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Drew teaches: Ages 18 and up
Teaching since: January 2003
Last sign in: More than two months


Your progress and enjoyment is my primary concern. You can be sure that you will progress dramatically if you follow my instructions and practice guidelines.

Whether you are a beginning guitar student, a songwriter hoping to enhance their compositions, or a veteran player hoping to hone their skills, I can help you achieve your goals and become the musician you want to be.

If you have been wanting to start a band or simply play with friends, I can also teach you the fundamentals to playing in a group.

Music is fun; practice should not seem like a chore. I make it manageable for you by breaking down the techniques you need to learn into simple exercises that you can apply to the songs you want to learn.

My lessons are 100% customized to your needs and what you are interested in learning. Any genre, any style, any song.

--What To Expect--
Professionalism - I want to see YOU improve and learn to play confidently. I don't teach for a quick buck between gigs. I teach because it is something I am good at and it makes me excited to help people progress in music.

Passion - I am an active performer, session player, and writer. I teach because I am also passionate about educating my students, and it is something in which I am very skilled.

Adaptability - Each lesson is tailored to the needs and goals of that student. I can adapt to many different styles of learning and instruction. If you do not understand a particular skill, it is my duty to find an explanation that suits your learning style.

Efficiency - I am prepared for each lesson and will provide you with all the materials you need. I have access to professional level tablature and sheet music for thousands of songs, and I will have any handouts or notes ready for you before the lesson. Any notes that we go over in the lesson will be emailed to you by the day's end so that you don't have to waste valuable lesson time writing things down.

Manageable Practice - The quicker you improve, the more fun playing will be, the more you'll practice! I am highly trained and have gleaned the most useful methods from the hundreds of lessons I've taken in my life to help you improve as fast as possible. I will give you quick exercises and pieces of the songs you want to learn to help you progress without making practice seem like a chore.

24/7 Support - I am available by phone from 10 am to 10 pm Monday - Friday and 24 hours a day by email. If you do not understand a concept that we covered in our lesson, are unsure about how to practice a specific technique, or have any other questions pertaining to what we have gone over in our lessons, I am available to happily answer all your questions.

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Guitar Teacher
Jan 2003 - Present
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BA Music Theory and Composition
Aug 2004 - May 2008
College of Charleston

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BA Music Theory and Composition
May 2008
College of Charleston

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Andrew D Aug 11, 2016
· Guitar · In studio Drew is an excellent teacher and I recommend him without reservations. I'm a casual guitar player, and working with Drew has significantly improved my playing and increased the enjoyment I get out of playing.

The key aspects that I believe make him an effective teacher:
1) he listens to what you want to accomplish, and works toward those goals
2) he has a list of very specific, bite-size skills and bits of knowledge that he can dole out. This ensures that you can keep learning without feeling overwhelemed
3) he knows music theory forwards and backwards, and can explain the complex concepts in intuitive ways
4) very flexible with lesson scheduling
5) he keeps notes on what you cover in each lesson, doesn't lose his place
6) he keeps you motivated without making you feel guilty for not practicing.
Karina May 23, 2016
· Guitar · In studio Drew has the natural sensibilities of a great teacher. He is patient, listens well, and meets you wherever you're at. He is also, EXTREMELY skilled with a lot of teaching experience. I came to him at a long-time learning plateau and he immediately identified where I could improve. Learning just a few technical adjustments and basic theory, I could suddenly play new chords that I couldn't before. He also helped create a strong basis from which I could continue to teach myself. Lessons were fun too! I am very grateful for having found Drew.
Christine Feb 21, 2016
· Guitar · In studio I'm the kind of person who had never touched music in her life, didn't know how to tell the beat of the music and had no idea how guitar works. As my 2015 new year resolution, I decided to pick up on guitar to challenge myself and I yelped the highest rating private teacher. Since then Drew's lesson has become one of the best part of my life. I have been going to his class every week for a year. I was afraid to be laughed at in the beginning because I had zero foundation. But Drew made the class very interesting and made me feel really comfortable. What sets him aside is not only the exceptional music knowledge, but also his skill to understand people and teach in various methods.I loved all the classes I had and found it very beneficial.In conclusion, he is amazing. I totally recommend him as a teacher, a friend and a mentor.
Ning Dec 18, 2015
· Guitar · In studio Drew is the greatest guitar teacher I've ever met. His teaching experience as well as superior musical knowledge made him a very good teacher. He can definitely understand my needs and find the way to improve my weakness. Courses are designed based on my requirements, very flexible and intuitive.
Michael Nov 14, 2015
· Guitar · In studio Super guitar teacher. Drew is easy to work and communicate with, masters both theory and practice, and is constantly full of good recommendations. After each lesson I leave with "homework" (and I mean the fun type) to work on at home. He even emails me the tabs for whatever song I am trying to learn, and on occasion, has written the tab for my bits on the fly during our lesson. Reliable, talented, and overall great!
Bryan Nov 2, 2015
· Guitar · In studio I've had multiple teachers over the years for various instruments and Drew is head and shoulders above the rest. He has developed tremendous methods and techniques to aid my progress, he's available any time I have questions, and most of all he is a pleasant person to spend an hour with each week honing my skills. I highly recommend Drew to anyone looking to improve with a guitar!
Terry Oct 13, 2015
· Guitar · In studio I've been playing guitar for a little over a year. When I first started, I took a few lessons with Drew, but had to stop because of my work schedule. I've tried a couple of other instructors, but ended up going back to Drew because he was the best by far. He's a very knowledgeable guitar instructor and he spends the time to understand what you are looking to get out of playing guitar. For me this is a hobby, so most importantly, Drew makes it fun.
Rob Sep 15, 2015
· Guitar · In studio Drew is a great teacher - very relaxed, knowledgeable, and teaches to your ability. Definitely will book more lessons when i am ready.
Wes M. Jun 6, 2015
· Music Theory · Online I've been a guitar player all my life, having played from age 13 in various bands. But song writing and performing has always been my passion, and I've ignored theory as a result. I felt it boring, and very "non-musical" and dry.

But Drew was able to help me get back to basics, going through modes, and a few struggle points. It was a good experience as its been many years since I've had lessons, and many since I've even played. Drew's teaching style was effective and helped make "the boring stuff" simple to understand.

I recommend Drew for your next lesson if you really want a teacher who will help you understand the why, rather than just the how. Drew knows his stuff!
Bryan S. Jun 2, 2015
· Guitar · Online I've taught myself how to play guitar and if I had it to do all over again I would have chosen to classes from a proper instructor. Drew helped me to identify the areas I've been struggling with in my playing, giving me insight, study and practice materials that were easy to understand and to follow.

Beyond that, Drew is just a really great guy to learn from. His approach is disciplined but relaxed. I didn't feel like I was just running drills and learning a lot of unnecessary information. The lesson was geared to exactly what I needed and he didn't talk over my head.

I will definitely book more lessons with Drew.
Drew Buzzell
Drew B.

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