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Me llamo Dunia! It brings me a great pleasure to help you learn this exciting language. We can talk about what your likes, dislikes, hobbies, culture and more. We will speak in Spanish from day one but don't worry because we are a team. I will taylor my classes to your needs. I also happen have a Bachelors Degree in Liberal Arts (Spanish Literature) from The City University of New York and more than eight years experience teaching American students, online and abroad. I'm studying chinese myself and I know that learning a new language can be fun! I'm confident that with my guidance and practice you will be speaking Spanish soon. Nos vemos en clase!

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Dunia delivers an exceptional lesson experience and ranks in the top 15% of our teachers nationwide.
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Ages 10+

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June 2009

Hi there! My name is Dunia and I was born in Guatemala but I was raised in New York where I obtained my Bachelor’s Degree in Spanish Literature. Since then I been teaching both Spanish and English in different regions of the world, including the United States and Argentina. My current home is Buenos Aires.

Part of my experience includes working for International Schools like the South China Normal University FLS where I created the Spanish curriculum for the Middle School and High School programs. I have also taught Business Professionals and adolescents online.

I understand firsthand the struggles of learning a new language. One of my main hobbies is learning Mandarin as my third language. What has helped me the most is to immediately use what I learn by speaking with my good Chinese friends . That is why in class I constantly create a friendly environment where you can practice conversation.

Have you had the opportunity of making some real improvement in the language that you are learning? Those inspiring moments with my students keep me enthusiastic about teaching. It will be my privilege to help you understand a completely new group of people through Spanish.

Click on the schedule lesson button so we can start discussing your current level, interests, goals and the material we will use in class. Thank you for reading, I look forward to teaching you!

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Spanish Department Coordinator
Feb 2015 - Feb 2017
IL Texas High School

Having taught Spanish to high school and middle school students prepared me for the job of the department coordinator. In this position I was required to set up the whole curriculum and exams for all the Spanish teachers in the school. Many times, we needed to collaborate with the other teachers in order to make certain themed events pertaining to Spanish learning and culture. We were able to create a positive learning atmosphere for our students and they were able to progress despite the difficulties of learning Spanish in China.

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Virtual Spanish Tutor
Nov 2012 - Jan 2015
Live Lingua

Develop lesson plans and teaching materials for business professionals and absolute Beginners. Help students to develop a love of the language using many interactive teaching principles such as the Language Generator Method, Visual and Audio Aids and TPR. Increase chances of students remembering information by using “backward building up” pronunciation drills.

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Bachelors of Liberal Arts & Science Specializing in Spanish Literature
Sep 2004 - Feb 2009
The City University of New York


Limited Proficiency
Fluent / Native Proficiency
Fluent / Native Proficiency


Advance Certificate in TESOL
May 2013
The Canadian Institute of English

Advanced Certification in Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages.

May 2013
The Canadian Institute of English

Advanced Certification in Teaching Languages Specializing in Spanish


Teacher of the year
Aug 2017
IT Texas High School

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Let's have a trial class to start discussing your language goals and the materials we will use in class.

Let's talk about your interests, language goals, culture and more... My classes are fun and informative. See you in class!
I have taught for more than ten years students from different countries, including Americans, Argentines and Chinese.

I know learning a language can be fun! I'm myself learning Chinese now.

Learn in a friendly atmosphere !

My classes are based on your own interest! We can talk about culture, your likes and dislikes, exotic food around the world and more.

I will tailor my lessons to your specific needs.

I'm a native speaker with a Bachelors Degree in Spanish Literature.

We will speak Spanish from day one. We are a team! Together we can make it.
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beth Jul 17, 2019
Spanish · Online

Dunia is an amazing tutor! She's so patient and positive. I highly recommend.

Ben C. Jun 14, 2019
Spanish · Online

Dunia is a great instructor. She has been very patient and willing to go at my pace. She was also willing to accommodate my schedule and made it easy to set up lessons. I highly recommend her.

Lorraine T. Jun 5, 2019
Spanish · Online

She is very nice and easy to understand. This is the first time I have not been stressed about learning. She teaches well and is very patient!!!! I would recommend her to anyone!

