Jordan Dumont

Jordan D.

Carrollton, TX
Teaching Locations:
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Teaching Locations:
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Levels taught:
Beginner, Intermediate
I have played piano for rock bands and worship ensembles for several years. I was also required to take 4 semesters of Functional Piano in college and prove myself a proficient pianist to graduate. I also use piano on a daily basis for arranging, composing, and teaching.

About Jordan D.

13 years ago, I picked up a guitar and began my life-long pursuit of music. This pursuit has led me in a wide variety of directions. Today, I am a worship leader for Fellowship of The Parks, an on-staff music-producer and session musician at Drive35 Productions, and a passionate instructor.

I have a passion for a wide variety of styles of music. For several years, I was the lead guitarist, singer, and songwriter for multiple independent rock bands, the most notable being an indie psychedelic band called Tod The Fox. I have led worship for many churches including Grace Fellowship UMC, Brazos Pointe Church, The Cornerstone College Ministry at UTA, FUMC Allen, Living Life Church, and Fellowship of the Parks in varying capacities. At UTA, I studied Jazz and Classical guitar under acclaimed guitarists Sam Walker and Billy Robertson. Here, I also studied theory, piano, sight-singing, and music-production extensively. I graduated Magna Cume Laude with a Bachelor of Music-Media from UTA. After school, I spent 9 months interning/assistant engineering with acclaimed musician/composer/producer Brad Nyght at The Bakery Studio in Dallas- whose credits include being the drummer for The Michael Gungor Band and Desperation Band. Then, got hired as an on-staff session musician and music producer at Drive35 Productions. I have also played guitar, mandolin, and bass for multiple pit orchestras and guitar for the North Lake Jazz Ensemble with director Jim Eger.

My teaching style varies from student to student. Music is a wonderfully diverse subject and every student has his own aspirations. I will do my best to cater each lesson to the student's goals and interests. Whether that is classical guitar method, rock, jazz, folk, country, pop or anything in between.

I have an excellent internet connection and microphone set up for online lessons. I also utilize screen-sharing to make the lessons as close to real life as possible.

A few of my favorite artists include: Michael Gungor, Joe Pass, Andrew Bird, Chopin, Led Zeppelin, Glen Hansard, and Radiohead.

*** Lesson Details ***
Lessons will vary significantly from student to student. Not only does every student have different goals in mind, they all learn differently as well. I do my best to customize my lessons for each student's goals and needs. A typical guitar, bass, ukulele, or piano lesson may involve music-reading, chord studies, technical work, scale practice, theory, and of course learning awesome songs!

I consider myself a healthy balance between professional and light-hearted. As much as I want to make efficient use of the lesson-time, my primary goal is for the student to truly understand and enjoy music.

I have worked hard to be a flexible musician and teacher. I am competent in jazz, rock, classical, contemporary, blues, worship, country, and beyond and will be happy to teach any (or all) of these styles to any student.

*** Studio Equipment ***

Drive35 Productions:

-Large live tracking space
- Medium sized dead tracking space
- Pro Tools HD
- External Pres/Compressors/EQ (WARM, Manley, Vintech, etc.)
- DDA mixing console
- Several acoustic/electric/bass guitars (Epiphone, Fender, Taylor, Cort, Ibanez, Gibson, etc.)
- Lanakai Ukulele
- Gibson Mandolin
- Percussion
- Full drum kit
- 4 control/mixing rooms/practice spaces
- Breakroom
- Music stands/chairs
- Princeton Reverb, Vox AC15, Marshall, Ampeg amplifiers
- Several keyboards/controllers
- Rhodes
- Vintage organs
- Neumann U87, Senheissers, several SM57's, Lautin Audio Oceanus, Oktavas, AKG C414's

My at home studio:

- Chairs
- An 88-key Casio Privia keyboard
- Professional grade recording equipment (003r interface, behringer ada8000 with BLA mod, RNC by FMR, and more)
- High speed Internet access
- A printer
- A library of music resources
- Novation Launchkey MIDI controller
- Rode K2 condensor microphone
- Sm57
- Several Naiant stereo pair microphones
- 2 acoustic guitars (Cort and Zaeger), 2 electric guitars (Epiphone CS Custom, Fender Nashville Tele)
- An electric bass guitar (Epiphone Thunderbird with Bartolini Pickups)
- Lanakai Ukulele
- A Savannah Mandolin
- Double input amplifier (vox AC15C1)
- Music stand
- Metronomes/tuners
- Recording studio quality monitors (Yamaha HS8s)
- Large pedal board and pedal chain

*** Specialties ***
I specialize in contemporary, rock, blues, and worship guitar, but have extensive experience in classical and jazz guitar as well. I am also an on-staff session guitar player for Drive35 Productions and can help anyone interested in the skills necessary to play for a studio.

