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Elyse K.

Sugar Land, TX

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Elyse delivers an exceptional lesson experience and ranks in the top 15% of our teachers nationwide.
Teaches students:
Ages 7+ and special needs

Teaching since:
July 2007

Who has music and teaching as their biggest passion?

See below... :)

Hello, Parents & Students!
My name is Elyse (the answer is me!), and I teach a wide array of great (mainly musical) things! Thank you for checking out my page!
A few key points to know about me:
*I graduated from Kent State University (Kent, OH) in December, 2009, with my Bachelor of Music in Music Education degree (Magna cum Laude).
*I’ve taught music in small ensembles and marching band camps since July, 2007.
*I taught from 2010-2016 in the Texas Public Schools as a General Music teacher/Choir Director.
*I taught theatre for one year.
*I am a VERY enthusiastic, fun-loving teacher who enjoys laughter and bringing smiles to my students.
*I structure our lessons in such a way that we have fun while remaining on track.
*The Clarinet was my instrument of study in college.
*RANDOM: I love to read, sing, and listen to music, I love cats, chocolate, and my family/friends. Pink is my favorite color, and Hanson is my favorite band!
*My most recent new student, after his second lesson, asked if he could take piano more than once a week because “it’s so fun!” 😊

—If you're going to make a mistake, make a loud one!

-My students know (I make sure of this) right off the bat that it's okay to make mistakes! My philosophy is: YOU make mistakes. Mistakes don't make YOU. We fix them together, and we learn together. Also: never apologize for making a mistake; that is why we’re working together and you’re practicing at home!

***Teaching Style***
-I'm definitely a fun-loving, outgoing person.
-My teaching style is tailored to each of my students;
-I try to think-outside-the-box as much as possible and utilize creativity.
-I talk as little as possible in lessons; my goal is for the student to play as much as possible. With beginners, I may have to talk a bit more.
-I often model for the student what they should do: example: middle c position on the piano.
-If seeing ME isn’t enough for my visual learners, I will utilize a video clip.
-For my tactile learners, sometimes I have to move their fingers into position myself.
-For my sound learners, I will play or sing a pitch, show them the slide position or fingering to that note, and have them try to match it by ear.
-I also question my students.
-I have many other techniques as well.
-I am VERY much pro Positive Reinforcement!

*** Lesson Details ***
-I am NOT a rigid teacher; I am pretty relaxed.
-Although I am relaxed, I AM very adamant about practicing between lessons - no matter what type of instrument you/your child may be learning. It is the only way to improve. :)
-We will ALWAYS begin with a warm-up, we may/may not move into rhythm exercises, possible ear training, music theory, and the music.
-The list of all that I teach is on my page, but I teach all wind instruments (woodwind/brass), piano, and voice. I also teach acting techniques and improvisation skills.
-I am VERY flexible where scheduling is concerned.

***Student Responsibilities:***
-Daily practice is strongly recommended. It is important and necessary for steady progress.
-For piano lessons, students should have neat, clean, trimmed nails at every lesson.
-Students should bring water to voice lessons.
-Reed players should ensure they have working/non-cracked reeds.
-Brass players should ensure all valves/slides are oiled/greased.
-Students must be prepared for each lesson.
-Always have a pencil (not a pen).

***Parents’ Responsibilities:***
-Parents should remain until their child’s lesson is complete.
-Parents should regularly check and support the student’s practice routine.

*** Studio Equipment ***
-One Yamaha keyboard w/pedal; space for parents to sit and observe lessons.
-Music stand
-Square chairs to sit on

IMPORTANT NOTE: My home, where my studio is located, is inhabited by four very sweet cats. Keep this in mind when you plan to sign up for lessons. :)

I so look forward to hearing from you!!

