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Gilbert M.

Anaheim, CA
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Graphic Design

Levels Taught:
Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced

I have been using Adobe Products for over 20 years and teaching it at the college level for eight years. I have used them and taught them for quite the range of design media. From Graphic Design, Motion Graphics, and Game Art to Image Manipulation, Concept Art and Abstract Deconstruction.

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Gilbert delivers an exceptional lesson experience and ranks in the top 15% of our teachers nationwide.
Teaches students:
Ages 8 to 65 and special needs

Teaching since:
October 2006

I have worked for many Colleges and Kids Sports organizations. I have been background checked many times. I also teach kids of many ages at The Arbor Learning Center home schooling group.

Mr. M. is a CG artist. Like many, his love for art started in grade school and evolved in high school. While running his own T-Shirt Design company, "Extreme Limitations", he was able to quickly see the power of design, layout, color, and typography.

With over twenty years of experience in Graphic Design, Illustration, Prototype Design, Game Art, and Motion Graphics, Mr. M. now spends his time teaching students in many different graphic disciplines. He has been at Norco College since 2006 teaching 3D Modeling, Animation, Beginning and Advanced Photoshop, Illustrator, Digital Sculpting and Character Design. He has also taught 3D Modeling, Animation, Drawing, Motion Graphics, and Video Editing at Coastline Community College, and Cypress College, Santa Ana and is now teaching 3D Modeling at Mt. SAC.

In his free time, Mr. M. freelances for companies helping production schedules that are running behind. In 2009, Gilbert won an Emmy.

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Lead Character Modeler
Oct 2010 - Present
Broken Circle

• Character Modeling
• Environment Modeling
• Character Rigging
• Texture Mapping

Senior Game Art Professor
Oct 2006 - Present
Norco College

• CIS 79A Intro Illustrator
• CIS 38A Intro to 3D Modeling & Texturing
• CIS 78A Intro Photoshop
• CIS 38B Intro to 3D Animation
• CIS 78B Advanced Photoshop
• CIS 39 Advanced Game Techniques with ZBrush
• CIS 35 Intro to Game Development
• CIS 43 Survey of Media for Game and Animation
• GAM 31 3D Modeling
• GAM 32 Character Design
• GAM 33 Advanced Digital Sculpting

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MFA Animation & Visual Effects
Jan 2009 - Present
Academy of Art University
BS Media Arts & Animation
Jan 2003 - Dec 2005
Art Institute


Fluent / Native Proficiency


Dec 2005
Art Institute

Degree in Media Arts & Animation


Jan 2009
Academy of Film and Television

Photos & Videos

Student Work Reina Tran
Cypress College
Intro to 3D Modeling

Student Work
Jason Hernandez
Digital Painting
Photoshop for Game Art

Student Abstract & Color Mood Study

Student Sculpting Part 2

Student Sculpting Part 1

Great Student Work by  Brayden Wlassak 
Norco College
intro to 3D Modeling

Digital Illustration
"Destroy Create"

Digital Painting in Photoshop By Myself

Great student work by Cody Walchli
Norco College
Intro to 3D Modeling
+ 12 more

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Rashad S. Jan 14, 2017
Drawing · Online

i learn alot from where i need to improve on. taught me its alway best to practice everyday so i can become better and improve and to not just trace or copy go by what i see. he is a good teacher and i will come back

Jade Apr 22, 2016
Adobe Photoshop · In home

This experience really helped me grasp important concepts that I otherwise would have never known. I feel like I learned A LOT in only 3 classes and I can't wait to learn more. Gil was very productive; he based the lessons on what I use Photoshop for and actually allowed us to work on projects that I had to do for work, instead of just teaching what he wanted to teach. He was SUPER patient and never made me feel bad for stopping to take notes. I would definitely recommend him to anyone trying to learn a computer program he is knowledgeable in. This is totally irrelevant, but he has cool hair too! Thanks Gilbert!

