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Ridgefield, WA

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Jane teaches: Ages 6 to 16
Special needs
Teaching since: April 2009
Last sign in: Within a month


I teach music to kids, and Kids ONLY!

I only teach in studio, not online, as I believe in being very present and in place with children. I regard them as individuals with differing potentials and personalities. so lessons are custom taylored to your child, after a month of assessing during first lessons. I need to know WHO THEY ARE, in order to best teach them individually, and that is best achieved face to face, one on one.

PLEASE READ MY REVIEWS FIRST! See what other parents say about MISS JANE! thank you.

I specialize in getting young children engaged in lessons and excited about music. I work with special needs, learning issues, LGBTQ kids and empathic/sensitive kids or shy/anxious kids. as well as gifted and ANY other kids.

My goal is to help your child learn to love music... IN THEIR OWN WAY.
What exactly they learn is not quite as important as how happy they are to learn, and that they want to come to lesson and they want to show you what they can play. I want them to be excited about music, as I AM!

We do learn to read music, to play scales, to listen to and appreciate music and we mix up popular songs with the traditional classical pieces.

Kids get to experiment with different instruments in the studio and they love it! Lots of kids add instruments or change instruments during their time with me. Some kids end up playing them ALL.

Music is a great tool for teaching LIFE LESSONS. I use music as a way to LIFE COACH and MENTOR my kids through the rigors of childhood.

I can show them how MUSIC is a tool to turn life challenges and events into personal art, and how it is a weapon against the rages of the teenage brain and rumination. I help them find their own personal RESET BUTTON through music. And I start early to help them understand this process and train them in controlling overwhelming emotions or anxiety through the daily practice of music.

Music produces ENDORPHINS, SEROTONIN and DOPAMINE. Dopamine must be present for a brain to learn. So Music improves schooling in a BIG WAY! Kids who practice before school see a huge jump in reading, math and comprehension, within three months of starting lessons and usually jump a level in reading.

Music changes the brain and raises the IQ up to 9 points every day you practice~! That translates to better school grades and better functioning in life. 66% of all MEDICAL SCHOOL STUDENTS are music majors.

I have 10 albums releases, two EMMY AWARDS for PBS NATURE DOCUMENTARY SOUNDTRACKS and currently run a jazz trio doing live shows monthly. at 60 years old, I STILL LIVE MUSIC everyday!

I teach all the instruments a kid could want to play, EXCEPT BRASS. If they want to learn flute, clarinet, violin along with the usual PIANO/DRUMS/BASS/GUITAR then we do that. I can help them with school band also.

Kids learn to read music, learn to keep rhythm, learn music theory, and how to change their brain with music practice. We also use Macs and Garage band to create music and I teach them how to use recording software so they can do this at home!

It's always a great, fun day in MISS JANE's MUSIC STUDIO!

Come join me now, I am located right by the Clark County Fairground. Slots are limited and fill up fast at the start of school each year.

Please consult me BEFORE Purchasing any instruments, as I know the best deals and the best fit!


Hallet Davies & Co. Acoustic Piano (tuned)
Ensoniq SQ2 synthesizer and keyboard
Roland D-50 Synthesizer/keyboard
Yamaha MOTIF ES6 Workstation and Keyboard
Yamaha PSR 240 keyboard
Casio Sampler keyboard
Guild Dreadnaught acoustic guitar
Guild Thinline acoustic guitar
Guild 1968 Classical guitar
Alvarez baby guitar
Yamaha SSC500 electric guitar
Ibanez roadstar bass
Ibanez pre amped bass
Yamaha Stage drum 6 piece
Yamaha Studio Drums 5 piece
Ludwig Break beats jazz kit 4 piece
Djembe hand drum
Irish drum
MOTU 828 Recording interface and Digidesign Audio Desk Software
PRESONUS recording interface and STUDIO ONE SOFTWARE
Garage band recording software
Gallien Kruger bass amp
Line 6 Bass amp
Crate Acoustic guitar amp
Line 6 electric guitar amp
Roland Micro Cube electric guitar amp
Peavey KB60 keyboard amp
Peavey 100 keyboard amp
Yamaha PA system with two speakers and stands
Four MacBooks and iBooks
Three iPods for training apps.

Photos and Videos

This is Ayden after a month of lesson!


Music Teacher

Apr 2009 - Present

Private Music Intructor

Jan 1990 - Present

I am a self employed music teacher for children 6-16, special needs kids, and LGBTQ kids.

Live Performance Artist

Mar 1977 - Present
Jane Y Music, CecilyJane Music, Inc.

No Info Available.