For piano, I teach beginner to intermediate level students in a variety of genres. I use piano on a daily basis for composing, arranging, and performing.

For bass, I can also teach a variety of genres. I specialize in blues/rock/contemporary but have experience in classical and jazz bass as well.

For ukulele, I specialize in pop music adaptation and classical.

For mandolin, I teach basic beginner music skills- reading and strumming techniques.


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94 Reviews
Profile-location-online Online

Jordan is amazing! He is not only phenomenal with his knowledge, but he is so kind and patient! He does an amazing job at understanding how to teach my daughter, and how to encourage her in an effective way! We are very thankful to have found him!

Posted Dec 10, 2020
Phoenix D.
Profile-location-online Online

Jordan is fantastic! We have been so pleased. Since starting with Jordan our son is loving piano again.

Posted Oct 12, 2019
Profile-location-studio Teacher's Studio

Jordan is a nice guy, my son enjoys the lessons. So far seems like a good experience.

Posted Jul 20, 2019
Profile-location-studio Teacher's Studio

After many years of contemplating learning an instrument and making excuses like a busy schedule, I finally made the commitment. I started the first few weeks with online videos and made a little progress. I found Jordan through this sight. I was hoping to find someone who would help guide me on a steady path to improvement and growth. Jordan has been a perfect fit for me. He's patient (I'm not). He is encouraging (I'm pretty hard on myself). I am slowly getting better and wanting to stick with it. I think it's because he's clear and methodical in his teaching and he keeps you enthused with music that you like. While I have a long way to go, I practice every day and look forward to my weekly lessons with Jordan. I'm learning the guitar for my self and over the past three month Jordan has helped me stay engaged and excited about playing the guitar. I highly recommend Jordan and will continue to learn from him.

Posted Apr 27, 2019
Johanna A.
Profile-location-studio Teacher's Studio

I have always been involved with music in some capacity, but recently decided to get into playing the Guitar. I came across Jordan's profile and felt like he would be the right person to help me learn how to play, and sure enough, that's the case! He will tailor the lesson to the individual he is teaching, so as a result, you walk out actually being able to play something. It's only been a few weeks for me, but I already feel like I am accomplishing my goal of learning to play the Guitar. I plan to continue my lessons, and highly recommend Jordan!

Posted Apr 26, 2019
Sara B.
Profile-location-studio Teacher's Studio

I really enjoyed working with Jordan! His flexible approach to teaching and learning was refreshing. He was able to quickly assess my skill-level and meet me where I was at. During our lessons, I learned what I felt was applicable, as he gears the lessons towards the student, not teaching from a one-size-fits-all lesson plan. He is open to learning new ideas, as I understood the instrument from one perspective, and he a different perspective. He was willing to listen and adjust his teaching style towards my level of understand, and I was able to quickly progress. With his knowledge and his experience, he answered so many questions I had about music. If I take lessons again in the future, I will request Jordan.

Posted Nov 29, 2018
Profile-location-online Online

Great teacher for piano, and music in general. I've been taking lessons with him for almost a year now, and he does a great job tailoring lessons to your interests. I've learned a couple jazz songs, some soloing techniques, and song writing techniques with Jordan. He started out the lessons teaching me the things that I needed to know and my last piano teacher didn't teach me. Great for any and all skill levels, plus he's a really cool dude.

Posted Nov 25, 2018
Profile-location-studio Teacher's Studio

We just can’t say enough to how great Jordan is. My 14 now 15 year old son has really thrived learning to play the guitar. Jordan tailors the lessons to keep it fun, exciting, and challenging. We recommend Jordan 10 out 10!!

Posted Sep 29, 2018
Cory S.
Profile-location-studio Teacher's Studio

Jordan got me right into the songs I wanted to learn.

Posted Aug 20, 2018
Profile-location-studio Teacher's Studio

Great first lesson! Jordan was quick to determine my skill level or lack there of 😬 and adapt his lesson to my needs.

Posted Jun 29, 2018
Profile-location-studio Teacher's Studio

Jordan is awesome! My son is 6 and he is very patient with him and doesn’t make the lesson overwhelming which is something I was worried about. Jordan is very pleasant and talented. He is also great at communicating and responds quickly if you have a question later in the week. Would highly recommend him to anyone and any age interested in learning an instrument. My son is still excited to be learning to play the guitar which I’m always surprised because to get better it takes practice and dedication. Thanks Jordan for making it fun too!

Posted May 28, 2018
brandon C.
Profile-location-studio Teacher's Studio

Jordan is incredibly knowledgeable! He knows exactly when to skip around based on your individual learning rate and is always able to answer theory questions and keep the lesson on track! Super kind and an all around great guy! Would definitely recommend! Planning on signing my daughter up as soon as she's old enough!