Jake W. May 1, 2019
Spanish · Online

Dunia is great! Highly recommend her for anyone at any level.

Kelcey C. Apr 23, 2019
Spanish · Online

Dunia is Great, she makes learning fun and easy!

Kelcey C. Apr 18, 2019
Spanish · Online

great lesson

Natalya Apr 16, 2019
Spanish · Online

She is a great teacher. I have trouble with some sounds. But, she is patient and explains things to me slowly. Thank you Dunia!

Michele K. Apr 12, 2019
Spanish · Online

I love being your student!

Wang Ping 王平 Mar 15, 2019
Spanish · Online

Living in a Spanish country is fun, but it has its own challenges. Dunia helped me learn the basics for everyday life even helped me learn some local expressions. Thanks!

Joyce Nov 13, 2018
Spanish · Online

Before I always wanted to learn the Spanish but I didn't know how to start until I met Ms Dunia. I enjoy the classes very much and I'm not afraid to speak Spanish any more. Ms Dunia always is patient with me and adapts to my way of learning Spanish . She is kind and sweet . I'm so happy to have choseen her as my teacher . Thanks for this website.....I won't give up learning ..,....

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Michal M. Oct 1, 2018
Spanish · Online

I really enjoy my lessons with Dunia and feel the progress. Thank you!

Matthew Saul Jul 2, 2018
Spanish · Online

Marisa Jun 20, 2018
Spanish · Online

Dunia was very engaging and helpful. She provided very clear and comprehensible corrections when necessary. I will definitely be working with her again.

Michal M. May 21, 2018
Spanish · Online

Bruce R. May 11, 2018
Spanish · Online

what a great teacher! I was really challenged in my lesson yesterday to step up my game in using the various forms of past tense in Spanish. i have already started studying and can't wait for my next lesson! Dunia rocks!

Ute P. May 10, 2018
Spanish · Online

I just had my first lesson with Dunia after I had been looking for a class in Spanish conversation, Although I had taken Spanish at the University for 4 years, I had not spoken it in many years, so I was hoping that this would both refresh forgotten vocabulary and grammar as well as teach daily phrases of conversation. Dunia was very well prepared and guided me through conversation using both pictures and text. She was very patient with me, helping out with missing words and correcting me when asked. Additionally, she gave very useful tips regarding websites either in Spanish or helping to learn it that I will definitely check out. Dunia is very friendly, approachable, and easy to talk to and understand. I am very much looking forward to my next lesson!

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Bruce R. May 2, 2018
Spanish · Online

Patient, very organized, and offers great perspective on different Hispanic cultures! Dunia rocks!

Bruce Apr 24, 2018
Spanish · Online

My first lesson: Dunia was very organized, very patient with me (despite the fact that I was having technical difficulties with my own Skype setup), and very easy to understand.

Looking forward to my next lesson!

Juan M Apr 22, 2018
Spanish · Online

Teachings is a skill that is acquire with dicipline, commitment and wisdom. Dunia, I can say that you have all off that. Thank you!

Gisselle Apr 21, 2018
Spanish · Online

Dunia's sweet and bubbly personality makes learning Spanish a breeze. Her passion and professionalism in the field is one to admire and take advantage of, thanks Dunia!!

Ligia M. Apr 20, 2018
Spanish · Online

Dunia is a great teacher. I am giving her 5 stars. She is 100% committed to her students. Dunia is very talented, caring, intuitive, dedicated, and focused in her work.

Val Mar 23, 2018
Spanish · Online

At work I often have to deal with Spanish speaking personel though I had some knowledge of Spanish prior to my classes I was definetly not at the level I wanted to be. So a couple of months ago I started taking business Spanish classes with Ms. Dunia. In my personal experience what impressed me most about Ms. Dunia is her professionalism and attitude towards my learning difficulties. I had trouble with some particular aspects of Spanish grammar which she was able to explain in a simple and understandable way. Though mastering Spanish may be difficult , Ms. Dunia has been able to help me with learning the intricacies of the language in a fun and easy way.

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