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Teacher/Private Lesson Instructor
Sep 2017 - Present
Century Fine Arts

I teach Music Theory I, which is a beginner’s class. We work (and play games) with note durations, rhythm, counting, time signatures, reading the notes of the treble/bass staffs, solfége/hand signs, singing syllables, ear training and much more!
Childrens’ Theatre is another group in which I am involved. I actually co-instruct this class. We make sure that the kids are made aware of their body movements through various exercises, we explore enunciation through tongue twisters, we play various improvisation games such as tempo walking through “materials,” telling a story using different emotions, etc. Currently, we are working on a production!
I also teach private lessons. Right now, I teach only the instruments that are either at the studio or that I own: Clarinet, Alto Saxophone, Flute, Oboe, Trumpet, Piano, and Voice. I do, however, teach all wind instruments, so if a student was interested in learning to play the trombone, I would try my hardest to get my hands on one.
I am always 100% dedicated to my kiddos! :)

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Aug 2015 - May 2016

I was the Choir Director for 8th grade students. I coordinated their Winter program as well as took a section of them caroling for the Veterans at the VA hospital. I also sponsored a Glee Club. I also taught a Theatre Arts class with a mixed group of 6-7-8th graders.

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Jan 2015 - Sep 2015
Music Lessons of Pearland

I taught private music lessons to several students of varying instruments/voice.

Aug 2013 - Jun 2014

I was an Assistant Choir Director/Music Teacher for grades 5-6. I also assisted the Special Needs students.

Aug 2010 - Jun 2013

I was a K-4 General Music teacher. I held various programs for each grade. The students learned to sing in different languages, and they learned different dances to correlate, also. Selected students from the 4th grade would perform in the 4th grade All-City Choir each year. Students from other grades were prepared for and performed for various community events. The 4th graders were taught to play the recorder. I attended an Artie Almeida workshop, and all grades were exposed to Orff instruments.

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Band Camp Instructor - Clarinets
Jul 2007 - Jul 2010
Bedford City Schools

Each summer, for three years, I was the teacher for clarinet sectionals for the Bedford High School Marching Bearcats. I taught them their music for pre game and halftime, as well as assisting them with their marching fundamentals. The students had to memorize their music, so I assisted them with that task, as well. I also fixed broken instruments.

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Bachelor of Music - Music Education
Aug 2005 - Dec 2009
Kent State University


Fluent / Native Proficiency
Limited Proficiency
Limited Proficiency


PK-12 Teaching Licensure
Apr 2011
Texas Education Agency (TEA)

I am able to teach Music to ages PK-12 in the state of Texas.


Teacher of the Year Nominee
May 2011
Dean's List
Dec 2009
Kent State University
Magna cum Laude
Dec 2009
Kent State University
Dean's List
May 2009
Kent State University
Dean's List
Dec 2008
Kent State University
Dean's List
May 2008
Kent State University
Dean's List
Dec 2007
Kent State University
Marching Band Scholarship
Aug 2007
Kent State University
Dean's List
May 2007
Kent State University
Dean's List
Dec 2006
Kent State University
Eddie Teener Calabrese Memorial Scholarship
Dec 2006
Kent State University/Calabrese Family
Marching Band Scholarship
Aug 2006
Kent State University
Dean's List
May 2006
Kent State University
Dean's List
Dec 2005
Kent State University
Marching Band Scholarship
Aug 2005
Kent State University
Dean's List
Dec 2003
Ohio University
Kent Bound Scholarship
Jun 2003
Lorain Admiral King High School


Texas Music Educators Association
Aug 2010

Begun in 1920 as the Texas Band Teachers Association, the Texas Music Educators Association is an organization of over 10,000 school music educators dedicated to promoting excellence in music education. TMEA is comprised of five divisions: Band, Orchestra, Vocal, Elementary and College. On behalf of its members and Texas schoolchildren, TMEA carefully monitors the actions of all state decision-making bodies on issues affecting fine arts instruction in Texas. In addition to many member benefits, TMEA offers professional development opportunities for its members with Region workshops and especially with its annual Clinic/Convention. TMEA supports the future of music education by offering scholarships to music education majors and by sponsoring the Texas Future Music Educators, an organization through which high school students interested in careers in music education learn more about what to expect in their college education and future careers.

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Delta Omicron
Dec 2007

Delta Omicron is a co-ed international professional music honors fraternity whose mission is to promote and support excellence in music and musicianship.

