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Elkhan teaches: Ages 5 and up
Special needs
Teaching since: June 1990
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Hi my name is Elkhan Hamet, and I would love to teach you the guitar you always wanted to learn to play, and see a progress in your guitar playing. I've been playing guitar for more than 20 years and got lots and lots of experience acquired throughout the years of learning, practicing, arranging and composing. And I would love to see you improve in your guitar playing as well. Let's play!!!

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Jack Oct 21, 2016
· Acoustic Guitar · In home I liked Elkhan’s lessons cause he was concentrating on what I wanted to learn as opposed to some other teachers that were telling me what should I learn.
Soliman Oct 20, 2016
· · I really enjoyed Elkhan’s lessons, he asked me what I wanted to learn and how good I was, and from then on I felt the difference in my playing comparing to what it was before and the efforts I would put in. Seeing him play so effortless and incredibly well in different styles has inspired me so much to get better that I started practice with a lot of passion. His incredible tricks with timing, almost teasing while he’s attacking the strings, wild ideas, showing me on what to concentrate while exercising and the exercises themselves made a huge difference for me, I started to get different ideas on my own based on his lessons. Learning from him is a lot of fun and I’m so glad I met him, because it’s not a hard work for me anymore it’s a lots of fun.
Mark Thornley Oct 13, 2016
· Acoustic Guitar · In studio After about 6 years instructing my son Luke on guitar, I do not simply view Elhan as an instructor but as a family friend. Elhan has helped my 17 year old become an absolutely awesome and well-rounded musician. Something I will forever be thankful for. My son's skills go so far beyond what I imagined.
mihai Oct 10, 2016
· Guitar · In home I just bought a guitar and was getting frustrated with it cause just watching the videos on Youtube and trying to learn to play it got me nowhere. Elkhan showed me the secrets that made my life easier and the whole experience of learning to play guitar much more pleasurable. How things connect, transition and the beauty of the instrument all make sense to me now. Practice in general is a very boring process and requires a lot of patience, but the way he showed me I enjoy every time I’m at it. Thanks again Elkhan. 
Elkhan Hamet
Elkhan H.

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