Posted Mar 6, 2018
Profile-location-studio Teacher's Studio

Great first session. Jordan put me at ease, we clearly defined our goals and a lesson plan then got right to it. Looking forward to working with him.

Posted Jan 26, 2018
Drew P.
Profile-location-studio Teacher's Studio

great first lesson, looking forward to many more

Posted Nov 27, 2017
Profile-location-studio Teacher's Studio

I have been working with Jordan for nearly a year, learning ukulele and guitar. Jordan is an excellent teacher, has a friendly and upbeat personality, and is flexible with scheduling. Our lessons typically involve learning a song of my choosing (which makes the process enjoyable) and learning about music theory. I have steadily improved over the past year and am confident that I wouldn't be at the level I am now if I were trying to teach myself through YouTube videos or books. I offer my highest recommendation with no reservations.

Posted Sep 11, 2017
Stacy T.
Profile-location-studio Teacher's Studio

My son loves taking guitar lessons from Jordan. We have now been going to him for over a year and Jordan keeps my 14 year-old engaged and excited about music. My son's dream is to learn more than just the guitar so Jordan helps him expand his knowledge by introducing him to other facets of music, while allowing my son to choose the different songs he would like to learn. He is the best teacher my son has ever had.

Posted Sep 5, 2017
Mike B.
Profile-location-studio Teacher's Studio

Great first lesson. Glad I finally signed up.

Posted May 6, 2017
Karen G.
Profile-location-studio Teacher's Studio

Jordan is excellent at providing a smooth chord structure and consistent rhythm in an original song. He is a proficient guitarist and delivers an edgy lyric style. He is a versitle adept musician that is also patient and relates well to his students.

Posted Apr 28, 2017
Profile-location-studio Teacher's Studio

Very friendly, very professional and very knowledgeable. Perfect for beginners or experienced musicians and anyone in between!

Posted Apr 15, 2017
Profile-location-home Student's Home

Very patient and communication perfect for her level.

Posted Feb 22, 2017
Profile-location-online Online

Great intro lesson! Called the day before to make sure everything was all set - prompt call, fun lesson!

Posted Jan 7, 2017
Profile-location-online Online

Jordan, has been giving my 13year old daughter lessons for about 3-4 months. He has been so patient, kind, professional and knowledgeable! We started out in his studio, which is a great place, but it was difficult for me to get there from my location, so he has patiently switched to online. My daughter looks forward to her lesson every week, and we are thankful to have found him!

Posted Jan 7, 2017
Von Salazar
Profile-location-studio Teacher's Studio

My son enjoys his piano lessons and looks forward to the classes.

Posted Dec 15, 2016
Profile-location-studio Teacher's Studio

Aside from Joran being a very talented musician, he's a really chill instructor who knows how to teach without making the lesson boring. Highly recommend him to anyone looking for music lessons to take.

Posted Dec 14, 2016
Profile-location-studio Teacher's Studio

Aside from him being a very talented musician, Jordan's a really chill instructor who knows how to teach without making the lesson seem boring. Highly recommend him to anyone looking for lessons to take.

Posted Dec 14, 2016
Profile-location-studio Teacher's Studio

My son loved his first lesson! He is practicing on his own! Jordan made it fun, but also provided great instruction.

Posted Oct 24, 2016
Profile-location-studio Teacher's Studio

Avery has thoroughly enjoyed her lessons with Jordon and looks forward to continuing for many more. His approach is easy to understand, tailored to her specific needs, and yet pushes her out of her comfort zone forcing her to learn new things that will help her take her songwriting to the next level.

Posted Oct 10, 2016
Profile-location-home Student's Home

Jordan is a great teacher! He is personable, encouraging, and consistent & has helped me to greatly improve my technique on ukelele in a short time. I would fully recommend him to anyone!

Posted Sep 8, 2016
Profile-location-studio Teacher's Studio

I'm a few months into lessons with Jordan and really enjoying it so far. He is a highly skilled musician and a great teacher. His teaching style is well-rounded, and is helping me build a solid foundation on guitar. He will challenge you, but will be patient and encouraging along the way. He is very accommodating and flexible with scheduling (which is a huge plus). I would definitely recommend him for students of all ages.

Posted Sep 8, 2016
Kim Phelan
Profile-location-home Student's Home

My son has been taking lessons for 9 months with Jordan. He is a great teacher. He has an exceptional gift for music and sharing it with others. He has the students select the songs they want to learn which excites and encourages them. Highly recommend!

Posted Sep 7, 2016
Profile-location-online Online

Jordan knows how to meet us where we are and make a lesson count. We look forward to each lesson.

Posted Aug 13, 2016
Profile-location-studio Teacher's Studio

I started taking lessons from Jordan in November 2015. I've been playing guitar for several decades but I wanted to learn to play jazz music, learn different voicings for chord formations and to be able to read music. Jordan has been great. I leave my sessions with him and my head wants to explode from all the new things he is teaching me.

