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Ridgefield, WA

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Jane teaches: Ages 5 to 25
Special needs
Teaching since: April 2009
Last sign in: Yesterday


A Professional Musician, I am now happy to pass my skills and knowledge on to the next generations so that they may have ALL the fun and enjoyment of music in their lives, that I had in mine.

Having toured the East Coast Venues (NYC to Key West) for 30 years, and self produced 10 CDs, I have 3 EMMY AWARDS for soundtrack music for the EXPEDITION FLORIDA SERIES, Nature Documentaries. They were funded by the University of Florida, Museum of Natural History, and the Tourist Development Council of Alachua County, Florida.

Playing acoustic and electric six string guitars, electric bass guitar, piano and keyboards, drums, percussion and hand drums, I majored in Flute and Voice at UF and have spent my life immersed in and obsessed by the world of music.

I have played classical, rock, reggae, folk, jazz, swing, country, bluegrass, praise, gospel, afro-pop, ska and 80's music, and have toured as a solo act, a duo, a trio, and with a full 6 piece band, SKATTERBRAINZ, for 8 years.

I teach lessons and classes full time, and also perform LIVE and in person frequently in local venues for profit and community service.

*** Lesson Details ***
Lessons start with learning the names of notes, how to read music, a bit of music theory (time signature, sharps and flats) and how this translates to the instrument the child chooses. All instruments are taught by fingering first and then musical notes second. It is easier for the child this way, and he/she can be playing a song with both hands by the end of first lesson.

As the child learns the beginning steps of reading and implementing music, I encourage them to tell me what songs they like, and then try to find an easy one to start with.

So that while we are learning "real music" we are also having fun with a piece that your child enjoys and has "CHOSEN".

This way they have some discipline AND some fun!

As pieces are mastered, the same pieces can be redone on different, more difficult levels, so that pieces are always growing and improving.

Eventually the student can read music competently on the instrument, as well as hear and play by ear.

At higher levels I teach the ability to improvise and read music and chord charts in order to play professionally with other musicians. I also encourage students to get with other students and friends to have music "sessions." They can bring their musical friends to lesson to help learn songs for TALENT SHOWS or CHURCH or what ever their immediate needs or desires are. I can also record "Karaoke" tracks for songs they write or want to sing for talent shows/ auditions.

All lessons are custom designed for the student's abilities, tastes and goals. ALL LESSONS ARE DESIGNED TO BE FUN, and ENJOYED BY THE STUDENT as well as the instructor. I want both of us to have a great time in lesson and learn while we do.


*** Studio Equipment ***
Guild, Yamaha, Alvarez and Martin Classical, Acoustic and Electric Guitars.
Crate and Roland Guitar Amplifiers.
Ibanez Electric Bass Guitar and Gallien Kruger amp.
Ensoniq Digital Synthesizers (SQ-2), and Peavey Keyboard Amplifier.
Yamaha PSS 480 keyboard
Casio SK-1 sampling Keyboard
Djembe hand drum,
Yamaha and Crate Sound Reinforcement PA Systems,
MacBooks (3), iBook and Motu Recording Studio w/Mark of the Unicorn: Audio Desk software.
Garage Band and Audio box USB interface
4 pc Tama Swingstar Drumset w/ Zildjian Cymbals
Recorder, tambourine, shakers, and Alesis Drum Machine.
Zoom H2 Portable Digital Recording device.
Behringer Headphone amp with five sets of headphones.
Shure, Audio Technica, and ADK vocal and condenser microphones.
Flute, Clarinet, Saxophone, Recorders
Autoharp and Thumb piano

*** Travel Equipment ***
The Student is expected to bring a three ring binder to lessons, to hold all lesson materials, as well as any other required Instruction Books. Sheets will be provided with sheet protectors for your binder.

JR HANON for the Piano: Complete book 1 and excerpts from Book 2&3 $9
Hal Leonard Guitar Method COMPLETE EDITION (Books 1, 2 and 3) in one volume $15
Hal Leonard Bass Method $10

Please have new strings on guitars before the first lesson.

Please make sure your child has eaten before lessons, as we burn lots of calories!

FYI for allergic people: Cats in household. Studio Cleaned (vacuumed, dusted, aired out) daily. Air purifiers/Ionizer in studio.

*** Specialties ***
Jazz standards, Folk, Rock, Reggae, Bluegrass and Country!
Ska, Blues, New Age/Ambient, and Best of All ~ Compose Your Own!

Photos and Videos

This is Ayden after a month of lesson!


Music Teacher Apr 2009 - Present

Live Performance Artist Mar 1977 - Jun 2007
Jane Y. Music /Cecily Jane Music

Toured the East Coast for 30 years as a live recording and performing musician. Long Island to Key West.

