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Eli B.
Englewood, Colorado
Begin or deepen your yoga practice alongside another compassionate soul
I have healed myself from the ailments of chronic anxiety and its related physical symptoms, all through independent study of the practice of yoga. I typically do not teach professionally, but I have a lot of love and light to share if you are interested in joining me in my practice! My knowledge expands into the field of Ayurveda, the sister science of yoga which encompasses diet and lifestyle. Feel free to reach out, I would love to help you heal and grow! Eli
About Eli B.

Teaching is in my blood! I'm a musician, composer and educator. My father is a visual artist and educator, and my mother is a nutritionist, clothing designer, and (you guessed it), an educator! ​I started my musical journey at the ripe age of three and a half when my mother brought me to a piano teacher on a farm in rural Western Pennsylvania. I continued to take private lessons until my high school graduation, at which point I had also become proficient on the guitar and bass and had begun playing gigs around the city of Pittsburgh. During my college years at Kent State University I received credits in world music and jazz improvisation, and spent most of my time playing original music with groups across Ohio and Pennsylvania. In the years following, I have devoted my time to deepening my knowledge of the guitar, the piano and musical composition, honing my skills with mentors, peers and any other fellow musicians I come across (Denver has a lot of them). The rest of my free time goes toward outdoor adventures and concerts! Over the past 14 years I've filled many different musician and composer roles in many different bands with genres spanning across rock, jazz, funk, blues, jam/psychedelic, and folk/country. I've been privileged to live in Pennsylvania, Ohio, North Carolina, Oregon, California and Colorado, and immerse myself in the music of all of these wonderful places. I've got a wealth of information to share and I hope you'll join me on the journey! ​ Eli

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