Posted Jul 25, 2016
Profile-location-studio Teacher's Studio

Loved his first class. Already played us a song he learned his very first time on a piano.

Posted Jun 11, 2016
Profile-location-studio Teacher's Studio

Got right to the learning plan and had grace playing songs first two lessons

Posted Jun 8, 2016
Profile-location-studio Teacher's Studio

working with Jordan overall has been a great experience. He has done an excellent job in balancing my desire to play right away with the necessary skills to ensure long term results. Jordan has a very broad range of playing skills, types of music, and talent to accommodate anyone looking to further their guitar skills. We have bounced around from blues to rock to christian worship songs and from accoustic to electric. For someone that is an accomplished musician he displays and embodies a lot of patience in working with beginners. I would recommend him to anyone that asks and that is serious in furthering their playing abilities!

Posted Apr 20, 2016
Profile-location-studio Teacher's Studio

I could not be happier with Jordan as my instructor. I had tried learning the guitar several years ago and gave up after getting frustrated with my lack of progress. With Jordan's patient and professional guidance, I have learned more in 2 months than I did for nearly a year previously. His thoughtful and professional approach is teaching me not only how to play, but to understand how to read and understand music. He is helping me build a strong foundation based on steady and fun learning at my pace. I am now seeing week to week progress, and I am excited about continuing my lessons with Jordan and the enjoyment that playing the guitar will bring to me for years to come.

Posted Apr 20, 2016
Tristan B.
Profile-location-studio Teacher's Studio

Awesome lesson. My son is excited for the next one.

Posted Mar 23, 2016
Riley F.
Profile-location-studio Teacher's Studio

Jordan was great. Excited to keep learning and improving.

Posted Jan 31, 2016
Brennan G.
Profile-location-online Online

Jordan is a talented teacher knowing how to best start you out on an instrument but not hesitant on challenging his students with more difficult material. I learned heaps in my first five lessons with Jordan and was stoked on the outcome!

Posted Nov 23, 2015
Keith Roberts
Profile-location-studio Teacher's Studio

First meeting. All went as expected.

Posted Nov 15, 2015
Mike R.
Profile-location-studio Teacher's Studio

I am such a newbie.
Instructor was very patient with me.
...ask me again after lesson number 20

Posted Oct 10, 2015
Patrick L.
Profile-location-studio Teacher's Studio

Patrick is very happy with Jordan and is learning quickly!

Posted Sep 17, 2015
Profile-location-studio Teacher's Studio

I met Jordan while he worked at a local cafe and he was always very kind to me and my 2 sons as they were growing up from a very young age. During one of our many conversations, Jordan mentioned he was a music instructor. He is not the only person in the cafe who played instruments but Jordan's guidance related to music was always VERY genuine. You could easily tell he knew what he was talking about while others just gave answers on a whim.
Both of my kids showed some interest in guitar and we began lessons with Jordan a few months ago. I could not be happier. I have also joined in and we quickly learned how to play songs. His lessons are great and it is amazing how he keeps my 8 and 10 year old so focused. I have been learning too. I would give more stars if I could. Jordan is a very talented musician, a great person and an excellent educator. I would highly recommend him to anyone wanting to seriously learn guitar.

Posted Sep 15, 2015
Blythe Dennis
Profile-location-home Student's Home

I've been taking lessons with Jordan for 3 months now and I've learned so much! He is very patient and makes the learning process painless. He is a joy to work with and I will continue to take lessons with him in the future.

Posted Sep 10, 2015
Caleb P.
Profile-location-studio Teacher's Studio

Our son Caleb has had three lessons so far with Jordan and we really like him. Jordan is patient and laid back, but still manages to challenge and get results from his students. Caleb is really enjoying it and cannot wait it see how far he has come in the next few months.

Posted Aug 12, 2015
Joan Nutting
Profile-location-home Student's Home

Jordan is an outstanding teacher! I don't think I could ask for anything more in a ukulele teacher. I am an adult learner who requested structured learning. Jordan provides that structure during lessons and homework assignments but allows for individual initiative and efforts. He listens to my goals and helps me accomplish them by moving me ahead at a good pace and continually helping me fine tune what I have already learned. He is not intimidating and wants to see me have fun playing music. He also provides an environment for learning good musical habits and techniques.

Posted Jul 13, 2015
Melanie N.
Profile-location-studio Teacher's Studio

He's very professional and helps make playing the ukulele super fun!