Toured as Solo, Duo "CecilyJane" and Full REGGAE/SKA/POP Band: "SKATTERBRAINZ"

Jane has opened for Rita Marley, Jesse Colin Young, Aleka's Attic (River Pheonix's band) Tom Parks, Dave Mason, Eddie Money, The Suburbs, Indigo Girls, Sister Hazel, Four Squirrels, Pierce Pettis, John Hammond, and many others.


Cosmetology Jan 1986 - Jan 1987
Santa Fe Community College
Music Jan 1975 - Dec 1979
Univ of Florida
Music (voice/flute/piano) and Agriculture(plant science) Jan 1975 - May 1979
University of Florida - Gainesville, Florida

Languages Spoken

English Fluent / Native Proficiency


Best Overall Songwriter 1994 Jun 1994
South Florida Folk Association
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30 Reviews on Jane Y.

Nguon N. Dec 7, 2014
Piano · In studio
Verified Student
A very good teacher, my kid enjoys Jane a lot.
Amber A. Oct 17, 2014
Piano · In home
Verified Student
My 7 yr. old son loves Miss Jane, has fun at music lessons, AND he's learning piano. It's a triple win!!!
Stephanie L. Oct 7, 2014
In studio
Verified Student
Jane is an excellent instructor. She is wonderfully enthusiastic about music and makes her students feel the same way. My daughter started with piano lessons but eventually switched to harmonica... no problem for Jane! In addition to the lessons, Jane recorded my daughter's music - very cool! - so now I have copies of to listen to. She comes up with interesting music that appeals to my daughter and keeps her engaged. She researches different artists to demonstrate different ways the same instrument can be played to give my daughter a broader perspective of what she can do with her instrument. Jane is a terrific teacher. We've been with her for years, from grade school up through high school, and wouldn't have anyone else.
Katie F. Jul 3, 2014
Verified Student
Ms. Jane is an amazing music teacher and a blessing to my family. My son has Aspergers and showed some difficulty in beginning music lessons, almost 2 years ago. Ms. Jane responded by taking the time to talk to me, figure him out, and find things that would work for him. She is patient, kind, and truly passionate about teaching children to love music. My son came to know Ms. Jane as not only a teacher but also as a good friend, and for that I will always be grateful.....Thank you Ms. Jane!!
Ana S. Jun 10, 2013
Verified Student
For the love of music...

Ms. Jane is amazing and her love for
music and teaching students is apparent from the moment you meet her. Ms. Jane is teaching these children life lesson through music. My daughter loves her weekly music lessons with Ms. Jane, we are so glad we found Ms. Jane on Take Lessons!!!!!

Thank you Ms. Jane for all your hard work and dedication to your students!!!
Lily L. May 7, 2013
Verified Student
It is well worth it

We are so glad that we found Take Lessons. We are even more happy with Jane Yii as our son's instructor.

We, as a family, are not musically inclined in any shape or form. It has been 10 months now, and we are so proud of our guitarist. He plays with confidence, and an understanding of notes and chords.

Instructor Jane has shown that she has a wealth of knowledge of the music world. It is definitely visible in how our son has progressed.

He has great admiration for her.
Lynaire P. Feb 13, 2013
Verified Student
Patient and supportive with loads of praise

My daughter is learning the piano and is quite unsure of herself and lacks confidence. She needs lots of reassurance and something extra to inspire her to practice. She practices every moment she can and is so proud of herself with what she can do since starting with Jane. It's one to one and totally set to her needs/level with a sprinkling of challenge without being overwhelming.
As a parent I get online and verbal feedback from each session and can truly see the progress!
Lynaire P. Feb 13, 2013
Verified Student
innovative refreshing and talented

Jane can inspire and re-energize a student to loving and practicing music with enthusiasm. She really connects with where the kids are at and helps them to grow. My son learns quickly and needs a challenge, Jane has taken that in her stride; she gets him playing the drums to warm up and then his guitar and singing at the same time and puts it all on CD. What kid doesn't love that kind of attention! So glad we moved to Jane for his lessons.
Roxanne G. Nov 5, 2012
Verified Student
Excellent teaching skills!

We are loving the lessons with Ms. Jane. She breaks down each lesson to make learning fun and easy to understand. Using attainable goals each week for success and confidence building. We love the fact that she uses other instruments to make learning fun as well as exposing us to new instruments in the music world.
LilyL Jul 19, 2012

Jane is a wonderful instructor. She has great knowledge of music and musical instruments. My son really enjoys learning from her. As a family, we are not musically inclined, but she has shown my son how to play the guitar. She makes it as if anyone can learn. I am so glad that we are able to have her as our son's teacher.