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Miami, FL
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100% Satisfaction Guarantee

100% Satisfaction Guarantee

Try the first lesson and if you’re not satisfied we'll refund any unused lessons.
100% Satisfaction Guarantee

100% Satisfaction Guarantee

Try the first lesson and if you’re not satisfied we'll refund any unused lessons.

Music Performance Lessons

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Levels taught:
Beginner, Intermediate
I will teach you concert etiquette and how to present yourself as a performer in a classical and/or jazz setting

About Frixos P.

Frixos states that his love for music probably started before he was born. “I’m pretty sure the Motown sounds my mother loved to listen and move to permeated to me through her.” Add to that his exposure to different ethnic sounds like Greek (his origins) folklore and contemporary music, Portuguese Fado (his birthplace and early childhood), Italian Bel Canto and modern pop, American Jazz, Afro, etc. and it’s easy to see how music helped shape Frixos’ passion. Each had an influence on him, “as they were incessantly played by my parents,” Frixos adds. “In fact it would be safe to say that music was the predominant form of entertainment at home."

By the age of seven, Frixos started to frequent a music school where he was introduced to percussion instruments. Soon after, he took on classical guitar based on the UK Royal Academy of Music curriculum. A couple of years later in 1998, Frixos found his true calling … music composition, Jazz and the Saxophone. Frixos’ purple tenor sax goes everywhere he goes!

“Part of my love for the Saxophone is rooted in this instrument’s versatility for improvisation.” Moving into music composition seemed a natural course for Frixos to follow, culminating in his graduation in 2013 with a University of Florida Music Composition BA from The New World School of the Arts in Miami.

“I was fortunate to be selected to play in various collegiate and other Jazz bands and be mentored by great jazz performers and educators.” Among them was Ed Calle, twice nominated for the Latin Grammy Award; Joe Donato, one of the most active and innovative musicians working in the field of jazz who has performed with many of the greats including Dizzy Gillespie, Art Blakey, Carmen McRae, Nina Simone, Jack Jones, and Arturo Sandoval; Rafael Valencia where “I was honored to play for his Latin Jazz Big Band” says Frixos; the wonderful pianist Jim Gasior who has played with Ed Calle, Wendy Pedersen, Fernando Ulibarri and Aaron Lebos; the published and well decorated guitarist Dr. Mike Di Liddo, to name a few.

Of course there were lesser known people that had a profound influence on Frixos for which he makes it a point to say that he is “eternally grateful”. He adds, “My passion for composing was further affirmed thanks to Dr. Susan Epstein Garcia who showed me that there’s no limit to musical expression.” Dr. Ferdinando De Sena brought Frixos another dimension through his teachings of electronic music.

Frixos seeks to create variety in his compositions, by using worldly rhythms and sounds expressed through a multitude of instrumental expressions to create his own unique contemporary sound. “I look for connections between different music genres, from classical, rock, pop, funk, reggae, fusion, jazz etc. These connections are what I bring to my music” continues Frixos.

In October 2007 Frixos released his first CD titled “Cause Frixion” which was dedicated to fund-raising for The Epilepsy Foundation of Florida. This album included a tune he wrote earlier that year called “Freedom”. Other works have been published more recently on the internet, namely cdbaby, iTunes etc. and are played on internet radio stations.

Frixos continues to perform gigs with different musicians and bands in venues around the Miami and Ft. Lauderdale area, including recording sessions for Fourth Dimension and others. He plays multiple instruments including alto, soprano and tenor sax, flute and keyboards. His performances comprise events at the renowned Van Dyke Café on Lincoln Road; Avenue D; Crescendo Jazz and Blues Lounge; Churchill’s Pub, a bastion for local musicians; Tobacco Road, the oldest music bar in Miami; Blue Jean Blues in Ft. Lauderdale where Al Kanovsky for The South Florida Jazz Scene wrote on October 15 2012, “They continued, raucously on, with everybody, musicians and audience having fun. A young man walked in, sax case in hand. Joe (Donato) invited him up to jam. What can I say. His name is Frixos, (yes it's right) and this kid can blow.”