Posted Jun 19, 2015
Malek M.
Profile-location-studio Teacher's Studio

Very easy to follow thru with.A++

Posted May 30, 2015
Matthew F.
Profile-location-online Online

First off, I am a complete beginner. I have never played an acoustic guitar and only started to playing the bass the end of last year. I have tried on my own for about a month and decided I need some professional help. I just needed an instructor who could guide me and answer my constant questions rather than having to look up instructions online. Jordan is worth the time and money just having someone who can easily answer my questions or instruct me on what I am doing wrong. After the first month, I can see a lot of improvement from when I first started the online lessons. Jordan is very patient and knows his stuff. These types of lessons and also Jordan's enthusiasm motivates me to keep going when normally I would not try as hard when learning on my own. I am very happy with my instructor and online lessons. I would recommend Jordan for those who are interested in playing guitar.

Posted May 12, 2015
Andrew R.
Profile-location-home Student's Home

Jordan is an excellent guitar teacher! He will help better you on your instrument and is always positive. You get the feeling that he is teaching for the love of music and that makes all the difference. Highly recommended!

Posted May 9, 2015
Dawn L.
Profile-location-studio Teacher's Studio

My son has been taking lessons from Jordan for 9 months. It is amazing how much he has improved during this time due to Jordan's influence. Jordan is extremely talented and works very well with children and young adults. We look forward to continuing learning under Jordan's direction.

Posted May 6, 2015
Chad C.
Profile-location-studio Teacher's Studio

I can't say enough good things about Jordan Dumont. It shows that he takes a real interest in what he does, and I have truly benefitted from lessons with him. Very friendly/easy going lessons. He's able to take things that look hard and make them easy.

Great teacher!

Posted Apr 27, 2015
Stephen E.
Profile-location-studio Teacher's Studio

I first picked up a guitar roughly 50 years ago and tried to teach myself how to play with a chord book. I learned a lot of chords and songs from sheet music, and learned to do a fair job of playing by ear. But I was never really satisfied, and only picked up my guitar occasionally over the past 30 years. I retired recently and decided I wanted to learn to play the correct way. I did an online search for teachers in my area and found Jordan who lives close by. Jordan asked what my interest was, and I told him I wanted to learn the fundamentals and build from there. We started off with a song I was interested in, and then began working on the basics of music theory, reading and identifying notes on sheet music, and learning to play all the different scales while identifying and calling out the notes. I have a long way to go, and my older hands don't always cooperate like I want them to; but I'm also having the time of my life. I look forward to my weekly lessons and enjoy the time I spend with Jordan.

Posted Apr 15, 2015
Abbie P.
Profile-location-studio Teacher's Studio

I purposely waited to review Jordan until almost a full semester of lessons. My husband and I wanted to see how his personality would 'play out' over our time knowing him, how our daughter would respond to learning at such a young age (5), and how much progress either of them would make with one another. So to answer concern #1: I had my concerns that we would see progress with Jordan't laid-back style but he has been an answer to our prayers. He has had much going on personally with work and a move and yet he stayed steadfast and awesome through it all! Regarding concern #2: in spite of the minimalist attention span of a 5 year old, Jordan has managed to engage our daughter in a realistic fashion and she has grown to eagerly look forward to practicing what she has learned - IN A SEMESTER! - and as a piano player myself, I could not be more pleased with her progress thus far. Concern #3: Jordan seems to have captured the tricky concept of accountability for a 5 year old and our daughter actually respects Mr. Jordan. We have been so pleased and look forward to continuing our lessons.

Posted Apr 15, 2015
Evelyn W.
Profile-location-studio Teacher's Studio

First lesson was fantastic. Jordan was very patient and helped my daughter on her first guitar lesson!

Posted Apr 4, 2015
John T.
Profile-location-studio Teacher's Studio

Jordan is simply awesome. He creates a learning lesson based on you. Your skill level, musical preferences, and whatever else will help you learn and progress. Thanks Jordan!

Posted Mar 23, 2015
Brenda H.
Profile-location-studio Teacher's Studio

Jordan has done a terrific job connecting with my son, and imparting a fun atmosphere to learn in. Highly recommend him for anyone wanting to learn an instrument in a structured, yet relaxed atmosphere.

Posted Feb 21, 2015
Katherine H.
Profile-location-studio Teacher's Studio

Jordan is a talented instructor. Our ten-year old son is excited to go to his weekly lesson and motivated to practice at home. Dylan said Jordan is "extremely nice", and he is friendly to parents. I feel completely comfortable waiting during the lesson or I can run an errand.
I greatly appreciate the music Dylan and Jordan select for Dylan to learn. Given Dylan's enthusiasm, I hope he will continue lessons with Jordan for the foreseeable future. Jordan is a excellent role model for Dylan.

Posted Feb 18, 2015
Britney A.
Profile-location-home Student's Home

Jordan was incredibly helpful to me with learning guitar!!! He is very patient and down to earth, which makes it easier to relax and make mistakes (which is bound to happen) He is very encouraging and highly skilled at what he does, and also how he teaches! I would definitely recommend him to anyone who wants to learn guitar efficiently and effectively.