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Jessica Apr 15, 2016
Adobe Photoshop · Online

Great, helpful experience

Seth S. Apr 15, 2016
Graphic Design · Online

Very knowledgable instructor. Fits the whole class with information, so you leave feeling very accomplished. Our first lesson was exactly what I wanted, and look forward to the next lesson.

Silvia M. Apr 8, 2016
Adobe Photoshop · In home

He is great!!

Nanci P. Feb 26, 2016
Adobe Illustrator · In home

Gilbert is great! He helped me solve my design issue today and I'm looking forward to our next lesson.

Bethany Capra Feb 26, 2016
Adobe Photoshop · Online

I took some design classes in college and have had some private help before, but this was HANDS DOWN, the best experience I've ever had. Gilbert tailored the lesson to my pace, knowledge and desires. He's the best there is. Worth every penny. I couldn't be happier.

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Matt Jan 6, 2016
Adobe Photoshop · Online

He teaches you from the ground up or level you choose to be taught at . Extremely knowledgeable of all aspects of Adobe. Teaches at your pace! He MAKES CONFUSING understandable :) !

Chelsea D. Dec 21, 2015
Adobe Photoshop · In studio

He was great! He was able to drive to us and we learned the basics of Photoshop. I would highly recommend him to other co-workers and friends.

Adele L. Dec 20, 2015
Animation · Online

My daughter njoys her lessons and she is learning a lot.

Sheila B. Oct 24, 2015
Adobe Photoshop · In home

He's really knowledgeable and knows how to communicate. I've watched hours and hours of Lynda, but got much more out of a 2 hour session with Gil.

Teresa M. Nov 20, 2014
Adobe Photoshop · In studio

I have had the pleasure of taking several classes from Gil; Illustrator, Advanced Photoshop, 3D Modeling to name a few. As an older student in classrooms full of younger students, I can certainly recommend Gil's ability to teach any age group. He has the patience to walk students through techniques and procedures despite any lack of skill. At the same time, he is quick to challenge those students who skillfully grasp concepts and are ready to move on. The atmosphere he provides is warm and encouraging. There are so many techniques I am continue to use thanks to Gil's instruction!

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Robert H. Nov 19, 2014
Adobe Photoshop · In studio

During my time at Norco College, I had the pleasure of taking quite a few classes with Gil. I'm not know to be the best kind of student, I don't do well in classroom structures, but Gil's class was one of the few I was able to stay focused and do well in.

He has a great way of teaching that actually allows you to learn and have fun at the same time. He knows what he is doing and that shows, plus instead of just telling us to read this chapter or go to this page and follow the instructions, he will be more hands on and show us what to do and where to go and he did his best to help each student individually and help push their limits to make some amazing pieces of work.

I've learned a lot and still use a lot of the techniques from those classes, definitely the best teacher I ever had to date. So take it from me, if you get the chance to ever have Gil as a teacher, don't pass it up.

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Chelsea G. Nov 14, 2014
Video Game Art · In studio

I have actually taken quite a few classes that were taught by Gil. I always have found him to be a super helpful teacher and always looked forward to going to his classes because the atmosphere always felt really warm to me, especially compared to a lot of other classes I have taken; he really wants to help students learn. I really like his teaching techniques, which involves more teaching from experience than “here have a book follow these step-by-step instructions.” Everything I have taken away from Gil’s classes has helped me become much more efficient, as well as a better artist. I’d recommend him as a teacher to anyone.

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Yelena A. Nov 10, 2014
Adobe Photoshop · In studio

One of the best instructors I've ever had!

Rina T. Nov 5, 2014
3d Modeling With Maya ·

I took Gil's Modeling and Animation classes and I'd say he's my favorite teacher in College. He's knowledgeable in his field and always be there to help. His classes are absolutely enjoyable as he puts a lot of efforts to give positive feedback to students and help them solve problems. His way of teaching is to encourage students to grow successfully. He's also a lovable and hilarious teacher. His classes usually are in a nice and warm atmosphere, especially fulled with laughing with his jokes.
I definitely love his teaching techniques and approaches. I remembered how he showed me to do the effective edge loops around the mouth and nose areas. He explained in details why the edge loops should flow this way or that way for better animations. He also spent time to show students how to use Mel scripts and shortcuts to gain better workflow. And his knowledge in Z-brush is awesome. I've learned lots of tricks from him.
I highly recommend his classes. Thanks Gil!

