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Fort George G Meade, MD
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100% Satisfaction Guarantee

100% Satisfaction Guarantee

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100% Satisfaction Guarantee

100% Satisfaction Guarantee

Try the first lesson and if you’re not satisfied we'll refund any unused lessons.

English Lessons

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Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced
I am a Certified Interpreter in five languages with the US Defense Language Institute Monterrey, California.

English is my third language but I didn’t stop here. I taught my mother and so many others tips on how to learn this language faster in a correct way, with love for proper command in vocabulary and grammar.

If you speak a Romantic language, even better; I’ll find “anchors” to help you connect the dots and allow you to find English words faster.

If your native language is not among the Romantic ones, don’t despair (though my assumption is that you stopped reading by now). Mentors are critical, and I’ll teach you ways to find balance, consistency, and discipline in learning English as a First or Second Language.

About Isabela M.

Before reading about me, I'd like to share up front the honor that my newest student, R., has brought to me by choosing to learn Romanian. Nothing special so far except that he is 100 years old!!!! Yes, you read that correctly: a century old. He is the outmost inspiring person in my life by teaching me that age is just a number and that learning can happen any day if we choose so. R is a medical doctor, a psychologist, a chemist and biologist. Words can't even define how great of a man he is and how grateful I am to learn from him, too. For instance, about a famous language called "esperanto", a language created in the late 19th century.

I'm an enthusiastic learner even after 19 years of formal education (two Masters, one Bachelor) earned on two continents continued by US military education in various forms, and formally tested student who needed to document skills that were not formally captured on paper (like the foreign languages I know).

I love interacting with people and pass on my knowledge from five visited continents, instill love for learning and continuous curiosity for any subject out there. Nothing is impossible when you set your mind to it. Failing once doesn't mean that you'll never win (proof in my athletic years and life ever since); determination, hard work, self-motivation and a good supporting system can bring to reality even the most insignificant dreams that we believe may not come true, and especially those in which we passionately trust.

I believe in breaking down a goal into objectives, assigning tasks to each one of them, and then sticking to achieve them.

I'm a Certified Instructor with the Department of Homeland Security. My hobbies include practicing foreign languages (and proper grammar rules which highly reflect on one's education) by speaking them, learning about cultures and slangs, etymology, watching foreign movies, traveling internationally, taking photos, reading (a lot), carefully planning with room for error and impulsive decisions (to take the boredom out of things), meeting with life long friends, drawing, painting, and spending time outdoors for inspiration and health.

I'm elated at the opportunity of brainstorming with you and giving you tools to be an independent learner.

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  • Speaks Romanian, French, Italian, Spanish, German
  • MBA International Business from Florida Metropolitan University
  • Teaches Elementary, Middle School

Reviews (96)

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Cathy Jan 26, 2020
Romanian · Online

Thank you Isabela! My father really enjoyed today’s lesson and is still talking about how much he enjoyed it and mentioned that you a have great sense of humor. Thanks again!

Susan T. Jan 19, 2020
French · Online

Isabela is wonderful. She is generous with her time, and tailors the lessons to my purpose in learning French. She is gently encouraging, and finds me wonderful resources on the web to help me expand my learning.

Susan Jan 5, 2020
French · Online

I starting working with Isabel a few weeks ago. She is very generous with her time. She is patient as I am just beginning and have some struggles with pronunciation. She tailors the lessons to your goals. I can see real progress after just a few lessons.

Susan T. Dec 15, 2019
French · Online

Jessica F. Dec 10, 2019
Romanian · Online

Isabela is a great instructor. She explains things very well and takes time to make sure you understand before moving on. Her pace is quick, like a real conversation. Five stars for sure.

Nathan Nov 27, 2019
Italian · Online

Warm and enthusiastic even with slower learners (i. e. Me)
More simple conversation may be of help.

Jessica F. Nov 19, 2019
Romanian · Online

Isabela is so engaging and her lessons are very well structured. She moves the lesson along like a conversation, it flows and feels like you are learning while chatting. I'm am looking forward to my next lesson.

Cathy Oct 20, 2019
Romanian · Online

Thank you for my father’s lesson on the Romanian culture today. Always interesting!

Ahmed Oct 20, 2019
French · Online

I took french lesson with Isabella , The lesson is very amazing she goes with different subjects pronunciation ,make sentences , Grammar .

