Isabelle Schram
Cincinnati, OH
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Isabelle Schram

Isabelle S.

Cincinnati, OH
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There is no such thing as speaking a language with the right accent. I am happy to help you with this.

About Isabelle S.

I am a native French speaker born in France; I have lived in the USA since 2000 and speak English fluently. I teach both French and English as a Second Language (ESL). I am used to teaching/ coaching/ interacting with students of all ages (12-80+) and with professionals in a corporate environment. In fact I have worked in-countries and remotely with people located in France, Poland, India, Canada, Guatemala and Brazil. I speak some Spanish and German, and that might help you as well, depending on your background. I am happy to add a cultural dimension to the language support. For Life Coaching lessons, I draw from my experience and best practices. I will share simple yet highly effective tips and approaches to help you meet your needs.

For best results; I recommend a minimum of 2 (two) 45-minute sessions per week for the first 20 lessons to gain some momentum and build strong foundations. I look for students sincerely interested in making great strides and committed. Some of my students have taken lessons with me for more than 5 years!

Happy to start any time soon. THX for visiting my profile. Questions welcome!


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Carol L
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In my French lessons, Isabelle has worked with me on pronunciation, reading, vocabulary and syntax. Isabelle is always patient and shows a strong command of french and how to convey concepts. I really appreciate & enjoy my lessons with Isabelle.

Posted Jan 16, 2021
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Just finished my 4th class with Isabelle. She has been very helpful with my French conversation. She meets me at my level and then challenges me. She speaks clearly and at a speed I can understand. The notes after the lesson are excellent and help me to continue my learning. I highly recommend Isabelle!

Posted Sep 11, 2020
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"Listener" is how I would describe Isabelle, and it's why she is a great teacher. I brought a lot of random questions into lessons each week and she helped me with all of the answers. She also used the answers to my questions to show me further examples to be able to help me frame why things were the way they were. This is my first French teacher but I couldn't be happier with the time I've gotten from Isabelle. I would highly recommend her as a teacher.

Posted Jun 26, 2020
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I have been having French lessons with Isabelle for more than 6 months. I definitely have learned a lot! Isabelle is very patient and flexible about different learning methods. I highly recommend her!

Posted May 21, 2020
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I have been taking French lessons with Isabelle for more than 6 months. I have learned a lot! Isabelle is very patient and flexible about the learning methods; I highly recommend her!

Posted May 21, 2020
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The best teacher I've ever had! Very patient and makes you feel confident to keep practicing and learning! Merci Isabelle!! 5 STARS.

Posted May 15, 2020
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I have studied French for more than a year and I have completed a second series of lessons with Isabelle in which we focused on pronunciation. I think that having a teacher, especially a native speaker like Isabelle, to help with the pronunciation is essential when learning French. She answered all of my grammar questions as well and she taught me a lot about France and French culture. I found all the lessons very enjoyable and informative.

Posted May 2, 2020
Bob F.
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Doing very well. Enjoying it.

Posted Apr 27, 2020
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Isabelle is an extremely good teacher. Very patient and very helpful. Also she makes the lesson an enjoyable experience. I highly recommend her. It has been a very long time since I took French and I am enjoying getting back into the la gauge.

Posted Apr 23, 2020
Donna J.
Profile-location-online Online

My 8 year old daughter absolutely loves taking lessons with Isabelle. After each lesson, she tells me how much fun it was & wishes she could just keep learning. Our family is so impressed with how much she has learned & how adorable her French accent is now. Isabelle is not just professional & knowledgeable; she is a kind & sweet person with a genuine talent for teaching French!!!

Posted Apr 2, 2020
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In preparation for a trip to France, and not knowing any French at all, I started taking French lessons from Isabelle several months ago. She has helped me a lot with pronunciation, grammar, and vocabulary. She is an excellent teacher.

