George F. Hartwig

George F. H.

Cleveland, OH
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100% Satisfaction Guarantee

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Levels Taught:
Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced

The availability listed on the calendar is NOT my FULL availability. Because I am a full-time teacher AND performer, my schedule flexes throughout the year and the hours listed are a limited window of what I may actually have for you. I am very flexible and try to accommodate everyone. Depending on the time of year, I usually have night hours on two days a week and teach on many Saturday mornings / afternoons as well. Click on the 'Ask George F. A Question' button on the right if you have any questions about availability or be sure to ask your TakeLessons rep about the schedule as you go option when you set up lessons for the first time so we can find a time that works for both of our schedules.

Also teach extended range electric guitar up to 9 string.

*** Lesson Details ***
My teaching method is very practical and customized to every individual. I do not believe that you can use the same style with every student because everyone learns differently. With any instrument I teach, I usually approach things from a three-part method, technique, theory, and application.

Examples of technique for guitar:
Beginners : how to hold a pick, hand placement on the neck, how to palm mute, amp settings to achieve different tones, etc.
Advanced: sweep picking, fingerstyle, hybrid picking,etc.

Examples of theory for guitar:
Beginners: knowing what note you are playing on the guitar, names of chords and different ways to grab them, finding the same notes in different places on the neck.
Advanced: chord building, scales and improvisation, arpeggio shapes and application to song structure.


Beginner: finding three favorite groups and or songs of the student and setting achievable goals to play music that they enjoy. Depending on the level of the student, just like Guitar Hero, there is usually an 'easy' way to play a song which will sound very close - and an 'expert' way, or album accurate way to play the song. Again, this approach is customized to where the student is and the difficulty of material they want to learn.
Advanced: this is where the customizable approach comes in. Everything ties together here. A student, for example that wants to learn a lead from a Stevie Ray Vaughn or Metallica tune may some of the skills required to play it, but may have to work on bends or vibrato. This is really where everything comes together.

I also do hybrid lessons (guitar/voice, bass/voice, guitar/bass etc).

After 3-6 months, as long as the student is practicing, they should be able to play/sing some material they chose, have a basic understanding how the neck of a guitar/bass is set up. All this depends on if the student is an absolute beginner of has been playing/singing for a few years.

As far as materials I ask students of ANY instruments I teach to bring a HARD cover binder with about 30 sheets of looseleaf in it. With every lesson, I enter the date into the binder and the student will walk away from the lesson with 3-5 very achievable goals, which will be entered into their binder.

For guitar/bass students: a CHROMATIC tuner & metronome. Korg and Boss make some nice units that combine these features into one device.

Books:For young students - Mel Bay Children's Guitar Method 1 & 2
For older students - Mel Bay Mastering the Guitar 1A
Also highly recommended for ALL guitar students - The Guitar Handbook by Ralph Denyer

*** Studio Equipment ***
Lessons in recording studio / basement, internet acess, amps provided (bass and guitar), parents can sit in on lessons

*** Specialties ***
Methods - Guitar: Alternate Picking, Sweep Picking, Fingerpicking, Hybrid Picking, Tapping, Theory/Applied Theory, Strumming Mechanics, Acoustic and Electric Playing, Sight Reading, Tab Reading, Song Teaching, Tone Production

Styles/Genres: Metal, Rock, Pop, Metal, Some Classical, Country, Folk
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George F. passed a background check that includes a SSN verification, national criminal record check, and sex offender registry search. Learn More
George F. delivers an exceptional lesson experience and ranks in the top 15% of our teachers nationwide.
Teaches students:
Ages 8 to 65

Teaching since:
October 2006


The availability listed on the calendar is NOT my FULL availability. Because I am a full-time teacher AND performer, my schedule flexes throughout the year and the hours listed are a limited window of what I may actually have for you. I am very flexible and try to accommodate everyone. Depending on the time of year, I usually have night hours on two days a week and teach on many Saturday mornings / afternoons as well. Click on the 'Ask George F. A Question' button on the right if you have any questions about availability and/or be sure to ask your TakeLessons rep about the schedule as you go option when you set up lessons for the first time so we can find a time that works for both of our schedules!

