival, as well as a performer at the Sankt Goar International Music Festival in Germany.

*** Studio Equipment ***
I have a recording device, a piano and keyboard, a music stand, lots of music of all genres, a copier/printer, as well as access to making recordings of pieces so that the student can take it home (whether that is CD's or Mp3's).

*** Travel Equipment ***
I provide a recording device, piano, keyboard, piano accompaniment (usually a recording), as well as copies of music.

If I travel to a lesson they would have to have a piano or keyboard.

*** Specialties ***
I specialize in unlocking an individuals true singing voice,

I do have a 48 hour cancellation policy, I will allow one missed lesson to be reschedule but after that I will have to charge you if you continually miss lessons without letting me know.


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22 Reviews
Gale Greyson
Profile-location-online Online

Jordan is very skilled in Opera, Voice, and Teaching. She at once puts you at ease and quickly empowers you with knowledge and new skills. Although it may feel like baby-steps, you can hear and feel changes in your voice almost immediately . Studying Opera Voice is a long road of very hard work, so much to remember. There is a reason 4 year degrees are offered in it. But it is well worth it for those who have the stamina.

Posted Jun 12, 2020
Profile-location-home Student's Home

Jordan is very experienced and knowledgeable, I watched as she worked with me. She has an amazing ear. she hears nuances of differences in the slightest tone difference and can tell just what to do to help you sound wonderful. Looking forward to going back.
Thanks Jordan

Posted May 26, 2019
Profile-location-studio Teacher's Studio

My daughter had a fantastic first lesson and is looking forward to the next!

Posted Jun 17, 2018
Evelyn H.
Profile-location-studio Teacher's Studio

My name is Evelyn and I'm 33 yo. I'm also transgender MTF and have always wanted to sing with my new voice. Jordan is incredibly patient and shows a lot of care for what I have tried to accomplish. Without her I would have been too afraid the let my singing voice be heard. I'm so lucky to have found a professional like her to help me find my singing voice during the journey of my transition. I highly recommend her to anyone who is new to singing or wants to improve their existing voice. She's worth every minute.

Posted Oct 13, 2016
Profile-location-studio Teacher's Studio

Each lesson gets better every time I go there :)

Posted Sep 4, 2016
Profile-location-studio Teacher's Studio

Meeting Jordan for the first time was awesome! She's very professional and was so patient with me during my first singing lesson. I can't wait to see her for more lessons!

Posted Aug 21, 2016
Profile-location-home Student's Home

Jordan was an awesome teacher. Very supportive and helpful, I would highly recommend her to anyone looking for a voice teacher.

Posted Jun 28, 2016
Profile-location-studio Teacher's Studio

Jordan has done a great job helping me transition to falsettos and show how to use correct breathing. She has given great tips and helped me extend my range overall.

Posted Nov 16, 2015
Andrew S.
Profile-location-studio Teacher's Studio

As someone with no singing experience, I was a bit nervous and feeling a bit self-conscious about taking lessons. Jordan is very professional, bright, and patient. I really appreciate her insight and her guidance. There is quite a bit to learn, but Jordan helps you realize it is attainable. Thank you.

Posted Oct 25, 2015
Jaimie W.
Profile-location-online Online

Jordan has let me reach a higher range and has helped me improve a lot from when I started.

Posted Sep 30, 2015
Hermona G.
Profile-location-home Student's Home

She was very helpful and polite

Posted Jun 29, 2015
Emma E.
Profile-location-studio Teacher's Studio

I had a lot of fun.

Posted Apr 7, 2015
Jayde H.
Profile-location-studio Teacher's Studio

Jordan has given me nothing but positive experiences. I came in with enormous apprehensions and insecurities about singing; in only a few lessons, she made me feel comfortable and confident. I noticed remarkable improvements from the very first day. Any time I hit a wall, she knew exactly how to bypass them and keep me encouraged. Most importantly, she is exceptionally flexible and devoted to you as the student. Lessons feel catered to your own development and she is always willing to work with you on scheduling. As well, she is quite amiable and pleasant to work with. I distinctly recommend her to any student of any style.

Posted Apr 1, 2015
Ty W.
Profile-location-home Student's Home

When I first started taking singing lessons with Jordan a year ago, I was an absolute novice whose singing experience was limited to my car and the shower. I've learned so much from her in that time. With her help, my vocal range has expanded, my tone and control have improved, and my understanding of music has deepened. Jordan does an amazing job of learning her student's voices and tailoring her lessons to each individual. In our lessons, she goes beyond teaching the mere mechanics, and has really helped me interpret songs and find meaning in what I'm singing. I come out of each lesson newly inspired to continue working. Her instruction and guidance have truly helped me discover my newfound passion in life.

Posted Apr 1, 2015
Anindita M.
Profile-location-home Student's Home

Jordan has been an amazing teacher for my 10-yr old. Not only does she know her subject well, she is extremely skilled at managing young children. She has inspired my daughter to excel and had gone out of her way to prepare my child for auditions.