Posted Jul 11, 2019

Isabelle is an absolutely marvelous teacher - anyone and everyone would benefit from taking classes with her.
I speak French well and my goal is to improve my conversational skills so that I can keep up with my monthly French book group. I am the only American in a group of French women and French is spoken the whole time.
Isabelle has been spectacular in helping me sharpen and improve my conversational skills. Our class is one long conversation - very carefully orchestrated by Isabelle so that each class is both productive and delightful.
I love to discuss the French culture and culture in general and Isabelle invariably makes that part of the conversation. But i think that Isabelle could talk with great knowledge and interest about many topics.
Each session flies by and each session makes my conversational skills sharper.
I feel very lucky that Isabelle is my teacher.

Posted May 22, 2019
Pam B.
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Isabelle is a fabulous teacher. Anyone would be lucky to have her!

Posted Apr 12, 2019
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I have taken 3 sessions with Isabelle and so far I am already so much more confident in my ability to learn conversational French that will help me work my way towards being fluent in French. She is patient and describes everything in such detail until I am able to fully understand what she is teaching. Having this role is so important, and she far exceeds all of my expectations!

Posted Jan 25, 2019
Caryl A.
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Isabelle is a great teacher, enjoyable person and native French, which has proven to be so valuble for my husband and I.

Posted Jan 10, 2019
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Isabelle has been made such an impact on my French education. She is willing to go the extra mile to ensure that I understand the language.

Posted Nov 2, 2018
Kris Hollyman
Profile-location-online Online

Isabelle’s style was exactly what I needed to help improve my French!

Posted Aug 24, 2018
Myron P.
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Isabelle is an incredible French instructor. If you work with her, you will learn French, from the first lesson, to the last!

I've been a student of Isabelle's for over 2 years now and I can honestly say that working with Isabelle is one of the best decisions I've made in my life!

Isabelle maximizes lessons of any size by:
-skillfully assessing where clients are in their journey
-identifying near and long-term goals
-masterfully coaching clients to maximize French language acquisition across both oral and reading comprehension and oral and written expression

With Isabelle's help, I obtained an A2 ranking on my latest TCF exam earlier this year! Practically speaking, I've been able to comfortably travel to Paris, France and Montreal, Canada with ease and ace a job interview with a Native Francophone speaker in a hybrid conversation in English and French!

You will be lucky to work with Isabelle on your language goals. I recommend that you work with Isabelle, and insist that you start today!

Posted Jul 18, 2018
Angela I.
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I had a great first conversation class with Isabelle. I didn’t notice the time pass.

Posted May 11, 2018
Sam A.
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Very adaptable, and patient teacher

Posted Apr 9, 2018
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I had studied French 30 years ago and wanted to relearn conversational French. Isabelle has been very flexible in customizing lessons to fit my ability and personality. I am learning to speak about practical, real-life situations. The lessons are fun, and I am seeing progress each week. I highly recommend Isabelle!

Posted Mar 29, 2018
Profile-location-online Online

Once we returned to the US after living in France for several years, we knew we needed a tutor for our young daughter to maintain and expand her hard-earned proficiency in French. We have been with Isabelle for three years now. She continues to teach and challenge our growing daughter. One of positive aspects of the online environment is that oftentimes the lessons can continue when we travel. Merci Isabelle! xx

Posted Dec 17, 2017
Profile-location-online Online

I highly recommend Isabelle as an expert in teaching French. She has great fluency in both French and English. Isabelle is from France and she regularly visits family there. Here in the United States, she and her husband have raised a family while she worked as an executive for an international company. These skills come forth beautifully in her style of teaching. For me, after one month of French lessons with Isabelle, I am much more comfortable with daily conversation, pronunciation, and verb conjugation. I enjoy our rapport and look forward to deepening my conversation skills with her.

Posted Dec 16, 2017
Christine S.
Profile-location-online Online

Isabelle is very friendly, knowledgeable and easy to work with!

Posted Nov 22, 2016
Wendie D.
Profile-location-online Online

Great initial lesson

Posted Nov 10, 2016
Profile-location-online Online

Isabelle is great!

Posted Nov 6, 2016
Profile-location-online Online

Very helpful!