Posted Jan 15, 2015
Jon H.
Profile-location-studio Teacher's Studio

I started taking lessons from Jordan 5 weeks ago and in that time have progressed from a self taught beginner to playing Led Zep's famous riff on Black Dog. This is simply amazing to me and now I look forward to playing with other friends/musicians that share the same interest in music. Jordan is a great teacher and tailors lessons to my specific interests and abilities. I highly recommend Jordan to anyone interested in learning guitar.

Posted Jan 11, 2015
Cindy B.
Profile-location-studio Teacher's Studio

Jordan teaches my 14 year old, and has done an excellent job of making the challenge of learning a new instrument fun. Highly recommend him!

Posted Dec 28, 2014
Shelley S.
Profile-location-studio Teacher's Studio

Jordan is awesome! My 8 year old daughter started taking guitar lessons for the first time and loved it. She actually wants to practice and is excited when its time for her lesson. He has taught her so much in only 2 months of lessons. I am very impressed!

Posted Dec 21, 2014
Mia O.
Profile-location-studio Teacher's Studio

My son has been in lessons with Jordan for over 2 years now. It is his favorite hour of the week! He naturally enjoys the technical aspects of guitar but Jordan's ability to make him feel confident and love the music that their learning has been my favorite part of the time we spend with Jordan each week. "He's just cool." -my 11 y/o son. Most importantly, we value that our family shares an eternal perspective with Jordan and my son is now practicing on Sunday nights with the 5th grade worship team at our church. We could not be more pleased with Jordan as our teacher.

Posted Dec 10, 2014
Cyndi N.
Profile-location-home Student's Home

My 10 and 5 yr. old are currently taking piano lessons with Jordan. Jordan is very patient especially with my 5 yr. old who prefers to play rather than practice however he was able to get her to focus and learn the pieces. They enjoyed working with Jordan as well since I no longer hear complaints from them when it's time for lessons. :)

Posted Dec 10, 2014
Danielle R.
Profile-location-studio Teacher's Studio

I wanted to express how much my son loves to play guitar thanks to Jordan who is a wonderful and patient teacher. He really listens to what my son likes and wants to learn and makes sure his lessons are achieving that goal. Jordan has a real gift to work with and teach children music. My son always comes home from lessons and wants to play us what he has learned. I am so glad I found Jordan to teach my son guitar!

Posted Dec 8, 2014
Richard H.

Great guy, loves to play and can teach most anything. I highly recommend Jordan.

Posted Oct 31, 2014
Karen W.
Profile-location-studio Teacher's Studio

Jordan has been a wonderful teacher for our 9-year-old. He is so patient and encouraging. She tried piano, but hated to practice. However, Jordan gives her fun songs so that she wants to practice. She loves it!

Posted Oct 29, 2014
Hartley R.
Profile-location-studio Teacher's Studio

He's really nice and laid back, I really enjoy going to take lessons with him!

Posted Oct 22, 2014
Laura H.
Profile-location-studio Teacher's Studio

My 8 year old daughter has been taking lessons with Jordan for about two months now. It has been fun to watch her progress and learn. She is very comfortable around Jordan -- he has a gentle spirit that makes her feel "safe" even if she makes a mistake. His encouragement and positive attitude have been immensely helpful in making her enjoy the guitar -- her first instrument ever. I would highly recommend him.

Posted Oct 16, 2014
Hindu M.
Profile-location-home Student's Home

Jordan is an amazing teacher. He teaches in a way we can put on in our thoughts. Very enthusiastic and comfortable person to learn on. He is very patient even when we make mistakes he teaches until we learn the nerves. Will recommend Jordan who really wants to learn the kith and kin of what they learn. very remarkable approach in his teaching methodology. Above all very comfortable person.

Posted Oct 11, 2014
Stacy S.
Profile-location-studio Teacher's Studio

Jordan is an awesome piano teacher ! He's very patient and makes learning fun. I chose to go to his place to take lessons. He has a really nice studio in his apartment. I love that he's teaching me worship songs! I highly recommend him!!

Posted Oct 11, 2014
Rob R.
Profile-location-studio Teacher's Studio

Jordan's education and broad music experience show clearly in his teaching. He is both fun and knowledgeable. I'm also impressed with the quality of his sound/music equipment. I was swayed by Kristy K's comments from Jan '14 that said "Fantastic teacher! No regrets." I agree.

Posted Sep 24, 2014
Terri S.

Jordan is an excellent & passionate musician who is kind, conscientious and engaging. He enjoys people and is a patient teacher. I recommend him to any student who wants to learn in a positive, relaxed environment.