Kappa Kappa Psi
Mar 2006

Founded on the campus of Oklahoma State University on November 27, 1919, Kappa Kappa Psi is a guiding light with which band students can grow, learn, and develop themselves and their band programs. Kappa Kappa Psi is an organization of opportunity and quality, brimming with historic, well-developed leadership and membership programming that students use to become great leaders, better band members and better adapted young adults prepared for what lies ahead of them.

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Photos & Videos

This is a BIG chunk of my teaching philosophy!

Conducting my 6th grade Choir in 2013.

With my clarinet!
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16 Reviews

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Royce Q. Mar 5, 2018
Piano · In home

She is good!

Aiman E. Feb 2, 2018
Piano · In home

My kids loved Elyse!

Abdullah Dec 4, 2017
Piano · In home

My son has had 5 sessions with Elyse which he has enjoyed very much. She is professional and caring. My son looks forward to his piano lessons every week.

Allie Sep 12, 2017
Piano · In home

Miss Elyse is FUN and so funny! My lessons with her go by too fast. She gives me really good practice tips about playing hands apart, then slowly adding them together. Miss Elyse got me to use my metronome the right way, too. My music is fun too.

Clayton Jul 18, 2017
Trombone · In studio

Very friendly and worked well with my son on his very first lesson

Lily Jan 14, 2017
Clarinet · In home

Elyse is a good teacher. She is very nice and very patient. My 8-year-old likes her clarinet lessons.

Austin Oct 28, 2016
Saxophone · In home

Elyse taught me a few years ago when I was going to try out for my school's jazz band. She was real helpful in helping me select reeds to change my sound and even pointed me in the right direction of jazzier mouthpieces to try. Our lessons were lots of fun, especially when she taught me how to improvise.

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Anna Oct 25, 2016
Clarinet · In studio

Elyse is a wonderful teacher. She is very flexible when we need to change lessons and is very easy to work with. Her doors of communication are always open - even to ask questions about lesson material after hours! My daughter greatly looks forward to her lessons with Elyse every week. She is highly encouraging, challenges my daughter, and keeps the lessons light, fun, and educational. My daughter has improved so much in a short amount of time!

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Renee Oct 25, 2016
Clarinet · In home

I booked a series of 5 clarinet lessons with Elyse on Sundays at 9:30am.

For each of the first two lessons she contacted me less than 24 hours in advance to change the lesson (once at 3:30am and the second time she cancelled the lesson with only 30 minutes notice).

She claimed migraines and her pharmacy being robbed. Not sure how this is an explanation. Regardless, it certainly is an awful way to start a professional relationship.

This is unacceptable, irresponsible and disrespectful. Look elsewhere.

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Renee Oct 23, 2016
Clarinet · In home


My child's first lesson was scheduled for 10:00 am on Sunday. At 3:30AM (6 hours before the lesson), she texted me that she needed to change the lesson time. We accommodated her. At the end of the lesson, Elyse made it clear she preferred not to give lessons on Sundays (I chose dates and times on her menu as available), and I should change the four remaining lessons I had scheduled for Sundays at 9:30.

About 12 hours before the second lesson (Sunday at 9:30) she texted me that she wanted to change the lesson to later that day. I explained we planned our day around the lesson and we needed to keep it as scheduled. 30 minutes prior to the lesson she cancelled. This is unacceptable.

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Tim G. Oct 5, 2016
Piano · In home

Everything went well with my first lesson. Looking forward to next week!

Alex Sep 19, 2016
Trombone · In home

Great and very flexible with days and times.

Johanna B. Aug 23, 2016
Music Theory · In home

Elyse was very helpful, encouraged my own brainstorming through concepts and recommended great resources.

Eva A. Aug 18, 2016
Singing · In home

Elyse is quick to point out useful techniques to improve my singing. She is easy going, complimentary and keeps thing challenging. I'm really liking my lessons-recommend her.

Alex May 25, 2016
Saxophone · In home

Good instructor. She was flexible on settings dates and times for the lessons. She communicated well. She always texted her time of arrival for our lessons.

AIDA May 19, 2016
Singing · In studio

It was excellent! The teacher was very nice, professional and encouraging! My daughter was very comfortable. She can't wait until her next lesson with her!

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