Posted Oct 27, 2016
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"Isabelle is very nice and helpful and makes me confident even when I make mistakes. She is very fun to talk with and very entertaining so it never gets boring with her. I like learning french and I am enjoying the lessons a lot. I recommend her for other people. "- Thea.

"Thea enjoys her lessons and I think we found an excellent teacher in Isabelle!" - Mom

Posted Oct 26, 2016
Tabatha R.
Profile-location-online Online

Eager to learn more.

Posted Oct 3, 2016
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isabelle is an absolute great ESL teacher. She has helped me tremendously improve my English, through every-day life exercises and conversations. Now people tell me that my English is so much better and I am able to discuss with doctors, nurses, mechanics for my car, etc...She is teaching me also a lot about the American culture and behaviors. I highly recommend Isabelle.

Posted Aug 25, 2016
Profile-location-studio Teacher's Studio

Isabelle is teaching French to my 11 year old daughter and our experience has been excellent. My daughter was previously taking group lessons somewhere else and was not making as much progress as we had hoped. Working with Isabelle our daughter feels a lot more motivated to learn the language. Isabelle has also always been very professional, punctual and friendly.

Posted Jul 22, 2016
Profile-location-online Online

I've had 2 lessons now with Isabelle, and have found her to be exceedingly patient and a wonderful teacher. It's been nearly 20 years since my last French class, but she finds ways to review old concepts and introduce new ones through fun conversational and reading exercises. I highly recommend her!

Posted Jun 18, 2016
Profile-location-studio Teacher's Studio

My son hated French when he first stared working with Isabelle. He liked her immediately, however, and is now enjoying French, as well. His grade in the class has improved significantly. As a parent, I have found her to be very pleasant and easy to work with - she is flexible with scheduling and making adjustments when conflicts arise. I highly recommend her to anyone looking to learn French!

Posted Oct 28, 2015
Profile-location-online Online

Mademoiselle Schram is intuitive to the student’s needs as a learner of the French language. In the beginning and as one continues with studying she will ask what interest one has in the French language and tailor lessons in accordance to goals and French studies. Always there is a thread of excitement in relaying information and teaching that only an instructor that loves what he or she does…is able to convey to and through the student. There is a wonderful level of comfort one derives from being in Mademoiselle Schram’s presence that acts as an impetus of flow for easygoing and interesting learning, instruction, and information. Also, she is clear in pronunciation of French and will continually break down words that one may have trouble when listening with a foreign ear and speaking by imitation and repetition. Mademoiselle Schram is elegant of manner, intellect, and “je ne sais quoi” (uniqueness) of a French woman that incorporates well into study and overall learning. She is able to answer questions regarding culture and mannerisms of French people and way of life succinctly. She is exceedingly patient when one asks questions and always responds with a ready compelling answer. Mademoiselle Schram guides one as a student successfully by being perceptive in incorporating, suggesting, referencing French learning aids, websites, and or other instructional devices that take a student’s level of learning French to another level. She is precise and consistently responsible in meeting at the exact time set for learning no matter where a student is in the world. She is constantly present and focused in the time allotted for French learning. She is also well prepared beforehand with every instruction which offers a smooth flowing transition from one aspect of french to the next. Mademoiselle Schram does not disappoint…if anything she delivers…and delivers the entirety of French exceedingly well. Thank you always Mademoiselle Schram for all of the knowledge you impart. Ainsi, J’aime Mademoiselle Schram. Merci beaucoup!

Posted Jul 13, 2015
Wendy S.
Profile-location-online Online

I have been taking lessons with Isabelle for five weeks. I have been learning a lot while working with her. I like that I feel free to ask questions about everyday expressions and complex grammatical discussions. I would recommend Isabelle to any one wanting to learn French at any level.

Posted May 7, 2015
Myron P.
Profile-location-online Online

I am so happy to have found a teacher like Isabelle for French! I would recommend her to teach you and really, anyone French in a heartbeat!