Cathy Oct 13, 2019
Romanian · Online

Thank you for today’s lesson. As always, my father loves the information about the Romanian culture that Isabela provides, as well as his love of the language.

Thanks Isabela!!

Mariah Oct 10, 2019
Elementary Math · Online

Isabela is a hard working and very serious teacher. Her love of learning carries through in her lessons.

Vanessa Oct 9, 2019
Italian · Online

She's the best!

Emily W. Oct 7, 2019
Oil Painting · Online

She was so nice,she was an good teather.

Susanna W. Oct 6, 2019
Oil Painting · Online

She was very nice ,she was an good teachers.

Cathy Oct 6, 2019
· Online

My father truly enjoys the lessons with Isabela. Not only is she a wonderful teacher, but she is also the nicest person!

Vanessa O. Oct 3, 2019
Italian · Online

Very patient and informative. Grazie mille Bella. Looking forward to next weeks lesson.

Janessa Willis Sep 29, 2019
Spanish · Online

Best instructor ever! Isabella has impressive grammar skills and is very friendly and eager to help. She is great with helping to form a plan with specific goals.

Vanessa O. Sep 26, 2019
Italian · Online

Wonderful, very informative, professional, and great energy.

Nathan D. Sep 16, 2019
Italian · Online

This could be most worthwhile

Jenna Recalo Sep 16, 2019
Romanian · Online

Love Isabela, she has been so helpful and I feel that I have learned so much!

Jenna Recalo Aug 29, 2019
Romanian · Online

Today I had lesson 3 with Isabela and I have already learned so much. I feel like I am a slow learner and she is so patient with me. She even takes the time to work through things until I really understand. Super thankful!

Barbara M. Aug 6, 2019
ACT Math · Online

Isabella was really great! She is very smart with her teaching method and pushes Mariah to achieve. Wonderful lesson! Thanks Isaabella!

Jenna Recalo Jul 31, 2019
Romanian · Online

So helpful! I learned so much after only one session! Definitely booking more lessons!

Angela Jul 22, 2019
Calligraphy · Online

Isabela is very resourceful, she provided lot of guidelines and resources in the lesson. She provided practice material to me before my first lesson and covered the fundamentals in the first lesson which in my opinion is extremely important in the beginning to learn a new subject. Isabela is a so talented and a great instructor to have!

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Drake W. Jul 18, 2019
Romanian · Online

Another solid lesson with interaction over homework and additional website material.

Katharine R. Jul 18, 2019
Italian · Online


Drake W. Jul 11, 2019
Romanian · Online

This was a very helpful lesson. We went over homework together. She made corrections as well as changed wording at times to see whether I understood. Isabela also referred me to some very good websites. We interacted over one of these.

Cathy Jul 9, 2019
Romanian · Online

Thank you for being flexible, kind and a excellent teacher.

Filipe A. Jul 8, 2019
Calligraphy · Online

Really helpful and motivating.

Drake W. Jul 4, 2019
Romanian · Online

It was good to cover new ground today and also work on solidifying the genitive and dative today.

Drake W. Jun 20, 2019
Romanian · Online

This was a good first experience. Isabela was on time and was generous with her time. I look forward to further lessons.

Cadance Jun 12, 2019
Painting · Online

My daughter loves her lessons with Isabela!

Linda D. Jun 11, 2019
Acrylic Painting · Online

Isabela is a great teacher. She is knowledgeable, very creative and very helpful to me. It is very easy to learn from her, because she is always starting where the student needs to start. She is an honest evaluator as well as vet very encouraging.

Cathy Jun 9, 2019
Romanian · Online

At 100 years old my father still loves to learn about different languages and has always been interested in Romanian . We found a treasure with Isabela. She is a kind and patient teacher.

Emma Alhezayen Jun 2, 2019
Calligraphy · Online

Isabela is a great teacher. She is knowledgeable, patient, caring, accessible, and has sense of humor. The calligraphy lesson was so much fun and I learned a lot. Looking forward to my lessons.

Emma Alhezayen Jun 2, 2019
Calligraphy · Online

Linda D. Jun 2, 2019
Acrylic Painting · Online

She is the best teacher I have found in my 72 years on earth

Benjamin May 27, 2019
Italian · Online

This week's lesson was great! Since my family's trip to Italy is rapidly approaching, Isabela had lots of tips and recommendations for me, that I am sure will prove very useful. After all of the work we have done in the last few months, Isabela is really helping me to be more inventive with my new vocabulary, in preparation for my up coming trip. I am feeling better and better about my ability to communicate with the locals. I can't wait for next week's lesson.