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Justin H. Nov 2, 2014
3d Modeling With Maya · In studio

I took a 3D modeling class with him and I have to say he's one of the best teachers I've ever had. When he taught the class he involved himself in ways I really have not seen in most other teachers. He's funny but also gets things done. He really cares about his students in making them grow into amazing artists. If you want a great teacher that's willing to make you laugh and learn then this is your guy.

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Matthew N. Oct 31, 2014
3d Modeling With Maya · In studio

Gil is one talented man who will help you out all the way through! It was actually thanks to Gil that I decided to pursue 3D modeling as a career. At first I thought I wouldn't get anywhere due to my horrible experience in Mt. Sierra but in the end I gained new skills that I thought was impossible to learn, but Gil helped me get there all the way. That's a lot from a guy who had absolutely no experience with 3D modeling and lack of artistic talent.

He is a great Professor who I highly recommend! Plus the guy is so lovable! Come on.

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Andrew H. Oct 31, 2014
Adobe Photoshop · In studio

Gilbert is an amazing teacher, I had the pleasure of taking multiple classes of his and each one was my most looked forward to class everyday. Gil makes learning fun but in the most professional way possible, he simplifies concepts for you in a way that you can grasp a lot easier and expand on your own. He is also very knowledgeable in his fields ranging from Photoshop to Maya to tons of others. Every bit of knowledge I carry with me into the real world is from Gilbert. Had it not been for his amazing teaching style I would never have landed the graphic design jobs that i did. Using his techniques I was easily able to outperform other candidates for the job and land it myself. My biggest recommendation is to TAKE GIL'S CLASSES!

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Eric D. Oct 31, 2014
3d Character Sculpting With Zbrush · In studio

I had the privilege of having Gil for my first 3d class ever when i wanted to learn more about making video games. I had no idea what it took to make video games or what to expect, Gil's teaching style is very patient and positive which helped me to move past the moments when i became overwhelmed and unsure of continuing down this path, but his constant patience, positive attitude and feedback, working constantly and tirelessly to help me and all his other students succeed helped so much when it came to moving past the doubt. I have now had Gil for many classes and am now taking Advanced Digital Sculpting with him and have learned countless skills and tricks from him.

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Juan S. Oct 31, 2014
Adobe Photoshop · In studio

I am a working professional in the visual communications field. I work primarily as a graphic designer and through my experience in working with other graphic designers; I have realized the lack of hands on, real world practical knowledge in the graphic design field.

Professor M., and my friend Gilbert, have been really instrumental in my progress/development as an artist and designer. I credit much of my success to the classes I have taken with him. Why? I will I've stated before I've worked with other graphic artists, and I have been able to spin circles around them, cutting production time in half. Why? Professor Gilbert taught me how to use the design programs for production as well as for concept development. Many graphic designers learn the books but they don't learn how to use something as simple as key board shortcuts when designing. I will equate this lack of knowledge of not knowing how to use the programs to Rembrandt not knowing how to use a brush. Professor Gilbert taught me how to use the programs for the real world, for a job, and not just from a book. I admit when I took his classes I was really intimidated half way through the class because he expects you to learn the programs, but also how to design for a particular client, whether it is more clean looking design or a more deconstructive design.

I would really recommend Professor Gilbert if you are looking for practical knowledge that can be applied on the field right now, not skills that you'll never use. He will teach you how to resolve technical and visual problems that will help you bridge the gaps in your weaknesses and make you a better artist, and professional.

Thanks Gil.

