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The ARTFORM of Transformational Living A Strategy for Managing Change- Course Objectives: GET REAL...GET FOCUSED...GET RESULTS! This is the foundational course that establishes the basic fundamentals for every session conducted within the LifeZone Series: The ARTFORM. "Imagine the questions as the answers you've been looking for". It offers the framework toward transformational changes that occur in our lives with the use of seven specific questions. They are EASY to remember, EASY to apply and QUICK to show results. This Course Offers: >Greater Understanding of Yourself >Better Handling of the World Around You >Tools for Personal and Professional Development >Skills to Accomplish Goals that involves Change
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I will help you get clear on what you want. Then I will direct you through the research process so you can see if what you want is doable or not. We will also get all of your unanswered questions answered so you can make a decision about what to do next in your life. Next, I will help you create and implement a workable and realistic plan. The plan will be very specific and will include a road map for its completion. Finally, I will help you reach your goal. I will be your support, someone to brainstorm with and will hold you accountable to the promises you make to me each week. I will also celebrate with you, encourage you to enjoy your accomplishments, and then challenge you to take on bigger goals in the future.


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Worship Director/Assoc. Pastor
Nov 1998 - Dec 2005
Jubilee World Outreach
Director & Teacher of Worship/Drama/Creative Arts Life Lessons Coach & Pastoral Leader
Project Management Professional
Dec 2009 - Sep 2010
University of Phoenix
Lifeforming Leadership Professional Coach Training
Jul 2008
LifeForming Leadership Coaching
Formation Track Practice the values, techniques and relational skills needed to coach personal change, including accountability, feedback, learning from life, and building growth-centered relationships. Outcomes Understand and be able to articulate and illustrate the ten Lifeforming core coaching values Understand and experience accountability, and value it as crucial to reaching one’s potential and finishing well Learn practical ways to foster change by providing S.E.A. (Support, Encouragement & Accountability) in an accountable relationship Understand and experience authenticity, and know how to create transparent, growth-centered relationships Know how to find, approach, and develop a covenant relationship with a coach, peer coach or a peer mentor for specific areas of life and how to make the relationship growth-oriented Learn to ask powerful coaching questions Develop effective listening skills Begin building a long-term pattern of feedback and debriefing into his or her leadership or ministry. Learn to give and receive timely, specific feedback Redefine Kingdom success and failure in terms of learning and growth Understand the G.R.O.W. (Goal, Reality, Options, Will) model and demonstrate ability to use it to structure a coaching conversation

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