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Linda May 24, 2019
Acrylic Painting · Online

Very creative and a joy to work with

Julie May 24, 2019
Painting · Online

My daughter loved her first lesson! She is counting the days until her next! She continued painting even after her hour was over because she was so inspired!

Benjamin May 14, 2019
Italian · Online

With my family's trip to Italy quickly approaching, Isabela is helping me review all the things I have learned so far, as well as teaching me all the new things I will surly need in Italy. Now I am even more excited for my family's trip, and I feel that my vocabulary is as strong as it could possible be in four months. I can't wait to test it out! Today's lesson was super helpful and exactly what I needed. I can't wait for next week.

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Liz May 9, 2019
Spanish · Online

Liz May 8, 2019
Spanish · Online

Very worldly woman with great people skills quickly figured out what I wanted to learn and we started right off with the kinds of conversations I would encounter on my trip to Mexico City.
She has renewed my interest in my high school Spanish!

Marc May 6, 2019
Spanish · Online

I wanted to wait after a few lessons before I gave feedback. She is very kind and understanding. Great person as a teacher as she really works to adapt to your individual personality to help you learn.

Benjamin May 5, 2019
Italian · Online

Today's lesson was great. Isabela explained everything very thoroughly, and it was always easy to understand. I felt like today's lesson was really helpful, and I can't wait for next week.

Linda May 5, 2019
Acrylic Painting · Online

Isabela is great. As a student, I was challenged by this first lesson. She used great tools for the lesson such as cotton balls and q-tips. It was great not to be asked to buy new brushes or special paint. Be aware that she is a gentle person, but she works fast. No paint is going to dry on her canvas before she is done.!

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Benjamin Apr 28, 2019
Italian · Online

I had so much fun this week, and I cannot wait until next lesson.

Mary Apr 28, 2019
Italian · Online

Isabela is a great teacher and is interested in what I want to Learn and adds that to her syllabus.

Peter Apr 25, 2019
Italian · Online

First lesson, fun, brisk, and engaging so far! Looking forward to more!

Benjamin Apr 21, 2019
Italian · Online

Today's lesson was wonderful. I had so much fun, and my lesson, though an hour long, felt much to short. Isabela is very helpful and teaches the most important things first. She lays down the basics and then moving to a more advanced level, so that you are always prepared for what comes next. I can feel myself improving, and I can't wait until next time.

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Linda T. Apr 10, 2019
English · Online

She knows everything.....

Stephen K. Apr 9, 2019
Italian · Online

An absolutely fantastic Italian instructor. Her command of the language is second to none. Moreover her deep knowledge of Italy and understanding of Italian culture inspires you to keep learning.

Benjamin Apr 7, 2019
Italian · Online

Today's lesson was so fun, and the instruction was very helpful. Since the last lesson was cut short because of my poor internet connection, all of the lost time was made up for, without being requested, the whole lesson just as thorough and beneficial as an average length lesson. I can't wait until next time.

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Mary Apr 2, 2019
Italian · Online

Isabella pays attention to what you want to learn and helps by making suggestions regarding how to remember lessons

Naomi M. Apr 2, 2019
Romanian · Online

Isabela is an enthusiastic and helpful teacher. She caters the lesson to the student’s goals. I have already learned a lot just from the first lesson.

Benjamin Mar 24, 2019
Italian · Online

Today's lesson was so fun! I can't wait until next week.

Moti R. Mar 17, 2019
Romanian · Online

Thank you for a good class
I feel i am starting to get it

Kate Mar 14, 2019
Drawing · Online

During our time with Isabella, Isabella has displayed great talents in teaching our daughter with various art techniques, history and music. I’m impressed with Isabela’s wealth of knowledge. I am absolutely confident that Isabella would be a great fit for your child if you are seeking artist to teach your child. Bin & Kate

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Adam Owenby Mar 10, 2019
French · Online

Benjamin Mar 3, 2019
Italian · Online

I thought I was just going to learn some words and sentences in Italian but it turned out to be a complete cultural experience. Today we listened to the magnificent Pavorotti and discussed his lyrics. My horizons continue to expand.

Stephen Mar 3, 2019
Italian · Online

Isabella is a fantastic teacher. Her deep knowledge of not only Italian, but of Italy itself make her lessons fun interesring and very practical.