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  • Speaks English, some Portuguese, some Greek, Some Spanish
  • Teaches Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced
  • Teaching since 2010

Reviews (50)

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Filipe A. Jan 27, 2020
Saxophone · Online

Carmela A. Jan 26, 2020
Saxophone · Online

Melissa Dec 11, 2019

i learned to play ornithology

junwei Nov 6, 2019
Saxophone · Online

Jonathan D. Nov 5, 2019
Saxophone · Online

Frixos was a terrific teacher for my son (now 12) and my daughter (now 14). He worked with them once per week for about two years, when my son finished 5th grade and my daugher was finishing 6th grade. He helped my son get started and learn the alto sax from scratch, and helped get my daugher on track, and correct her many mistakes. In short, both my kids made the top band in middle school at the end of their 6th grade years. My daugher was the top alto sax in her middle school by middle of 7th grade, and my son by the end of 6th grade. The both had a blast with their instruments, and the worked with them on the scales, and playing various genres of music including jazz. Their understanding of music was far beyond most of their classes, and they enjoyed their class time with him, and got to know a person that spend their entire life and professional career in the music business. In addition to Alto Sax lessons, he worked with the kids to learn music studio tools and play keyboard. After two years, we had to stop the lessons, due to financial constraints, but Frixos was like family to us, and I would highly recommond him to anyone without hesitation. He's a great guy!

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Michael S. Oct 31, 2019
Piano · In home

minor scales on the piano

mike Oct 26, 2019
Piano · In home

good jazz tutor

Melissa Oct 16, 2019
Saxophone · Online

learned something new

Aditi Jun 28, 2019
Saxophone · Online

Frixos is really focused and tries to get the best out of the student.

Filipe A. Jun 27, 2019
Saxophone · Online

Frixos is very professional and attentive. The classes are proficient and fun. Thank you!

Irene M. Jun 17, 2019
Saxophone · Online

Filipe A. Jun 17, 2019
Saxophone · Online

Hendrix May 5, 2019
Saxophone · Online

Really good

Troy B. Apr 5, 2019
Saxophone · Online

Very good first session!

Paula M. Feb 14, 2019
Piano · Online

I am very pleased with Frixos. Frixos encourages as he instructs, and is very much to the point with what needs to be done. Frixos gives students the chance to advance quickly. I would recommend Frixos for intermediate age children.

Melissa Jan 30, 2019
Saxophone · Online

learning to do solos. very cool and good teacher

Melissa Jan 16, 2019
Saxophone · Online

cool. best teacher

Ramona A. Jan 9, 2019
Saxophone · Online

Great instructor!

Javier Jan 7, 2019
Saxophone · Online

Frisos is an excellent teacher. I like his approach to develop technique early in the development of the student. Our daughter has improved a lot since we started with him.

Melissa Dec 19, 2018
Saxophone · Online

cool beans i like turtles

Melissa Dec 5, 2018
Saxophone · Online

So good. learning to do a solo

Melissa Oct 31, 2018
Saxophone · Online

Awesome!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Making so much progress. Lots of stuff I didn't know I now Know!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!:):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):)

Melissa Oct 24, 2018
Saxophone · Online

Another great lesson!!!

illia Oct 20, 2018
Saxophone · Online

Great first class!

Melissa Oct 17, 2018
Saxophone · Online

Awesome lesson. Am improving

zicheng Oct 13, 2018
Saxophone · Online

very nice

Wyatt Oct 3, 2018
Saxophone · Online

Another great lesson!

Javier Velez Sep 27, 2018
Saxophone · Online

Excellent teacher. Very patient and focused. Highly recommendable.

Melissa Sep 17, 2018
Saxophone · Online


Anthony Jul 23, 2018
Piano · Online

Frixos demonstrates an expert understanding of music theory. He adapts to different learning styles with ease no matter what your level may be. I highly recommend taking time out of your day to spend at least an hour with him if you have not had an opportunity to find answers to any of your musical questions. Frixos will leave you with a new found desire to discover music in a new way every lesson. Highly recommended.

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Jonathan D. Jul 16, 2018
Saxophone · Online

ryan my son (11) thinks Frixos is an awesome teacher.

Ryan P. Jun 26, 2018
Saxophone · Online

Frixos did an excellent job with my son Ryan. It was Ryan's very first saxaphone lesson today, and he is excited and really enjoyed the lesson Frixos provided materials to study, was very patient, and Ryan made excellent progress for his very first lesson. We will be signing up our daughter with him later this week.

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Amy Jun 7, 2018
Saxophone · Online

Frixos is a great teacher. He is very patient and knowledgeable. He worked with my son for an audition and was able to correct the problems right away. My son's audition went really well.

Gloria Schell May 13, 2018
Saxophone · Online

He is a great instructor

Matthew May 10, 2018
Saxophone · Online

He is very enthusiastic and a great instructor. My son love his classes.

Devin W. Nov 20, 2017
Saxophone · Online

Frixos is very nice and patience. I learned a lot in 3 lessons. Would be better if I can see more of his screen on when showing finger positioning. Defnitely reccomend him.