Jan 1986 - Jan 1987
Santa Fe Community College

Music (voice/flute/piano) and Agriculture(plant science)

Jan 1975 - May 1979
University of Florida - Gainesville, Florida

General Undergrad studies

Jun 1972 - Dec 1974
Okaloosa Walton Junior College

Languages Spoken


Fluent / Native Proficiency


Licensed Cosmetologist (Oregon)

Jan 2008
State of Oregon, dept of Professional regulation

Kept current through Continuing Ed. 2015

Licensed Cosmetologist (Florida)

Jan 1986
Santa Fe Community College, Gainesville, FL

Kept Current through Continuing Ed. 2015



Sep 2002

Best Overall Songwriter 1994

Jun 1994
South Florida Folk Association

Best New Florida Folk Song

Apr 1993
Will McLean Folk Festival, Dunellon, FL

Class Poet

Jun 1973
Choctawhatchee High School Class of 1973
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52 Reviews on Jane Y.

Anukon Aug 13, 2016
Ukulele · In studio
The greatest instructor in the world.
Jimmy Nov 11, 2015
Drum · In studio
With three years training with her on piano, guitar and drums, I can say that I have a pretty good merit to judge Jane. She's honest and brazen, loud and proud, but most of all, if you stick with her long enough, more than just a guitar teacher or whatever. With three years spent with Jane, I made a friend. So, if you want your kid to go to lessons, come home and not have an experience, Jane is not for you. If you want your kid to have another person caring for them each and everyday, and learn some bass on the side, I would highly recommend Jane Yii to you.
Sydney P. Sep 25, 2015
Piano · In studio
Verified Student
With one kid on drums and the other on the piano and Mom and Dad joining in, our family looks forward to playing music together. Jane was great for the first time lesson jitters and had her on drums to find the beat too!
Ayden P. Sep 25, 2015
Drum · In studio
Verified Student
Jane was awesome! She had the entire family playing music together and now my son AND husband are playing drums together. Looking forward to playing as a family and finding joy and bonding in music.
Wanda R. Sep 11, 2015
Guitar · In studio
Verified Student
Jane is a caring person who wants to share her love of music with others. She goes above and beyond any expectations anyone could have of a music teacher. When my son and I needed help knowing what kind of guitar and piano to buy, Jane met us at Music World to help fit the guitar and find a piano that would best fit our needs. She did this free of charge out of the kindness of her heart.
Jane doesn’t teach music for the money. She teaches it because she loves sharing the love of music with her students. One thing I love about Jane is she follows my son’s interest. We originally signed up for guitar lessons; but my son couldn’t help but fall in love with her drums in her studio. We now have a drum set, an electric piano, electric guitar, ukulele, and a guitar all set up in his room. He goes through phases of what he wants to play. He enjoys all the instruments and I love that Jane knows how to teach all the instruments.
When his friends come over they have a blast. I thought the drums would be the death of me, but I love listening to him play. When I hear those loud drums I know he is having the time of his life. He isn’t sitting in his room staring at a screen playing video games. He’s making music and he’s using his brain.
Jane is so good at making changes and engaging my son. She is patient and observant. She reads kids like she reads music. She knows when she needs to change things up to keep my son interested. She’s an amazing teacher and I feel so blessed to have her in our lives.
She gives my son confidence and builds him up and shows him how talented he truly is. It brings tears to my eyes to hear him play, tears of joy and happiness. We couldn’t have found a better teacher.
Wanda Russell
Patti K. Aug 26, 2015
Bass Guitar · In studio
Verified Student
I enjoy Jane's excitement and energy, and I think we'll have a lot of fun.
Shellie Aug 3, 2015
In studio
Jane was my room mate for about 2 years and I observed her dedication to teaching music to her students. Seeing them succeed and be able to perform was always a treat as I went to her and her students rehearsals and performances. Seeing her students succeed in all aspects of their lives is a top priority for Jane.
Barry Jul 31, 2015
Acoustic Guitar · In studio
Ms Jane has been a fantastic teacher of music to our two children, 12 & 13yrs. She has taught mainly guitar and piano and at times drums and bass to them both. She is a strong determined teacher who wants to see her students gain a clear understanding of musical instruments and learn how to play skillfully the instrument of choice. Thanks Ms Jane your work with our kids has been greatly appreciated.
Cecilia Jul 28, 2015
Music Performance · In studio
She works well with other musicians and this translates to her teaching. I enjoyed my time performing with her as well as informal jamming! Jane Yii is very talented and incredibly diverse. Such lucky kids!!!!
Joey Jul 23, 2015
I have known Jane for over 25 years and she is an excellent writer and musician! Her sense of humor and dedication make her the perfect candidate for teaching children. Once Jane decides she is going to assist or teach someone there is no hesitation on her part to giving her all.
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