Moti R. Mar 2, 2019
Romanian · Online

Benjamin Feb 24, 2019
Italian · Online

Isabela is such a professional. As crcumstances change, she is completely accommodating to the extent she can be. So glad to be learnimg with her.

Benjamin Feb 17, 2019
Italian · Online

Love the use of videos. So much of communication is non-verbal, so it makes so much sense to watch the gestures of people while they are speaking Italian. Who knew that online learning could be so dynamic.

Benjamin Feb 10, 2019
Italian · Online

Today we began to learn the words to the song Lasciatemi Cantare in Italian. How fun! Love how Isabela mixes up the lessons to make them so interesting.

Benjamin Feb 3, 2019
Italian · Online

very helpful and easy to understand, but is always pushing you so that the most possible information is conveyed.

Margaret Jan 26, 2019
Italian · Online

Isabela is the best. Can’t wait for the next lesson!

Steve Jan 23, 2019
Italian · Online

Un'altra lezione fantastica con Isabella!! Another fantastic lesson with Isabella!! I can feel my cofidence with Italian grow with each lesson. In addition, her knowledge of Italy and Italian culture make our lessons fun and interesting.

Teresa Greer Jan 14, 2019
Italian · Online

Isabella was fantastic in every way!
E stato fantastico in Goni mood, Gratzi❤️

Stephen K. Jan 4, 2019
Italian · Online

Grazie mille, Isabella, for another great lesson. Her deep knowledge of Italian, patience, and teaching style is clearly helping me with pronunciation and common phrases, and is pushing my Italian skills to the next level.

Ben Dec 27, 2018
Watercolor Painting · Online

Isabela is wonderful inspiring young kid to explore their interests and creativities. We look forward to working with her and spend lots of fun time with our daughter.

Elizabeth Dec 20, 2018
Romanian · Online

Isabela is the best! She really cares & tailors the lessons exactly to you, your needs & your interests. She has helped me so much & I always look forward to the next time we meet!

STEPHEN Dec 20, 2018
Italian · Online

Thank you for another great lesson! I appreciate your patience as I build my confidence and skills

Jeanette Dec 15, 2018
Calligraphy · Online

A great teacher shows you great things we are getting to know each other

Stella Dec 10, 2018
French · Online

She is super friendly. She is always prepared for the lessons and have a proper plan in conducting the classes. She notices everything and corrects even the smallest mistakes and makes sure that the student understands the basics clearly.

Steve Dec 8, 2018
Italian · Online

Had my first lesson with Isabella. She's a great Italian teacher and I'm looking forward to my next lessons. She quickly assessed my skill level and tailored the lesson to my needs.

Kate Dec 3, 2018
Italian · Online

A very fun lesson today! We covered nationalities, telling time, days of the week and months. Also entering/exiting stores and restaurants. Good advice about emergency exits and always having the American Embassy phone number handy. I'm getting so excited about my upcoming trip to Italy!

Show More
Jeanette D. Dec 2, 2018
Calligraphy · Online

What an interesting person love her

Elizabeth P. Dec 1, 2018
Romanian · Online

Isabela is the BEST!!!

Kate Nov 26, 2018
Italian · Online

Fun lesson! Isabela is informative and shares lots of historical and cultural information. I look forward to our lessons!

Elizabeth P. Nov 24, 2018
Romanian · Online

Linda T. Nov 19, 2018
English · Online

Excellent teacher, great mentor, exceeding the expectation.

Michael W. Nov 19, 2018
Romanian · Online

She is a fantastic teacher and will structure your program based on your needs and learning style. She makes learning a lot of fun so it doesnt seem like work. She knows 5 languages so i might have to learn more than just romanian.

Kate Nov 19, 2018
Italian · Online

Isabela is a delightful person, and I enjoy taking her Italian lessons! She is very patient and really makes sure you learn the correct pronunciation.

Stella V. Nov 18, 2018
French · Online

Very good and friendly. She understands the level of the student and delivers the lessons based on that

Elizabeth Nov 18, 2018
Romanian · Online

Isabela is wonderful! She jumped right in & really learned about my specific situation so she could best make the lessons helpful to my own progress.

Karla O. Nov 8, 2018
English · Online

Isabela is a great teacher with a dynamic class and she gives a lot of tools so you can achieve your goal.

Michael W. Nov 6, 2018
Romanian · Online

She is a fantasic teacher. Funny and engaging. Makes learning a lot easier.

