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Music Director of the Chicago Philharmonia Orchestra from1985 to 2002, Farobag has also served as Managing Director of the University of Chicago Performing Artists Series from 1989 through 2002 and principal conductor of its resident professional ensembles. A skilled interpreter of Baroque literature as well, Farobag continues in his capacity as Artistic Advisor to the Baroque Masterplayers, a virtuoso ensemble that concatenates period performance techniques with modern instruments thus creating a unique voice within the realm of 17th and 18th- century repertoire. A double graduate of the Eastman School of Music and the University of Rochester, Farobag studied under Anastasia Jempelis, a pioneer of Suzuki violin pedagogy in the United States. In addition to the Suzuki curriculum, he is also associated with the Royal Conservatory Music Development Program that sets a national standard of musical achievement in various fields. Befitting his penchant for encouraging artistic interest amongst younger members of his community, Farobag is also the principal conductor of the Zoroastrian Symphony Orchestra that offers a unique mixture of young and seasoned professionals sitting side-by-side in a strictly professional setting. Since the year 2000, the ZSO has staged highly successful performances at various venues in Houston, Chicago, Toronto and Los Angeles. Having also taken graduate-level coursework in educational psychology, mathematics, and philosophy at the University of Chicago, Farobag offers tutelage in various areas of elementary and secondary education as well as in SAT, ACT and GRE test preparation. Additionally, as a certified Reiki Master, therapeutic and/or educational sessions are also extended to those who may be inclined to alternative healing techniques. *** A Sanctuary for Prodigies *** Sheer technique is necessary but insufficient to play an instrument well. Aural skills, that include the study of functional tonality and voice-leading are important factors that impart musicality. This is of great import if the prospective musician wants the audience to truly enjoy his or her performance ! Whether it be the 3 Rs or preparation in the performing arts, a remarkable instructor must go well beyond the subject matter at hand and help imbue the student with a spirit of wonder that, in due time, will foster enthusiasm necessary for excellence. A child emulates and learns to communicate in his or her mother-tongue through a supporting and nurturing environment. Likewise, a student needs to be sufficiently motivated to embrace learning in a familiar supportive manner. *** Studio Equipment *** The In-Studio lesson take place in the living room. Driveway parking. No pets. *** Travel Equipment *** None; I do expect a reasonably good piano / keyboard at a student's home. *** Specialties *** Traditional and Suzuki-based education. Performance and musicality training is open to all instrumentalists. *** CD's*** Classical Energy, Triton Sound, TS 8501 Salut D'Amour, Triton Sound, TS 9014 Epiphanies1, The Halford Company

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Excellent, kind, patient, and insightful teacher. I would highly recommend him. I took cello lessons from him and benefitted greatly.

Posted Jan 13, 2023
Teacher's Studio

Started Violin with Farobag for my 9 year old. 8 months and we are looking at completing Suzuki Book 1. He focuses on musicality, ear and not just the rote which is very good. He is very patient and guides my kid on techniques based on how he is playing. He modifies difficulty to suit what my kid can do i.e. we started doing dyads and ornaments and my kid picked it up quickly. Overall this has been a great experience and we can hear the difference in his playing.

Posted Jan 13, 2023
Teacher's Studio

My 10 year old son has been taking lessons from him for a year. He is highly knowledgeable, patient, and encouraging. On top of systematically working his way through the Suzuki books he encourages my son to play by ear other songs that interest him. My son finds this very motivating and he's becoming a more accurate musical player every day and enjoying the process thanks to a great teacher. Highly recommend!!

Posted Dec 27, 2022