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Yes, you CAN make beautiful watercolor paintings (without ruining your paint set)
Teaching artist Deron Cohen will guide you step-by-step through how to re-create an image in watercolor paint. Learn techniques and tricks!
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I am a San Diego native and have shown my paintings extensively throughout San Diego. It wasn't until several years after I graduated from UCLA in 1994 with a Bachelors in Fine Arts, that I really tried to show my work in galleries. Most recently, my work has been in shows at Project X Gallery, The Museum of the Living Artist, The San Diego Art Department, Sanctuary Gallery, Limbo Fine Arts, and Sushi Gallery. I have just started to show in other cities, most recently at the Rialto Theater in Corpus Christi, Texas and The Nico Gallery in Seattle, Washington. Along with my painting career, I have created children’s book and magazine illustrations, done graphic design work, and taught others how to express themselves creatively through art. I have been creating curricula for children’s art programs and teaching them. I also have been teaching adults how to paint at the San Diego Art Department for the past 10 years and, in the past two years, with Painting &Vino. Through my decade of teaching painting, I have honed a teaching style that encourages students to balance creativity and imagination with technique and skill. I strive to help students discover a process in which they are able to express themselves creatively while also teaching paint application techniques, color theory and the Elements and Principles of design. I am often in front of 50+ people at a time presenting my painting techniques within a limited amount of time. I look forward to coaching you whether you're someone who hasn't painted since you were a kid or you're a seasoned painter who just needs a little help, encouragement or direction. *** Lesson Details *** Subjects may include, but are not limited to: -Color theory -The Elements & Principles of Design and how to use them -The Creative Process -Creating a Composition When You Don't Know What to Paint -Creating a Painting Using a Photo as a Reference -Glazing -Oil vs. Acrylic Paints -Advice for Artists with Works-In-Process I am happy to teach a student anything s/he wants to explore within the realm of painting.

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