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Jeff B.
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Live Online Harmonica Lessons
Blues Harp, Americana. ¡Hablo Español! I Teach All Ages, at All Levels! In addition to having almost 20 books published on the subject of theory and technique, I also have many many professional recordings of me playing harmonica that you can listen to online anytime! I have been a pro musician all my adult life, teaching thousands of students over a span of more than three decades! I use the Zoom app for live interactive lessons from the comfort of your home. You certainly have many options available regarding choosing an instructor, but I have to assume that you would like to hire the most qualified teacher to guide you on the journey through the wonderful world of music. Everyone moves further, much faster, and is more likely to stay engaged by learning from a master teacher with decades of real-world professional experience to share. I will give you what you need to know, in order to take you where you want to go!
About Jeff B.

People study subjects for a great number of reasons, consequently I customize my lessons to each individual student's needs and wants. We learn different ways. Some of us are more visual, some more tactile, some more intuitive, some more cerebral, etc. Understanding this allows me to adapt to each person's most natural mode of learning so that the material is grasped more easily (therefore more quickly), and so that it is retained longer. I would be honored to share my experience and knowledge with you.

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Teaches Online