I've been playing and singing music professionally for about 25 years. As a family man and father of two, I also I earn my living and support my family with music. I have a very student-driven teaching style, work with students of all ages, with focus on helping the student achieve his or her individual goals, small or large. I try to keep the lessons fun but focused at the same time.

I bring a balanced and personalized teaching style to my lessons, based on a well rounded education and wide range of real-world life experience. I have a B.A. in Liberal Arts and have performance experience on many different fronts, from local rock cover bands to Top 40, from acoustic soloist to fronting a nationally touring Metallica tribute.

I come from a musical family - my father is also a pro musician. The biggest thing I've learned as a teacher of guitar, bass and voice is teaching the instrument has only made me a bigger student. The learning process never ends and that is one of the great things about music.

No matter where you are with the instrument - a beginner picking it up for the first time, or a seasoned pro of 10 years that just needs help "putting it together," I believe I can help you to get wherever you want to go.

Regarding availability - make sure to inquire if you don't see a time open that suits you - I am flexible. I perform 4-6 times a week and teach full time. Flex lessons tend to work very well.

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Full Time Private Instructor / Full Time Musician
Apr 2007 - Present
Balanced Entertainment / Furious George H


Bachelor of Arts - Liberal Arts
Jun 1993 - Jun 1998
Cleveland State University
B.A. LIberal Arts
Sep 1993 - May 1998
Cleveland State University


Limited Proficiency

Photos & Videos

Photo taken with my two sons before a performance.

Furious George Trio performing the Charlie Daniels Band - Devil Went Down to Georgia Cleveland's Horseshoe Casino.
Fan shot acoustic performance of Pink Floyd's Wish You Were Here
George Hartwig singing and playing a variety of music on the acoustic guitar - this a promo vid for the George's solo act.
This was a performance of Metallica's 'Wherever I May Roam' at the Fillmore in NYC on St. Patty's Day, 2010 with nationally touring Metallica tribute Battery.  I played the role of James Hetfield in this band from 2009-2011.
This is an original song performance by Katy Speckman (guitar/vocal student) at McCarthy's Strongsville Open Mic on Mondays night hosted by myself. I try to use open mics, esp ones I host, as a platform for my students of all ages to get performance experience in front of live audiences.  This song was written and arranged by Katy, with a little help from me.
Jam from 2008 at an Open Mic I used to host in North Olmsted, OH with one of my students, Dave Dietke, on guitar & myself on bass.  We rock out to SRV's 'Mary Had a LIttle Lamb. This student has become a good friend and we still jam together, trade musical ideas and learn from each other now.
Live performance shot

Live performance shot
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49 Reviews

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Connie Jun 20, 2019
Ukulele · In studio

George is a personable, knowledgeable, and gifted teacher. He can tailor the lessons to fit anyone's needs.

Mike Jun 15, 2019
Singing · In studio

George is an awesome teacher! He makes the lessons fun to learn and easy to understand.

Daniel Feb 12, 2019
Singing · In home

I am a young adult male with no prior singing experience. My time with George has been great. His approach has been methodical and I always go home with a few points to work on for the next session. I have played guitar for a while now and he is able to explain things in guitarists' terms and incorporate that into our work as well. I may be slightly biased since our musical interests seem to overlap fairly well, but I would definitely recommend him to others looking to begin singing or improve their abilities.

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Kyle Feb 11, 2019
Singing · In studio

George is an easy guy to get along with- from the first lesson I felt comfortable. Within a few lessons, there was already a noticeable difference in my ability, but maybe more importantly, my confidence as a performer and I have only continued to grow over the last few months with George. No matter where you are at in your musical journey, George will be understanding and helpful to push you to the next step and levels beyond your expectations. Do yourself a favor a connect with George.

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Jessica Dec 24, 2018
Singing · In home

Teaches in ways I could understand and has made me more confident in not only my voice but my own skin. He is an excellent teacher!!

Robin N. Aug 22, 2018
Guitar · In studio

Great performer and teacher. He helped me with music theory (if anyone can help me understand music theory that's saying something) and even gave me some tips on singing.