I have had 7 sessions with her so far and each one has been exactly what I am looking for to learn French. My goals for French are pretty ambitious and I am confident that Isabelle can get me there over the next year of lessons. If you are looking for an instructor who has the skill, patience and experience to help you obtain your goals, you will find no better language instructor than Isabelle!

She really is amazing, schedule your lesson(s) TODAY!

Posted Mar 1, 2015
sabitha R.

Isabelle has an understanding of various cultures and has exposure to languages. That makes her a very patient person, very interested in understanding other person's needs and providing them with what they are looking for through her classes. With the professionalism she brings, I am sure she will make a difference to the students and helps them achieve what they are looking for.

Posted Nov 5, 2014
James N.
Profile-location-online Online

Our family just recently returned to the U.S. after spending three years in France as expatriates. Naturally, we wish our eight year old daughter to continue improving and building upon her French skills. Isabelle has been terrific. She is friendly and has been easy to work with. As a native French speaker, she is the ideal choice to tutor our daughter. Living in the same time-zone has been a real plus, too. Merci!

Posted Nov 5, 2014
Allie C.

I had the opportunity to receive some French lesson from Isabelle. She is a great teacher. Isabelle accommodates the lessons according to your needs, makes a great deal of emphasis on correct pronunciation an writing. I really enjoyed learning French with her.

Posted Nov 3, 2014
Lea I.
Profile-location-home Student's Home

Isabelle tutors my three children in French, ages 9,11 and 13. I have found Isabelle to be a professional person that speaks English perfectly. She is very organized and is a good communicator. It is valuable to me that Isabelle is a native French speaker. This insures that my children will be learning French from her with the proper accent and pronunciation. My children tell me that she uses a variety of methods in class to practice speaking and grammar.

Posted Nov 3, 2014
Pablo A.
Profile-location-online Online

I was looking a conversation partner to improve my conversational skills and Isabelle is helping me in improving this, she is very friendly and easy going also is awesome that we are in a similar time zone because it would be problematic to speak with a person that is located in France.
I highly recommend her to anyone trying to improve their French.
Thank you Isabelle!

Posted Oct 30, 2014
Elsa D.
Profile-location-online Online

She is an excellent teacher. She is very patient,flexible, and a wonderful person. If anyone wants to learn french, you wont be disappointed if you sign up to learn with her. She speaks English very well. She goes back and forth between french and English with ease. She teaches all age groups.

Posted Oct 29, 2014
Tina F.
Profile-location-studio Teacher's Studio

Isabelle is a wonderful native French teacher who speaks fluent English. She has helped me so much with accent reduction, verb conjugation, and medical French. She curtails the lesson to my needs and is very flexible. I highly recommend her for beginner to advanced French students!

Posted Jul 6, 2014

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French & ESL Private Tutor and Life Coach!
May 2014 - Present

I have been providing private lessons one-on-one and to small groups (up to 3) in French and English as Second Language. I have been enjoying every single lesson and so have my students. Actually my students have become best friends! The key being that I adapt totally to their needs. My greatest reward is to see their immense progress. My Life Coaching practice is rooted in my broad experience as wife, mother of 2 very successful children and senior executive in the corporate world. I have had the opportunity to work with people of all ages and cultures in the USA and abroad. I can't wait to share my experience to help you meet your goals.

Sr. Manager
Jan 1991 - Apr 2014

Capgemini France and America

I developed Contract Management Services for Capgemini worldwide which included setting up the processes and building up in-countries teams.

Director, Professional Services
Nov 2003 - Jul 2007


I was responsible for leading call center assessments and developing improvement road maps and business cases.


Master's Degree in Management
Sep 1983 - Jun 1988

Ecole de Management de Grenoble, France

Pre-Business Classe Préparatoire HEC
Sep 1983 - Jun 1985

Lycée Chatelet, Douai -France



Fluent / Native Proficiency


Limited Proficiency


Limited Proficiency


French Baccalaureate in FRANCE
Jun 1983

Lycee Beaudimont, Arras France

Being born and raised in France, I went to school in France; received my baccalaureate there, and graduated from Grad School in France too.

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