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Longmont, CO
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100% Satisfaction Guarantee

100% Satisfaction Guarantee

Try the first lesson and if you’re not satisfied we'll refund any unused lessons.
100% Satisfaction Guarantee

100% Satisfaction Guarantee

Try the first lesson and if you’re not satisfied we'll refund any unused lessons.

Singing Lessons

Available Locations:
Profile-location-online Online
Profile-location-studio Teacher's Studio
Levels taught:
Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced
My lessons are a platform for each student to become the best singer they can be, according to their own definition of success. We will sing any genre you love, and work on the quality of your sound and on the authenticity of your interpretation. You will learn voice technique, diction (if language different than English) as well as stage presence, and how to engage your audience to the fullest. Working with me, you can always expect to have a relaxing and fun self-discovery time.

About Giorgia G.

I started my solo and backup singer career at the age of 12, working for RG Recording Studio (Italy). When I was 15 I founded a children's choir (ages 5 to 15) called Voci di Pace. I trained them as soloists and as an ensemble, as well as conducted them through the professional recording of dozens of CDs. I also trained and conducted students for the recording of highschool musicals.

I began my conservatory bachelor degree training in cello and chamber music in 1997, and graduated 2010. Since then, I have studied singing technique with pop star Silvia Mezzanotte and with opera singers Chiara Fiorani and Noa Frenkel.

I love to teach singing, singing in Italian and Italian diction to students of all ages and backgrounds who are ready to explore their own souls and bodies and to learn how to be themselves through sound and music.

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Paul May 13, 2016
Singing · In studio

Giorgia is an awesome teacher! I was nervous about singing in front of people, but Giorgia creates a comfortable environment and makes every lesson informative and fun. I have a much better understanding of the fundamentals of singing and I feel more confident. Unfortunately I am moving out of the area, otherwise I would definitely continue lessons!

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Cecilia Nov 30, 2015
Singing · In studio

Giorgia was my first teacher in singing when I was just 8 years old. Since then she has always been a model for me: her talent, her competence, her determination really impressed me. She is able to teach very delicate and complexed topics with genuine irony letting your hair down. I strongly recomend her as a teacher, and I will always thank her for letting me able to apreciate at best music.

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Kiki Nov 19, 2015
Singing · In home

Giorgia is amazing! She has an incredible ability to make you feel safe to be vulnerable and open. I was very shy with my voice and Giorgia was the very first person to be able to make me sing in front of another person. She takes you through the basics and explains very constructively how things work. I can recommend her to anyone who is wanting to discover their voice!

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Debbie G. Nov 17, 2015
Singing · In studio

Giorgia is a beautiful spirit!

I have observed her teaching primarily in choral settings. Even in large group settings, she is able to meet each student where he/she is and bring them to improve in a short amount of time.She is encouraging and warm, and is incredibly skilled in connecting with her students. I have seen her take a student who comes in with no knowledge of intonation and bring her to hear subtleties in pitch.
She turns technical breathing exercises into fun, engaging activities through her background in Active Listening Playground (ALP).

On top of that - she is a joy to sing with!!

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Noa Nov 14, 2015
Singing · Online

An explosive mix of energy, musicality, talent, creativity and innovative ability - Giorgia is the real deal. A joy to work with on every possible level. Highly recommended!!!

Le Signore degli Anelli -Wedding Planner Nov 13, 2015
Singing · In home

Giorgia is our musical consultant and lead singer for weddings. In addition to a deep knowledge of the ceremony structure, she has a vast musical culture which is invaluable in creating a unique soundtrack for each couple. Giorgia and her choir Voci Di Pace are our first choice for both Catholic ceremonies and non-religious ceremonies: they interpret even the most traditional songs with new arrangements and beautiful harmonies.
The great added value of Giorgia and Voci Di Pace is their ability to make their voices into musical instruments, which makes each wedding emotional and unforgettable.

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Alan Nov 13, 2015
Singing · In home

Giorgia has been teaching me to sing on and off for several years now. I went from tone deaf and not able to sing one note to now semi-passable during karaoke sessions. For someone like me who is just learning for fun and only for personal enjoyment, Giorgia is the best teacher. She never forgets to make the lessons fun and actually interesting. She has an immense knowledge of both music and singing theory, and knows how to distill that down to the lay person in ways that make sense and can actually be put to use.

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Founder and Coach
Mar 2013 - Present

The Creative Way Around

It is unusual that a performer feels that he/she is at his/her 100% when on stage. The Creative Way Around was born to support performing artists of any level with their stage presence, to turn tension into fun and fulfilment, through different methods — the main one being Active Listening Playground.

Founder, Voice Trainer and Conductor
Jan 2005 - Present

Voci di Pace

Voci di Pace is a children choir (ages 5 through 15) based in Carpi (Italy) that I founded with my sister Chiara in 2005. Throughout the years, I lead Voci di Pace through the recording of tens of CDs in recording studio, as well as live performances in occasion of festivals, weddings and music events.

Voice Trainer and Choir Conductor; Creativity and Cello Teacher
Mar 2015 - Jul 2017

Valley Vibes Orchestra

Valley Vibes is a children orchestra based at El Verano Elementary School, Sonoma, CA


Business & Economics
Oct 2007 - Feb 2011

LUISS Guido Carli & Utrecht School of Economics

Cello & Chamber Music
Sep 2007 - Oct 2010

Conservatorio "A. Scontrino"



Fluent / Native Proficiency


Limited Proficiency


Fluent / Native Proficiency


ALP Conductor
May 2012

Composing Community

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