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Genevieve T.
Riverside, Illinois
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LEARN and PLAY CELLO 🎻 with Touring String Quartet Cellist!
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Having 20+ years of playing experience, and 10+ years of professional experienced cello teaching, I feel very comfortable helping my students understand the foundations of cello technique. My lessons are structured very clearly with some technique work at the beginning, whether it be scales or a study, followed by a piece or work we’ll work on together to finish off the lesson. In addition, I send each of my students off with their very own practice regiment and practice journal/log ✍️, that they can use to track their own progress throughout their week, keep track of their assignments, and lastly, write out any comments or questions that come up in between lessons. I also share music and other supplemental materials to my students when possible in these practice regiments, so that they do not always have to purchase it or search for it themselves :) I’m happy to help and guide my students however they need it :) Here’s some more background on me: I graduated with a Bachelors of Music from the music conservatory Cleveland Institute of Music, and got my Masters in Music from Northwestern University's Bienen School of Music. In addition, I completed a 2 year rigorous Suzuki Technique Pedagogy Program where I am now certified to teach all 10 levels of the cello books. I am confident in explaining any questions a student may have. I love to make practicing a game, so that way we are developing the proper skills but also challenging ourselves while having fun! Even I can understand that practicing can get tiresome and dull at times! As a traveling musician who has performed all over the world, I feel it is important for students to appreciate all types of music. While classical training and technique are absolutely crucial to the beginning stages of a student's development, I like to show the student how their skills can be integrated into other styles of music as they develop. I am in a string quartet, called ATLYS, where we play a variety of genres and styles of music from classical to traditional to folk to rock. All music is connected and I love how my students can see this connection and start to use their skills to be a part of that bigger picture.
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I am a professional cellist, skilled in all solo, chamber, and orchestra settings. My playing has invited me into the top ranking music festivals in the world including Tanglewood Music Center, Aspen Music Festival, Music Academy of the West, and many others. These opportunities have led me to perform with the New York Philharmonic. Since then, I have traveled and performed around the world with my string quartet, ATLYS! Growing up, I studied with a Philadelphia Orchestra cellist, who prepared me for conservatory auditions. After being accepted into all 7 universities and conservatories I applied (including the Juilliard School) I decided to go to the Cleveland Institute of Music where I got my Bachelors of Music in cello performance. I studied with the former principal cellist of the Cleveland Orchestra, as well as one of the best Suzuki pedagogues in the country. This is where I got my Suzuki Certification in all 10 levels of cello books after completing a 2 year year rigorous Suzuki pedagogy program. Then, I got a Masters in Music in cello performance from Northwestern University's Bienen School of Music studying with one of the most internationally renowned cello professors in the world, who has shaped me into the musician I am today. In my second year at Northwestern, I won a fellowship, covering my full tuition and acceptance into The Civic Orchestra of Chicago. This is the apprentice orchestra under the Chicago Symphony. We worked with all the conductors and many artists that came in to play with the symphony, including Yo Yo Ma, who was the creative consultant for the Civic Orchestra at the time and got to work with him 4 or 5 times a year! I now work and perform in the string quartet ATLYS, with which we've represented Lincoln Center in New York City. We have traveled around the world playing crossover music, where we play arrangements of pop, jazz, folk, traditional, rock, indie, alternative, rap, and of course, the forever-beautiful, classical quartets, as well. Due to my playing background, I have learned to play extended techniques on the cello and learned different styles of playing, like percussive chopping patterns, to Celtic jigs and reels, to cool jazzy bass lines. I think this is a fun unique quality that I can add to a student's cello development. ATLYS has gotten opportunities to play on stage with Oprah Winfrey, performed at the Oslo Freedom Forum in Norway, and performed on the biggest US amphitheaters with EDM artist Seven Lions, at Red Rocks in Colorado, and the Gorge, in Washington. ATLYS has worked closely with Seven Lions to put out an album titled OPUS, featuring fully acoustic strings on Seven Lions’ music available on all streaming platforms. In addition to the work I do with ATLYS, I also record tracks to music and film regularly. In fact, one of my biggest recording projects was placed in the Hollywood blockbuster film, ‘Heart of Champions’ which aired in theatres Nov 2021. I have begun to learn more about remote recording techniques when recording at home, both with my quartet and individually. This has opened a lot of doors for ATLYS and myself. I am happy to help out with giving advice about recording yourself, as well!

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