Mila Jul 5, 2018
Singing · In studio

George is very knowledgeable and talented in music theory and singing. He's very patient, understanding, and communicates very well. I'd certainly recommend him to anyone who is serious in their music career!

Michael Apr 11, 2018
Acoustic Guitar · In home

I've only taken one lesson, but very good so far. George showed me a good way to hold the pick and to position the guitar and my hands and how to move my wrist. I look forward to more lessons.

Lanette G. Feb 10, 2018
Singing · In home

George is a well-rounded musician and singing instructor. He adapts to the student and makes the lessons fun! He has a good sense of humor, but most of all, whether you want to learn or expand on knowledge of singing or musical instruments, he rocks!!!

Vivake A. Feb 9, 2018
Singing · In studio

George is not just a musician, he's a fantastic teacher! I leave each lesson feeling like I made progress.

Lanette Oct 18, 2017
Singing · In studio

I was extremely nervous about starting singing lessons even though it was something I've always wanted to do. George put me at ease and helped me feel comfortable right from the beginning. He has a great sense of humor and is very down to earth, so my time at my lessons just flies by! I highly recommend George as he is knowledgeable and very competent as a singing/music instructor!! He's awesome!!

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Ay G. Oct 3, 2017
Singing · In studio

Knowledgeable and easy to work with!

Mikey Aug 1, 2017
Singing · In home

Hands down the best singing teacher around. Made me feel very comfortable and catered to all my needs and wishes.

Scott U. May 8, 2017
Singing · In studio

George is an excellent instructor, you will learn a lot from him. He has years of live performance experience and has a vast knowledge of different styles of music. He communicates very well and is a total pro.

Doug Apr 11, 2017
Singing · In studio

George is a great vocals teacher, and focused on proper posture and breathing right at the start to create optimal form and get the most out of my 16 year old daughter's voice. No silly scales--just practical and usable lessons. He really focuses on what my daughter wants to accomplish. Fantastic teacher!

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Doug Apr 11, 2017
Acoustic Guitar · In studio

My 13 year old son has learned more in a handful of lessons with George than in a year and a half of prior instruction with another teacher. George teaches proper technique right away so good habits form from the start. He relates well to kids and makes lessons fun. Great guitar teacher!

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Hannah Nov 8, 2016
Singing · In studio

George is very easy to get along with, great guy and look forward to my future lessons. I know I'll reach my singing goals with George.

Alex Aug 30, 2016
Singing · In studio

George is a wonderful teacher! Not only is he a wealth of experience and knowledge of music/music scene but really taps into what kind of person you are! Quickly identifies what you have and what you need to work and improve on! Awesome person/teacher!

Tina V. Jun 19, 2016
Ukulele · In home

Great first lesson. Clarified answers to questions a I had about reading music and gave me a good bit of info to further my abilities.

Michael W. Jun 15, 2016
Singing · In home

George is extremely knowledgeable and makes sure you are comfortable every step of the way. Good dude and I highly recommend him.

Matt May 31, 2016
Guitar · In studio

George has extensive knowledge of musical theory and is very skilled himself, but he also provides easy to understand teaching that improves my guitar knowledge and skill after each lesson. George has an eye for seeing what I am lacking or good at as a guitarist and meets me where I am in need. George is definitely helping me get to achieve my goals as a musician.

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Joe B. Feb 2, 2016
Guitar · In studio

Great instructor, breaks it down to make sense to those new to music. Has a great selection of songs he can teach.

Tisa M. Jan 27, 2016
Acoustic Guitar · In studio

I am a new guitar player and had taken lessons with another instructor for over a year. I didn't feel like I was progressing well and changed instructors. I am glad I did! I have been working with George and he has helped to fix some bad habits that I had learned. My technique is already improved and and I feel like I am finally progressing. He works with me on what I want to work on and incorporates theory that I need to understand. He is personable and I enjoy working with him.

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Josh B. Jan 16, 2016
Guitar · In home

Really appreciated the thoughtful well-designed lesson. George is awesome!

matt linnevers Dec 29, 2015
Singing · In studio

George is true pro and quickly zeroed in on what, not only my wants, but my needs for becoming a better vocalist encompass. I am very excited to put myself in his hands, work his process, and see the results! I can't wait for my next lesson!