Stella Nov 4, 2018
French · Online

She is very friendly and she takes effort to make aure that the pronunciation is accurate.

Vera Nov 4, 2018
French · Online

Linda T. Nov 4, 2018
English · Online

Elizabeth Nov 1, 2018
Italian · Online

Isabela was a wonderful instructor to have during the short time I was able to interact with her! She goes out of her way to reach out to you and develop a plan for you to learn. Additionally, she also teaches the culture and offers advice on how not to get swindled as you travel! I definitely recommend her!

Show More
Kate Oct 23, 2018
Italian · Online

Isabela dives right in to the language, providing immediate conversational Italian. Rapid pace, so take notes and keep up!

Kate Oct 22, 2018
Italian · Online

I am enjoying this! Thanks!

Peyton Oct 15, 2018

I love the work she does and how she understands how to teach without making it so I’m confused i understand her perfectly and love working with her

Elizabeth G. Sep 28, 2018
Painting · In home

Isabela is a great teacher who truly has a passion for art. She took the time to share helpful tips and stories of her own experiences with our group of twelve, and did so in a fun and energetic manner. She managed to keep us all engaged and was a delight to have in our office. I would highly recommend Isabela!

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Management and Program Management
Jan 2018 - Present

Defense Information Systems Agency HQ

Programmatic and training support to portfolio of cyber experts as well as leadership.

Supervisor Policy Analyst
Dec 2014 - Jan 2018

US Naval Forces Central Command, Fifth Fleet, Combined Maritime Forces

Develop, coordinate, communicate and assist in the implementation of Commander, US Naval Forces, Central Command's NAVCENT theater strategies to achieve the commander's long-range strategic vision in support of National Security and USCENTCOM guidance.

Aug 2010 - Dec 2014

US Navy Europe, US Navy Africa, Sixth Fleet

Assigned to the Assessments Department to support operations in Europe and Africa. Traveled to area of responsibility to conferences, various organizational events, military exercises including afloat on US Navy's ships.


Master in Law
Jul 2019 - Present

George Washington University

MBA International Business
Jan 2003 - Jan 2005

Florida Metropolitan University

European Master in Law
Sep 1995 - Jul 2000

Faculty of Law within the Academy of Police "Alexandru Ioan Cuza"



Professional Proficiency


Limited Proficiency


Professional Proficiency


Fluent / Native Proficiency


Limited Proficiency


Certificate of Completion Modern Hebrew
Jul 2015

eTeacher Group

Level 1/ 30 hours
Certified Linguist in Portuguese
Apr 2009

Defense Language Institute

Formal testing by the DLI in Monterrey, California
Certified Interpreter in Romanian
Nov 2006

Defense Language Institute

Formal testing by the DLI in Monterrey, California
Certified Interpreter in Italian
Sep 2006

Defense Language Institute

Formal testing by the DLI in Monterrey, California
Certified Interpreter in Spanish
Sep 2006

Defense Language Institute

Formal testing by the DLI in Monterrey, California
Certified Interpreter in French
Aug 2006

Defense Language Institute

Formal testing by the DLI in Monterrey, California


"Spirit of Excellence"
Sep 2012

United States Coast Guard (USCG) Training Center Yorktown, Virginia

Commissioned Officer
May 2009

United States Coast Guard (USCG)

Meritorious Team Commendation
Feb 2009

US Coast Guard Auxiliary

Meritorious Team Commendation
Aug 2008

US Coast Guard Auxiliary

Meritorious Team Commendation
Mar 2008

US Coast Guard

Letter of Commendation
Sep 2007

US Navy

Presidential Unit Citation
Apr 2006

US Coast Guard

National Defense Service Medal
Sep 2003

US Navy


Rotary International
Jan 2011
Rotary International is an international service organization whose stated human rights purpose is to bring together business and professional leaders in order to provide humanitarian services, encourage high ethical standards in all vocations, and to advance goodwill and peace around the world. It is a secular organization open to all people regardless of race, color, creed, religion, gender, or political preference.
US Coast Guard Academy Alumni Association
Apr 2005
To provide services to, and promote fellowship among, the Alumni of the Coast Guard Academy. We raise funds to provide "margins of excellence" support to the Corps of Cadets, the Academy, and the Coast Guard in order to preserve the traditions and enhance the reputation of the Coast Guard Academy.

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