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Gitana M.
Bronx, New York
Learn to sing showtunes just like a Broadway star.
I take a holistic approach to teaching voice. When you sing, your entire body is your instrument, which means that you have to be attuned to your whole body to produce the healthiest, most organic sound. I've been teaching for 13 years, and in that time I've leaned lots of different methodologies. I use a combination of knowledge from my classical training in conjunction with yoga, mindfulness and real world experience to give my students the best path forward in their musical journey. Whether you're just starting out or already a working professional, with my guidance and teaching you'll be making healthier and freer sounds.
About Gitana M.

Hi, my name is Gitana! I earned my degree in Music Education with an emphasis in Voice from Midwestern State University in 2011. I was first trained in classical music and prepared for a career in opera; but as life tends to do, things changed and I've been working in musical theatre for the last 10+ years as a musical director and performer. I have a wide range of knowledge in all types of genres of music, from jazz, pop, musical theatre, and classical, I've sung and taught it all! I also work professionally in theatre so I have real-world experience in the industry. I would love to be your teacher to help you in your musical journey, whether you're brand new to singing, or a seasoned professional! Even if you think you're tone-deaf (you're not), let's work together to accomplish your musical goals!

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