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Jamie S. Oct 30, 2014
3d Modeling With Maya · In studio

Gil really cares about his students and was always more than willing to sit with us individually and explain modelling processes at our own pace. He was good at assessing his students' level of experience/skill set and used that to guide each of us efficiently and effectively to become better artists. I spent a lot of time in lab, and whenever Gil helped me out, his input was concise and useful. It was a refreshing change because a lot of digital art professors can be very long winded when explaining simple processes. His good spirited nature is infectious, he is simultaneously passionate and approachable, and his sense of humor made class seem to fly by. I'm very happy with my experience learning from such a talented and well rounded professor. :)

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Dimitri G. Oct 30, 2014
3d Character Sculpting With Zbrush · In studio

His knowledge In Zbrush 3D tools are amazing and allowed me to use the same tools to create unique visuals. I enjoyed his classes and recommend it too many of the students that want to learn new and, see what it takes to create new visuals in 3D.

Taber D. Oct 30, 2014
Video Game Art · In studio

Gil's a talented character sculptor with tons of experience and a great personality. Whether you're just starting out or have a bit of experience under your belt, Gil can help you to push your work to the next level. Definitely recommend! Thanks Gil!

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Brian N. Oct 30, 2014
Adobe Photoshop · In studio

I had the privilege to have Gil Marquez as my professor in college. He taught me the most important information needed to utilize Photoshop. His teaching methods taught me how to be the best at what I do and led to an evolution of skill beyond the classroom. I was able to take what I learned under Gil and utilize it in architecture school. I am now a Senior working towards my Master's of Architecture Degree at Montana State University and to this day I can't thank Gil enough for what he has taught me how to do with Photoshop and how to effectively manipulate my photos beyond the filters gallery. I am able to effectively conquer anything that is thrown at me and will always continue to be whilst being reminded of the great experiences I had in his classroom and the friendships that I made.

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stephen B. Oct 29, 2014
3d Modeling With Maya · In studio

Had quite a few modeling instructors using AutoDesk Maya, Gilbert is by far the greatest in modeling. Great humor and always an inspiration. Highly skilled in modeling with a great overall knowledge of the 3D pipeline. Anyone in school that asks about Maya and a good place to start and I tell them GET TO GILBERT. He teaches the strongest modeling fundamentals that i still carry with me today. 10/10
He will teach you fantastic workflows that will stick with you forever.

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Ashley S. Oct 28, 2014
Adobe Photoshop · In studio

I took Intro to Photoshop my first or second year at community college. I went in thinking "I just want a fun class that I can just get class credit for". It ended up being much more than that. I actually learned techniques I never fathomed in my mind that I could do. I learned so much. I had fun. I am able to use some of those techniques in my photography today. I am not pro compared to the work of my fellow classmates, but I indeed did learn a lot! Gil is such an awesome teacher, passionate and serious, with just the right amount of fun! He definitely has a passion and love for art, which is evident in his teaching. I would highly recommend his classes, and if I was still attending school, I may just take another class with him, though I am not an art major HAHA!!! He's that awesome!

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Josh Q. Oct 28, 2014
3d Modeling With Maya · In studio

I've learned absolutely all i know from this man, he's great at helping fix problems and teaching you how to look for them and fix them. he teaches proper modeling and how to create clean Topology in your 3D models. He's great with people of all skill levels from beginner to top of the class. he's patient, and is an all around skillful and great teacher to learn from.

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Aidan L. Oct 25, 2014
3d Modeling With Maya · In studio

Absolutely wonderful experience! Gil is a completely different art teacher with a good sense of humor, passion, and expertise. He understands that all students have different skill levels, and will adapt his critique and teaching technique to keep everyone feeling confident and motivated to create. It was a breath of fresh air compared to the suffocating art teachers that I endured all my life.

Awesome personality aside, the dude is a Maya/Zbrush/Photoshop wizard. It was pretty unreal to see him solve 3D modeling issues on-the-fly so quickly with such insane accuracy and attention to detail. Totally inspiring teacher that I've learned so many valuable tips and tricks from; totally changed my views on game art development! Take Gil's classes!

(Norco College, GAM-31: "Introduction to 3D modeling in Maya")

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