Posted Sep 22, 2014
Garret B.
Profile-location-studio Teacher's Studio

Jordan is one of the finest musicians I've met. He is one of the most patient and humble teachers I've met. His slots book fast though, so if he has a slot for a new student, jump on it! This guy will never take advantage of you, and is always understanding when I've had stuff come up. He really treats everyone with over-the-top kindness and never equivocates on that principle. HIGHLY RECOMMEND!

Posted Sep 20, 2014
Tyler C.
Profile-location-studio Teacher's Studio

Jordan is a wonderful teacher to work with and has a very patient and approachable attitude! I wouldn't hesitate to recommend him to anyone looking for quality music lessons.

Posted Sep 20, 2014
Philip P.
Profile-location-home Student's Home

Jordan is great teacher! He is creative, informative, persistent, and engaging in his teaching approach. Bargain price. easy to get to his lessons.

Posted Sep 17, 2014
Marlene B.
Profile-location-studio Teacher's Studio

Jordan sounded great on the website, however,after we signed up and met for the first, we suddenly had to adjust our time. Then our lesson rate increased, and for some reason, we were the ones who had to contact the "Agency" to notify accommodate the payments. And just be aware that his studio turns out to be his apartment living room where you have to struggle with the dogs antics throughout the lesson. So, if the next 'lesson' shows up early, you get excused so he can take that person, without a refund to your account. Yea, that happened....lesson ended 15 minutes early!! Now trying to cancel lesson and refund remainder of our money and no one wants to respond to my emails or phone calls. Great program....NOT!!!!

Posted Sep 15, 2014
Dham S.
Profile-location-home Student's Home

Jordan is really very good teacher. I just started to learn guitar, I feel lucky that my husband selected Jordan.He achieves the target(lessons) in short timeline. He is kind and friendly with loads of patience. He teaches whatever I like along with regular lessons. I am basically from India, so even when I ask music for languages other than English, he does without any sort of hesitation. If you search for new guitar teacher, I am 100% sure that Jordan will be the best choice. Both "in home" and "in studio" you will definitely feel comfortable to work with him. You will have full freedom to learn what you really want.

Posted Sep 10, 2014
Danielle B.
Profile-location-home Student's Home

My daughter has been taking Ukulele lessons with Jordan, and she absolutely loves it! He comes to our home each week and has been very flexible with scheduling, working around school and other activities. Jordan's lessons are a highlight of my daughter's week. He is always patient and able to individualize his teaching based on age and where you are at in the learning process. Jordan is very knowledgeable of music and a great person to learn from!

Posted Sep 9, 2014
Janna W.
Profile-location-studio Teacher's Studio

We came across Jordan's profile when searching the internet for a guitar teacher for my 8 year old. He has been perfect for us! My son looks forward to lessons (definitely a plus), and Jordan is very good with teaching on a level my son can understand. So excited to have found him :)

Posted Sep 8, 2014
Holley H.
Profile-location-home Student's Home

I am a new student of Jordan's and I really appreciate his teaching style. I feel like I am progressing at a good pace and I find him to be patient, encouraging and positive. I would definitely recommend him for anyone considering music lessons.

Posted Sep 8, 2014
Abe S.

Jordan is a wonderful musician and a great teacher. No matter your skill level he is able to guide you to a higher degree of competence. My kids love Jordan and he is a positive influence for their lives and their love of music!

Posted Aug 20, 2014
John M.
Profile-location-studio Teacher's Studio

Jordan is one of the most dedicated musicians I know. He has taught me so much about different techniques for recording music and continually searches for new knowledge on how to improve his craft. I would highly recommend learning from Jordan even if you have a background in music because he has brought a new level of professionalism to the way that I approach music theory and song writing. In addition to his skills, he's an all around nice guy and a good communicator!

Posted Aug 7, 2014
Sandy M.
Profile-location-studio Teacher's Studio

I have been taking piano lessons from Jordan for about 2 months and I can honestly say he is an amazing teacher. Playing the piano has been on my "bucket" list for most of my life and recently decided that at age 60 I better get started! Jordan is very knowledgeable but most of all he is patient and makes me feel like I am successful each week. I would recommend Jordan for any age on any instrument.

Posted Aug 4, 2014
L L.
Profile-location-studio Teacher's Studio

What makes a great teacher is not only loving what you do, but also loving the people you're teaching. Jordan D. has a big passion for music, and a big heart for equipping people for the musical endeavors ahead of them. He is always encouraging and always positive. Even if I feel like I could have done better, he celebrates me where I am, which has taught me to have more confidence while singing, playing guitar or charango, and even glockenspiel. Thanks Jordan for being a great teacher! -Loren Lemon

Posted Jul 31, 2014
Weston B.

Jordan is a very diligent musician and great to work with. He was the musician for my wedding and the songs turned out great. He was always helpful teaching me new things as a friend and would definitely recommend him as a teacher. Just an all around great guy to learn from and work with.