Benjamin Oct 17, 2017
Piano · Online

My son was extremely nervous about the first lesson, but Frixos allowed him to show what he already knows regarding the piano, which made him more comfortable. Frixos also picked up in the book right where my son left off with his last teacher. My son enjoyed it a lot. He's excited about the next lesson.

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Evan T. May 22, 2017
Piano · Online

My first lesson today was explained clearly and detailed.

vanessa Mar 9, 2017
Saxophone · Online

My lessons are going very well! Great instructor!

Vanessa Feb 8, 2017
Saxophone · Online

Frixos is a great teacher. He makes sure you understand music theory before getting into to anything else which will make you a better player in the long run. Very patient and flexible.

Coretta W. Feb 6, 2017
Saxophone · Online

The first review was incorrect sorry.. Mr. Frixos is by far a great teacher. He teaches my daughter the saxophone. He is very kind, patient and really enjoys what he teach you can see that passion and how dedicated he is in teaching. I give him a 5 star because he explains it not only to my daughter but to me as well so I can help her. We enjoy his lessons and he has a great price for the time he teaches I recommend Mr. Frixos because of his knowledge and dedication to this field. He is a fantastic teacher.

I am still a little stiff with the computer so sorry for the earlier post that was incorrect you are more than a 1 star Mr. Frixos.

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Coretta Feb 6, 2017
Saxophone · Online

Mr. Frixos is very patient, helpful and knowledgable on what he teaches. My daughter is excited to work with him. I give him a 5 because he keeps the parent informed about what lessons he is working on with my daughter and what he expects her to work on. He explains everything even to me so I can assist my daughter.
Thanks Mr. Frixos you are wonderful. Great personality!

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Coretta W. Feb 5, 2017
Saxophone · Online

Terrence G. Feb 1, 2017
Piano · Online

Frixos is very friendly and helpful. It's clear that music is an important part of his life. He's very encouraging and helped me progress quickly.

Holly G. Jan 29, 2017
Saxophone · Online

Irina is having a wonderful Saxophone experience with Frixos and I am very happy with Irina's progress.

Jorge D. Dec 31, 2016
Saxophone · Online

Frixos is a great instructor, extremely patient, and provides great feedback all the time. He mixes music theory, scales, and songs from movies. He plays very well and enjoys teaching. I was a bit reluctant to take online classes but Frixos makes it easy and fun! I am happy with all the things he is teaching me!!

Show More
Liesl M. Nov 11, 2016
Saxophone · Online

Matthew S. Nov 9, 2016
Saxophone · Online

Matthew is very happy in the Saxophone class. The instructor is very nice and there is a great chemistry between my son and Mr. Frixos.

Nataliya Sep 26, 2016
Saxophone · Online

Frixos is a great instructor and a musician. It took me a while to find him. I think I've listen to every instuctor's video on this site before I made my choice. What made me chose him, as my teacher, was his passionate and creative style of playing. I believe a sax sound without emotion is a waste of this instrument. Unfortunately, very many musicians have a great technique but their music doesn't have an emotional/passionate story behind it. Well, Frixos had that and it helped me make my decision. As an instructor, he goes an extra mile to make sure I have all the support I need and beyond. He is thorough, responsible, and so much fun to work with!!! What he charges for the quality of service he provides is a "joke". So my recommendation to those who look for a teacher: take this great opportunity, let HIM teach you, and you won't regret!!! :)
P.S. I have no doubts that for as long as he is my instructor, I WILL learn how to play and be very good at it!

Show More
Carla May 3, 2016
Saxophone · In studio

Frixos is a first class saxophone player and a spectacular teacher. He impresses me with his patience and enthusiasm. He has had so much training playing saxophone with some of the best professional players in South Florida! His skills will blow you out of the water and his teaching methods are phenomenal. Apart from that, he is a natural people person, and really cares about his students. He is really a one-of-a-kind person and teacher, and it goes without saying that I recommend him.

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Film Scoring and Game Audio
Jan 2016 - Present

FrixosP Audio


Bachelor of Music in Music Composition
Aug 2009 - Dec 2013

New World School of the Arts College

Aug 2006 - Jul 2012

Miami Dade College


English, some Portuguese, some Greek, Some Spanish

Fluent / Native Proficiency


Berklee Online
Dec 2015

Film Scoring, Orchestration, and Game Audio


Epilepsy Foundation Award
Oct 2007

Raising $10,000 by producing and selling a dedicated CD

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