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Diane C.
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Learn the basics of the German language with an experienced language teacher
Using books and online materials, I guide students through grammatical rules, vocabulary and pronunciation, using cultural examples as illustration. I'll buy whichever books are the most relevant to a student's level, age, and needs, and also ask my student to buy the book too. Some of these books can be used without a private teacher, in any case! I learned German grammar with a very strict teacher, many years ago, and she was right to be strict: grammar is the backbone of the German language. I collaborate with my German sister, who lives in Germany.
About Diane C.

Bonjour! Hello! Hallo! Yay! We can start in-person lessons again, as long as basic distancing is kept. I have been vaccinated and I would prefer my students to be vaccinated, too, but it's not a deal breaker. I teach several languages: French, German, and English for non-native English speakers. I tailor my lessons to each student's individual needs and I always go above and beyond the basic lesson, with follow up between lessons. I try to make learning a language fun and alive, through news, stories, and songs. We can also use activities like cooking, singing, and word games. I teach children, teens and adults. My method is to provide basics for beginners, and then mix grammar, vocabulary, conversation, reading, and translation in every lesson; I show how important each component is to the whole. I am overjoyed when my students start conversing without need for translation - even if there are errors! I learned French at the age of nine when I attended my first French school. I have native-level French knowledge, a French high school (Baccalauréat) and architecture degree, and I am certified to grade French exams from A1 through C1 (university level). I've taught after-school lessons, coordinated a museum visit program (en français) and managed a French exam center. English is my mother tongue, which I've used professionally for over 25 years, as well as for proofreading, editing a manuscript, and more. I teach all levels. As an avid reader since childhood, my spelling has always been excellent, and I worked as a proofreader for English-language publications. My German is fluent, as I attended high school in Germany. I teach the grammatical basis of the language, as well as vocabulary and cultural knowledge. I collaborate with my sister who is German and lives in Germany. Learning languages was a necessity in my childhood. I love to learn, even if by adulthood, it is more difficult to become fluent in a new language. I think the fact of being a lifelong learner helps me better understand my students' needs. Currently I am learning Spanish and Mandarin (the latter is much harder for me than the former!) I look forward to helping my students reach their language goals.

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