Posted Jul 31, 2014
Dayo O.
Profile-location-studio Teacher's Studio

Mr. Jordan D. taught me acoustic guitar at Covenant Christian Academy. When he began teaching me, I had little to no experience, but now I can play pieces I never thought I could. I learned something new in each lesson at a steady pace and I feel much more confident while playing the guitar. I think Mr. Jordan D. is a great teacher. :)

Posted Jul 23, 2014
Catherine A.
Profile-location-studio Teacher's Studio

My teen-age sons, 15 and 13, have enjoyed a great summer of guitar lessons from Jordan. He has been a pleasure to work with and extremely professional and conscientious as an instructor, easily working around our challenging summer schedule. Jordan is my boys' fourth or fifth guitar instructor, and I'm so happy to report that they are more enthusiastic about guitar and practicing more than they have in the past! My boys, who both have ADHD, have appreciated his patient, calm and friendly approach. They say he "doesn't get frustrated", that he is open minded and really makes things understandable. We would definitely recommend him as an instructor, and hope to continue taking lessons from him in the future!

Posted Jul 23, 2014
Joey G.
Profile-location-studio Teacher's Studio

I've been blessed to lead & play in bands with Jordan for several years now, at the Cornerstone at UTA college ministry and his current church, and also in-studio on an independent recording project. He is one of the most consistently cheerful & competent men I have ever known, works hard, always on time, flexible and a humble life-long learner. I recommend Jordan to everyone who needs a teacher in the north part of DFW, he's much fun and very good at everything he does!

Posted Jul 19, 2014
Damon D.
Profile-location-home Student's Home

My son is almost 6 and has been taking guitar lessons with Jordan for a few months now and I am shocked at how much progress my son has made in that short amount of time...especially considering that my son has ADHD and Tourette's Syndrome, which means that my son does not practice that much because of his limited ability to focus, amongst other things. However, despite all this, Jordan is just so patient and kind and creates a safe and calm environment for son to learn and feel good about his achievements, no matter how small they may be....and I can see that my son is building confidence and feeling good about himself. You can't ask for more that that! In addition, Jordan is very accommodating to schedules...he is always willing to move things around to fit a lesson into our schedule, which is always crazy since we have 3 small kids. A++++

Posted Jul 15, 2014
Emily B.
Profile-location-studio Teacher's Studio

My son has thoroughly enjoyed his time with Jordan. Jordan makes it fun for my 10 year old, and is very patient with him. I really like Jordan's approach with kids, but also respect his professionalism and talent. Thank you, Jordan for sharing your gifts with your students!

Posted Jul 12, 2014
Jennifer P.
Profile-location-studio Teacher's Studio

My son began lessons with Jordan in January, and in just one semester he performed in his school recital. My son enjoys working with Jordan and gets very excited on his lesson days. He has learned a great deal about the guitar and about reading music. Jordan has been very flexible in working around our summer schedule. I would highly recommend him.

Posted Jun 30, 2014
Jacquie P.
Profile-location-home Student's Home

My two boys ages 8 and 11 recently started taking guitar lessons with Jordan. He has the blessing of patience and they just think he is super cool/hip! He arrives on time and gets straight to work. He is easy to work with on scheduling of lessons and is flexible when summer vacations arise. I am amazed at how excited they are about their lessons and how much they've already learned. I would definitely recommend Jordan!

Posted Jun 21, 2014
Kristy K.

Fantastic teacher! No regrets.

My almost 15 year old son, Braden has been taking weekly lessons from Jordan since the beginning of this school year and has learned so much in these few short months! He came to Jordan knowing how to read music and with 3 years of middle school band (trumpet) experience but knowing nothing about how to play guitar. He spends 30 minutes a week with Jordan. In that 30 minutes weekly, Jordan has taught him how to not only play the instrument but also how to do so for the specific purpose Braden is wanting to learn it - leading worship in youth group and someday maybe "big church". Jordan is very good at not only teaching but he always encourages Braden and gives him positive feedback and affirmation. However, at the same time, when he sees that Braden hasn't quite picked up on something or needs some tweaking or correcting, he doesn't hesitate to kindly do so.

We have a very complicated family schedule. Braden plays baseball, is in choir at school, and we are very involved in church as well as other family things. Jordan has been very flexible with us when we have had to occasionally move our lesson at times for various reasons. Very professional.

NOTE: Jordan truly has been a God-send. Braden loves playing guitar and all that Jordan has taught him. However, as awesome as Jordan is, he is NOT a miracle worker. Braden puts in a lot of time on his own practicing all that he learns during his lessons. You must be willing and committed to doing your "homework" in order to get the most out of your time with Jordan.

And most importantly, Braden would say, "He's cool." ;)

Posted Jan 27, 2014

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