Ray E. Dec 16, 2015
Singing · In studio

Engaging instructor who is concerned about his students and in helping them to achieve their goal (s). He uses very good analogies to explain certain principles of singing. The session was very interesting and I am looking forward to more sessions with George.

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Randy L. Nov 20, 2015
Singing · In home

He's laid back,Very patient,which is what I need,, being just a beginner at 57 years old,,, lol! Confident he'll get me where I need to be...

Greg W. Nov 2, 2015
Ukulele · In home

George is patient, knowledgeable, and flexible with lesson times.

All in all a great teacher for beginners and experts alike!

David K. Oct 13, 2015
Ukulele · In studio

First lesson was great! Learned exactly what I wanted (improvisation) and left with very achievable goals in the homework that I was given. Can't wait till the next lesson!

Kaiwei S. Oct 5, 2015
Singing · In studio

He makes very customized class for individual student in terms of your interest and your current level of skill. Taking his lesson is a very enjoyable experience for me. He made his lesson very interesting and relaxing, in the meanwhile, he covers sufficient material. He is very knowledgeable about music academics, however, you NEVER feel like it is in classroom where you want to escape from. I'm not a music-major student, however, music is my life hobby and it's everywhere in my life. And trust me, he is absolutely NOT a interest killer. In his place, I feel like in a peaceful area where really match my aura. At the same time, I am an academical person, I intend to understand things from their roots, and he is always capable of explaining in very professional way. So, no matter what kind of person you are, he would always love to switch to the mode that best fitting you.

Also, he explained everything very detailed and very patient about your questions. And he made every-week schedule very flexible to your varying schedule. Everything is just perfect for me. BEST teacher EVER!

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Akhila S. Sep 24, 2015
Singing · In home

George is fantastic at empowering you to figure out how to harness your unique style and abilities. He is easy to work with, encouraging, and flexible. He is easy to get along with too - it can be hard to stay on task! 😄 Overall, I highly recommend him. I have seen great technical improvements in myself in a very short time.

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Chelsea B. Jul 21, 2015
Singing · In home

He knows his stuff. Plain and simple. He's very busy but makes time for his students :) Very kind, patient, and understanding. I would recommend him to anyone who wants singing lessons! ^^

Ron A. Jul 15, 2015
Music Performance · In home

George was knowledgeable and thorough. I believe he can help me improve my overall performance.

Jj M. Jun 20, 2015
Singing · In studio

George is a very nice instructor and goes to the speed that works best for you. He is very well educated when it comes not just to singing, but to music in general. He always works around schedules to fit what works best for you. I would completely recommend him!

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Molly Vanek V. Jun 2, 2015
Ukulele · In studio

I had five lessons with George and really feel like I know the basics of the Ukulele. He went at my own pace and had tremendous patience. I would highly recommend George for anybody who would like to learn an instrument or increase their ability.

Sidd A. Mar 26, 2015
Classical Guitar · In studio

Very knowledgable, easy to establish rapport, and great teacher with great resources.

Dave C. Feb 22, 2015
Singing · In studio

I really enjoy taking singing and guitar lessons from George. He always makes me feel comfortable and the lessons are always interesting and informative.

I am a 61 year old guy that just wants to have fun playing and singing with other people and during our lesson George makes me feel like I am singing and playing with a friend. I started out with a 45 minute lesson but increased it to an hour so that I could record a video of a summary of my lesson on my cell phone.

It is very easy to schedule a lesson with George. I have an appointment every 2 weeks at the same time and day of the week. I leave each lesson with a lesson plan so that I can practice the technique before my next lesson.
I highly recommend George.

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Eric A. Dec 5, 2014
Singing · In studio

I've been a guitar player for many years, but was never confident enough to sing to myself, let alone in front of friends and never in public.

I found George here at "Take Lessons" and had the objective of becoming competent enough to be able to sing in front of friends and family, this was not a quest for stardom.

After 4 or 5 sessions with George he has certainly assured me that I can carry a tune, and we are working on expanding the range as I develop confidence that I really can do this. Even now, he tells me, I could hold my own at an open mike night, Even though that is not what I am looking for, he is a great confidence builder and is willing to tailor the lessons to the areas of interest to me.

