Gianni DiGiacomo

Gianni D.

Denver, CO

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Gianni delivers an exceptional lesson experience and ranks in the top 15% of our teachers nationwide.
Teaches students:
Ages 10 to 70

Teaching since:
December 2007

Gianni blames his obsession with fast melodies on the first time he heard Edvard Grige’s “In the Hall of The Mountain King." Conjuring the vivid image of hordes of sinister creatures multiplying as the music quickened. The intensity of the classical masterpiece placed a thirst that could only be quenched by modern rock n' roll music. It is no surprise Gianni picked up the guitar and bass guitar in his adolescence in order to emulate his heavy metal heroes.
During sophomore year of high school, Gianni played his first professional show at a local music showcase which sparked an undying love for playing live music, fueled his passion, and inspired him to make music a serious priority for him. "Giging" out and recording metal, hard core, and punk bands gave him the speed and technicality that makes up his guitar playing. Gianni, lending his talents to Elucidarius (Featured on KBPI’s Metal lix), Acherionion Dirge (members of Flight of Sleipnir, also both on KBPI’s Metal Lix) and other metal projects during high school and early college years, gave him the drive to attend University of Colorado at Denver to pursue guitar, music business and recording technology.
During his studies at UCD, Gianni developed an infatuation with song writing and music theory, along with the understanding of the inner workings of music business and recording. Studying under Drew Morell, Paul Musso, Sean McGowen, and Michael Lancaster, he opened his guitar playing up to a new level by learning to play jazz.
Once obtaining his degree, Gianni began to teach music lessons--finding it was the most rewarding career choice he had made. Previously teaching at The School of Rock as well as teaching privately within his own home, he is happy to join the ranks of Take Lessons.
Gianni is a dedicated teacher who truly loves his job. He takes the time to learn each and every one of his student’s goals and aspirations while also taking the time to adapt his lessons to his students rather than having an umbrella curriculum. While his talents lay in metal and hard rock styles, Gianni feels that a truly great guitar player is diverse. This is why he is also skilled in Folk, Indy, Jazz, Funk, R&B and many other genres of music. Gianni is currently playing in Dead Temple.

*** Lesson Details ***
I've been taking guitar lessons my whole adolescent and young adult life, so I understand what its like to have a frustrating, uninspiring guitar teacher.
That's why I love this job, because I get to be the exact opposite of some the of the few teachers I wasted my time with.
I've found that the teachers I had that were strict, pushed me away from wanting to play music, and made it more of a chore then something that I see as both rewarding and incredibly fun.
Therefore I am a very relaxed, fun instructor.
The classes I've learned the most from were those that had both student and teacher influence. So lessons are based around what a student wants to learn, what the student loves about music, and the students goals.
I of course, stress the importance of music theory, song writing and improv while keeping the lessons entertaining a fresh.
After 3 to 6 months of lessons, my students typically have leaned immense chord knowledge, scale knowledge, basic theory, song structure, key signatures, harmony, solo techniques and plenty of repertoire.

*** Studio Equipment ***
Small practice amps, cords, extra guitar, tuner, internet capabilities, a large selection of instructional books, all within a comfortable and clean area.

*** Travel Equipment ***
I will provide books, handouts etc. I have a few spare amps and guitars. Also a reliable vehicle and a punctual work ethic.

*** Specialties ***
Specialize in Metal, specifically Classic Metal, Thrash, Death and Black Metal.
Strong song writing influence in lessons.
Also strong in rock and roll, jazz, classical(beginner) folk, Indy music.

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Gianni D. from Denver, CO teaches guitar, bass guitar, music performance, recording & songwriting. Gianni specializes in Metal (specifically Thrash, Death and Black Metal), as well as rock and roll, jazz, classical (beginner), folk, & indy music.
A video I did with my BattleBuddies in BattleSpawn. 5280 Thrash
Current band
Clip from "White Devil"
Photo by Gianni D.

Photo by Gianni D.

Photo by Gianni D.

Photo by Gianni D.

Photo by Gianni D.
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DanielB1 Jul 18, 2011

Gianni has been absolutely great to work with. He's been very flexible in his schedule and in his teachings. I have a definitive idea of what i'd like to get out of these lessons and Gianni has been very complicit in that regard. We've jumped around a lot, but in each situation he's given me a deeper understanding and been able to tie themes together. I would recommend him to everyone.

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