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Gio L.

North Hollywood, CA

About Gio L.

Gio teaches: Ages 8 and up
Teaching since: January 1990
Last sign in: More than two months


Hello there this is Gio L.

I'm a professional guitarist, performer, composer, instructor, international clinician, webinarist, with 20 years or professional experience in music education & live performances. Also, I'm an Italian teacher see " Ciao bella" for more details and an Adobe Photoshop teacher, see "iPhoto' for more details.

I was Raised in the coastal city of Bari, Italy, I've picked up my first guitar at the age of 10 and have not stopped playing music ever since.

My training as a musician has taken me all over the world starting from Italy to a Mediterranean tour, to a Cruise Liner in Brazil to Hollywood CA,. I came to Los Angeles to attend the Musician Institute (Hollywood, CA) where I've graduated with honors from the Guitar Institute of Technology, there I had the pleasure to work as a tutor during my scholarship program. I'm an active musician, music is my life. Often I have the pleasure to travel abroad where I give guitar clinics and perform my music, I like to think of myself as a citizen of the world. I've been teaching professionally in S. California ever since 1998, I reserve the option for in persons one-on-one lessons only for my best students, again, music matters to me. During these last 16 years I've secured many teaching positions like at the Los Angeles valley College extension program, at the Los Alamitos Conservatory of music, at Mars Music learning Center, at the YMCA etc. though, as I've already mentioned, the best one will continue on with me. I've much more to share with you regarding my professional life, my discography ect. but let's talk about lessons now.

What I care the most is to make sure that you'll receive the best private education that money can buy. As I've stated on my headline, If you're serious about music, if you're ready to learn the skills, expand your knowledge, achieve your goals, then, I'm your man. I've learned that we all have different approaches when it comes to studies. Learning how play an instrument is a fun but challenging process. I'm not gonna lie to you, you need to work on it, plain and simple !
I'll provide you with written curriculum or I'll indicate the right book to be purchased, I'll monitor your progress and I'll make sure to get the best out of you. My experience let me face any situation with the confidence that only the know-how can give you (16 years of professional experience will do that!). I have wrote curriculum aimed to the "Just as an hobby" type of student as well as comprehensive once for professional players that want to specialize on a specific style. In both cases it doesn't change what you have to do, practice ! To end with I've transcribed thousands of songs, It only takes me few minutes to put on paper your favorite song, wouldn't it be great to be able to read and play the music you love ? You'll be in good hands regardless of your goals in music

*** Lesson Details ***
My teaching philosophy is to make sure that you enjoy your learning process. I'm a positive person, I believe in encouraging the student, every step you'll take toward your goal shall be acknowledge and awarded, I've been there, I know what it takes. Practice is a crucial aspect of this process, I'll motivate you, I want you be be successful in your learning journey, but, again, I need you to work on it, it won't happen otherwise.

Are you ready ?

*** Studio Equipment ***
The student has to provide his/her own instrument. A small guitar amp is provided for electric guitarist, so there is NO need to bring your own

*** Specialties ***
Music reading for guitar (Beg. to Pro.) Modern harmony (Beg. to Pro.) Improvisation (Beg. to Pro.)

Styles: Jazz, Blues, R&B-Funk, Classic Rock, Pop Rock, Latin-Spanish Styles, Brazilian, Finger-picking, Classical

Photos and Videos

It was an honor to share the stage with Miki Howard :) Live at Stevie's creole cafe performing for an enthusiastic audience ...just enjoy it .


Music Columnist
Mar 2012 - Present
GuitarClub Magazine, Italy

Interviewed by Guitar Club Magazine (leading Italian magazine in the industry), published in the May 2012 issue, as well as secured a position as a guest contributor representing the Los Angeles metropolitan region for instructional articles.

iPhoto - Abobe photoshop teacher
Jan 2010 - Present

Photoshop made easy for the complete beginner. "iPhoto" is a program studied for the person that approaches the software for the first time, "complete beginner" friendly :-) Gio will guide you through the logic of software functioning, tools palette, layering, text insertion, elements extraction, and more. Assistance to your school project available on line and or in person IF you reside in Studio City CA and vicinity.

"Ciao bella" Italian teacher
Jan 2009 - Present

Learn Italian, the fourth most studied language in the world ! " Ciao bella " is a program designed for the complete beginner, with simple idiomatic phrases you'll be able to speak ITALIANO in no time. Divided in ten subject, Gio will guide you through the different phases of learning the language: building your vocabulary, the correct grammar and pronunciation.