Posted Sep 2, 2014
Sheila H.
Profile-location-studio Teacher's Studio

Jordan is an extremely accomplished musician, and it shows in her lessons. She is able to tailor her unique approach for each individual, and she makes singing fun. I would recommend her highly for anyone looking to begin serious opera training. Rest assured that your voice will be in very capable hands!

Posted Jul 31, 2014
Erik H.

Great lessons!

Jordan is a great teacher, and tries to make her beginning students feel comfortable. I would recommend her to anyone looking into singing lessons.

Posted Dec 1, 2013
Dana F.

Super awesome teacher!

Jordan helped me match pitch better, and become more aware of my breath. I had already taken piano lessons in the past, so it was really nice to be able to reviews music as well. She is very good with communication and always is available via email and phone with any questions I have.

Posted Nov 26, 2013
Shana G.

Results within the first session

Jordan is an amazing teacher. I have never worked with someone so patient. When we began working together it took me the entire hour before I could understand each new idea of her technique. She would never grow angry or frustrated with me.
Before I began taking lessons from Jordan I had terrible habits and my voice was never consistent. Some days I sounded decent and others I could barely phonate. Because of Jordan I can go into an audition or performance and successfully sing even thought I am shaking with nerves She has taught me a technique that always works whether it's that time of the month or I am especially tired. Jordan has opened up my voice to what it should be and has taught me how to tap into my resonance to create a larger, more natural sound that allows me to be heard over a piano and or small orchestra. I highly recommend Jordan as a teacher. It only takes one hour to hear improvement.

Posted Nov 23, 2013
Dena S.

Great Teacher!

I have been taking lessons with Jordan for about 5 months, and she is really wonderful. She has helped me with my confidence and the growth of my range, and projection. I highly recommend!

Posted Nov 22, 2013
Saya C.

Jordan is a fantastic, reliable teacher

When I first started with Jordan, I hadn't been singing or reading music since grade school. We were really starting from scratch. Still, she was patient and thorough from the start. I'm now comfortable sight reading and we're constantly finding new music to learn.

We study in her home, which is close and very convenient for me. She's flexible with meeting times and on the occasion I've had to reschedule, she was fast with getting back to me.

I've improved immensely since starting with Jordan. She's funny, encouraging and a fantastic teacher. I highly recommend her!

Posted Nov 18, 2013
Chelsea D.


Awesome teacher. She really helps me improve my singing by being supportive and knowing her stuff. She has helped my confidence in singing. Wouldn't go to another singing teacher. 100% recommend

Posted Oct 23, 2013

Photos & Videos

5 Photos & Videos


Mar 2015 - Present

St. Marks Catholic Church

I lead the Alto and sometimes Soprano section at St.Marks Catholic Church.

Principle Artist
Nov 2014 - Present

Skagit Opera

I performed 2nd Lady in the Magic Flute, as well as Adalgisa in Norma with Skagit Opera.

Jul 2013 - Present

Music Northwest, Second City Chamber Series

Singing Solo Recitals of various classical repertoire.

Principal Artist
Sep 2012 - Present

Tacoma Opera

Principal Opera Singer Performed supporting roles for Tacoma Opera’s 2012-2013 season. Sang for Tacoma Opera’s Annual Auction, as well as Masterclasses. Covered leading roles in Carmen as Carmen, and Dorabella in Mozart’s Cosi Fan Tutte. Performed Rosina in Il Barbiere di Siviglia, in February of 2014. Performed 2nd Lady in The Magic Flute, by Mozart in November 2014 Performed Cousin Hebe in H.M.S. Pinafore in Feb. 2015

Private Voice Instructor
Mar 2012 - Present


Oct 2015 - Jan 2016

5th Avenue

I sang for "Cry to Heaven" a new work for 5th Avenue, as well as Ensemble or (Nunsemble), of 5th Avenue's The Sound of Music.

Voice Instructor
Jan 2013 - Apr 2013

Main Stem Music Academy

Group Voice Instructor, Taught voice, and songs to children ages 5-13 in a group style class.

Principal Artist
Jan 2012 - Mar 2012

Portland Opera

Performed in a tour of Hansel and Gretel as Hansel in Oregon, Southern Washington, and Idaho, to over 70 schools, and 20,000 children in order to bring classical music and opera to children of all backgrounds. Taught voice for a week at Eastern Oregon University in La Grande Oregon to undergraduate students. lectured students of all ages throughout all 3 states during their classroom time about opera, and music appreciation.


M.M. Music
Sep 2009 - Mar 2010

The San Francisco Conservatory of Music

B.A. Music
Sep 2005 - May 2009

The San Francisco Conservatory of Music



Fluent / Native Proficiency


Limited Proficiency


Limited Proficiency


Professional Proficiency


First Place in Art Song Division
Apr 2005

Performing Arts Festival Eastside


Americana Music Association
Aug 2015
The Americana Music Association is a professional trade organization whose mission is to advocate for the authentic voice of American Roots Music around the world.

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