He provides an environment where it is safe to expose your weaknesses. He provides the safety net to not be embarrassed, and the instruction and encouragement needed to polish the rough spots into something that is really quite comfortable.

We have a ways to go, however, George has already provided a great boost for my confidence, and I'm satisfied that he is going to lead me to a much broader range of material that I can confidently perform in front of even strangers.

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Ruby C. Dec 1, 2014

He motivates and inspires my daughter with her singing lessons. He's also flexible with schedules.

Beverly M. Dec 1, 2014

George is amazing! My grandson Alex and george made an instant connection! Very pleased with the teaching method.. George is very good with children.

Douglas D. Dec 1, 2014

George is doing a great job. Lindsay is really enjoying her lessons and learning a lot!

Scott S. Dec 1, 2014

Makes learning fun...

George is a very passionate instructor. He has a wealth of musical knowledge and is very supportive and open to my needs as a budding guitar player. Check him out, it'll be worth it.

Russ H. Dec 1, 2014

I think George is an excellent teacher. He's patient and goes over the material until the student understands it.He reviews the previous lessons and gives the student enough work to complete for the next week. I would highly recommend George for students of any level.

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Chris B. Oct 6, 2014
Singing · In studio

Easily the best music teacher I have ever worked with!

I have been taking lessons with George for a few months now and it has been great! He is very knowledgeable, conveys the material very clearly, and is super easy to get along with. My favorite part though is how much he has been able to structure lessons to my individual goals and after each lesson I really feel like I am closer to reaching those goals. I also don’t have the most teacher friendly schedule and he is great at finding time to get me in. I would absolutely recommend him to students of any age, background, or genre interest!

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Jennifer T. Sep 9, 2014
Classical Guitar · In studio

My daughter has been taking guitar lessons with George for several months now. George is very accommodating to our schedules. My daughter enjoys her lesson time and always comes home with new materials to work on. I would recommend George to anyone who is interested in the guitar.

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Josh A. May 22, 2014
Singing · In studio

I'm thrilled to have George. What a help! You don't have to worry about being perfect or proving yourself, wherever you are at he's encouraging and helps you take the next step- and it's built around your needs, too. He's not trying to make you into whatever you technically should be, but rather, tailors it to your goals in your situation to make you best as possible- with legit music understanding and skill. George is the man, I highly recommend him!

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Kimberly K. Nov 22, 2013
Guitar ·


I have been working with George for over 10 months now and I am very glad that I chose George to be my instructor. I signed up for singing and guitar lessons with him. I have a more musical background with singing than I did with guitar. I came into my first lesson with my dads old acoustic guitar (which I am still using now) without any experience. We started from scratch and now I already know so much about guitar. I also know more about music theory and building your own keys to fit your voice and ability. I have aspirations of becoming a professional musician and without learning from George I wouldn't have pushed myself to become as confident in myself as I am now. If you are ready to learn an instrument or fine tune your voice, George is your guy! Very nice and really wants the people that he teaches to succeed. I recommend him to anyone who really wants to work hard and learn.

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Jonathan K. May 3, 2013
Singing ·

Very solid & versatile teacher

In my first few lessons, George has been a top-notch instructor that caters to my needs. As a beginner singer, but fairly advanced musician, he prepared me for a gig in 2 weeks time by providing the perfect blend of individualized instruction and a crash course in important fundamentals that lay the right foundation and create good habits.

He's well-versed in all kinds of music, and capable of teaching a wide variety of people, evidenced by his diverse background and clientele.

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Todd N. Nov 8, 2012

Super knowledgable and professional

As an already somewhat advanced, although self-taught, player, I was looking for a teacher who could really help me get my technique in shape. I was also looking to expand my horizons and learn more sophisticated tapping and alternate picking techniques. George is the guy for exactly this. He is professional, competent (you really have to be able to play the stuff to teach it, it seems to me), and obviously has a lot of experience with teaching. In addition, he has a huge collection of the type of materials that make practicing at home a rewarding experience. If you are into some of the way more advanced soloing styles of rock and metal and want to be able to really kick some, George is the guy to call. He's also a very cool guy to boot.

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