Jan 2002 - Present
Private Guitar Studio

Teach intermediate to advanced level one-on-one, small group and on-line guitar and music lessons to adult pupils both locally as well as abroad via worldwide videoconference

Researched, developed and deliver comprehensive curriculum covering subjects of fretboard harmony, scale
patterns, improvisation concepts, music reading, style analysis, R&B/funk styles, basic finger-picking techniques,
basic classical guitar techniques, and modern harmony

Utilize expanded knowledge of instructional textbooks, teaching materials and performance exercises to tailor
lesson plans to individual student ability levels, interests and outcome goals

Exceptional record of student retention and new client growth, keeping students for up to 12 continuous years and
increasing client-base by magnitudes on order of tens through word-of-mouth, online promotions, and live concert
performance visibility

Guitar Instructor
Jan 1999 - Present
College Extension Program

Instructor for Beginning Guitar and Intermediate Guitar courses, developing curriculum for and
organizing/supervising group classes, 20 pupils in size, for teens and adults

Subject taught include: Basic guitar techniques, fretboard harmony, scales patterns, music reading foundations, song
transcriptions and basic improvisation concepts

Guitar instructor/Music Instructor
Jan 2002 - Jan 2009
Los Alamitos Conservatory of Music Los Alamitos

Taught one-on-one lessons to students of different ages, ability levels and areas of interest, including topics of basic
guitar techniques, fretboard harmony, scales patterns, improvisation concept, music reading, finger picking
techniques and style analysis

Adopted new videoconference platform to provide instructions over larger geographic region and during off-hour
time periods

Build strong student-base, in the orders of tens, trough personal recommendation and strategic advertizing

Guitar/Music Instructor
Jan 2001 - Jan 2002
Mars Music Learning Center

Taught in-store individual and group lessons to teens and adults, focusing on instrument performance, song analysis and transcription

Achieved maximum group class size limit of 20 students through personal recommendation and advertisement

Continued professional relationship with Scheduling Manager after 2002 closing of all southern California stores, in
order to continue the educational program by providing in home lessons


Professional Guitar Program level II
Oct 1998 - Present
Musicinas Institute
Professional Guitar Program
Mar 1992 - Present
Musicians Institute
Contemporary music
Oct 1999 - Jan 2000
Musician Institute
Associate of Arts
Oct 1998 - Jan 2000
Musician Institute

Languages Spoken

Professional Proficiency
Fluent / Native Proficiency
Limited Proficiency


Best Instrumental R&B Song April 2015
Apr 2015
The Akademia of Music Awards

The Akademia wanted to take this opportunity to formally congratulate you on winning The Akademia Music Award for Best Instrumental / R&B song for ‘Good Morning Bella’ in the April 2015 Akademia Music Awards! The results are now available and public at: This page includes the general announcement and some artist features. This page lists all of the April 2015 winners.

Honor Graduated
Mar 1993
Musician Institute

Professional Guitar Program Level 1


Honor Graduated
Jan 2000
Musician Institute
Honor Grad
Jan 2000
Musician Institute

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Sabrina Feb 22, 2016
· Acoustic Guitar · In studio Excellent instructor!

I first met Gio at Los Angeles Valley College. I enrolled in the beginning guitar class and enjoyed it so much that I formed a group class with two other classmates for a once per week group lesson with Gio. I have found him to be an excellent guitar instructor who is very patient and complimentary to the student’s strengths. I appreciate the manner in which Gio approaches teaching guitar, which is a combination of constructive criticism and challenging material. Gio provides the foundation for the student to build upon and that has given me the confidence to continue learning how to play the guitar.
gg G. Nov 1, 2015
· Adobe Photoshop · In home good
gg G. Nov 1, 2015
· Acoustic Guitar · In studio good teacher
gg G. Nov 1, 2015
· Acoustic Guitar · In studio good teacher
bernadette E. Apr 20, 2015
· Italian · In home I had so much fun working with Gio. He has a fantastic program for learning Italian
He had excellent handouts and was very professional during the session
I really cannot express how pleased I am to be able to work with Gio.
Sandra B. Mar 16, 2015
· Adobe Photoshop · Online Just finished 5 classes of Photoshop with Gio. Great start for me. Gio communicated well, flexible with schedule and focused on things I wanted. Would not hesitate to recommend.
Norman G. Mar 13, 2015
· Italian · Online Enjoyed the lesson very much. He kept it simple but gave crucial information in order to learn the language. I have my homework to do and look forward to our next lesson. Thanks.
Patrick H. Feb 26, 2014
· Guitar · I recommend Gio for anyone wishing to study the guitar

I have taken lessons from Gio for 8 years. It included reading music, jazz harmony, pick technique, timing, and left hand technique. It has been a very rewarding experience.
He has help me understand the mechanics of technique and how to practice.
F M. Feb 26, 2014
· Guitar · Excellent!

I've taken music lessons (piano, guitar, drums) for years and have been in school for many years... point is, I know what makes a great teacher... passion for their trade, genuine interest in the student learning, and (in my case) exceptional patience. Gio scores a "10" in all aspects of the student/teacher experience.
kelly C. Feb 26, 2014
· Guitar · Look no further

I have taken lessons with Gio for over 10 years now. Gio is knowledgable and highly skilled in many areas of guitar. Not only does he have a command of the instrument, but he has a great understanding of musical theory as well. I have learned much and continue to broaden my knowledge of the instrument. I highly recommend Gio as a guitar teacher. Plus the italian accent is great.
Gio Lombardi
Gio L.

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