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100% Satisfaction Guarantee

100% Satisfaction Guarantee

Try the first lesson and if you’re not satisfied we'll refund any unused lessons.
100% Satisfaction Guarantee

100% Satisfaction Guarantee

Try the first lesson and if you’re not satisfied we'll refund any unused lessons.

Upright Bass Lessons

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I specialize in playing the upright bass, and I have a great time teaching it. I enjoy giving the student perspective on the instrument, explaining the entire double bass and the intricate methods I've used to master it, from Simandl to Rabbath.

I studied upright bass at two Midwest Universities, Northern Kentucky University and University of Cincinnati CCM. I have been playing the bass professionally in ensembles for years. I have experience playing jazz, blues, bluegrass, rock, folk, musical theatre and classical music.

About David L.

My name is David and I'm a professional musician who just moved to North Austin. I came from Cincinnati, where I went to the University of Cincinnati College Conservatory of Music, taught dozens of students at all levels and played regular gigs every weekend. I have been teaching for over fifteen years, and I'm looking to get a few new students.
I teach guitar, piano, bass guitar and even upright bass. If it's a tutor you are looking for I can also teach music theory and appreciation. I have a knack for teaching young people, probably because I was young when I started my musical journey. I've been very successful at inspiring a student's love of music and instilling the patience required to take on the challenge of playing an instrument.
The first thing I like to do is get to know you, the music you enjoy and your goals. In a way, I like to begin by letting the student lead.
In addition to learning from you, I intend to present you with new information, to try and broaden your musical tastes and teach you how to be an active listener.

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  • Teaching since 2000
  • Teaches students 5 and up
  • Jazz Studies from University of Cincinnati College Conservatory of Music

Reviews (34)

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David T. Jan 17, 2020
Piano · In home

David , arrived on time at my home for my first piano lesson in 25 years.
He was friendly and knowledgeable and soon found some things for me to work on, but he was patient with this 53
Year old guy.
I feel confident that my piano skills will improve greatly with David’s tuition.
I eagerly look forward to my next lesson.

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Tam T. Oct 22, 2019
Piano ·

David is the best and the sweetest piano teacher we have ever have. He is so patient, kind, caring and creative in his teaching method.

My 5 year old has a little autism symptom so she's very easy to get distracted. Yet we have great fun time in every class with him. His class worth 20 min driving there and 20 min driving back, using toll road!

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Lori Sep 7, 2019
Piano · In home

David has been so amazing with out 9 year old daughter. We have gone to him for over 2 years and she has come so far with her skills! He has so much patience. He's so kind and wonderful with kids. We were recommended by a friend and now we recommend him! He's high in demand for sure! We are sad we can't use him anymore due to scheduling issues. His prices are better than others too!

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Colin Jul 4, 2019
Composition · In studio

Quickly contextualized my needs as a student, and got me familiar with components and techniques of composition. The goal was to be able to help me more easily communicate ideas and designs to audio engineers at a company I work at. There has been a very observable benefit to this in the expedience of discussions, and fidelity of concept being engineered.

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Sophie T. May 24, 2019
Piano · In home

David is very kind and sweet to my kid. He has so much patient. He makes the class fun, entertain and way beyond expectation.

Luka Jan 7, 2019
Upright Bass · Online

David was great. We just need to figure out why the connection was so fuzzy so we can communicate a little better.

Chris Dec 13, 2018
Upright Bass · Online

David is patient and each lesson is interesting and engaging. As an adult learner with a busy schedule, David helps me stay on track toward my goals.

Gabriela Nov 19, 2018
Guitar · In studio

I am so happy with teacher David, very professional, polite, patient with children (my daughter is learning with him also) and it is easy to learn with him. Highly recommend!

Sissi G. Oct 8, 2018
Ukulele · In home

David is a great teacher.

Charu S. Sep 17, 2018
Guitar · Online

Jane Nov 15, 2017
Ukulele · In studio

Excellent first lesson today! Well focused on individual needs and goals. Very professional and encouraging. Looking forward to working hard and learning a great deal from this fine teacher.

PT and Ken T. Oct 27, 2017
Piano · In home

Mr. David L. is a wonderful music teacher for our daughter. He is on-time, kind, and make music fun, comprehensive with tips that boost my daughter's confidence in reading music. We are very glad to find David through TakeLessons! Thanks for all you do.

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Charu S. Oct 23, 2017
Guitar · Online

Ronan R. Aug 13, 2017
Guitar · Online


Andy Jun 21, 2017
Piano · In studio

he's very patient without being condescending or patronizing. works very well with my 13 yo son.

Trevor G. Jun 7, 2017
Ukulele · Online

Wonderful first lesson. Well thought out with actionable steps for me to work on this next week.

Luciano May 29, 2017
Ukulele · In studio

David was fantastic with my son... extremely patient, better than anyone we've worked with in the past as far as keeping my son engaged and interested in the subject. He has a great feel for feeding out just enough information without overwhelming the little ones.

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Charles Apr 4, 2017
Ukulele · In studio

David is an excellent teacher, unfortunately my schedule doesn't allow me to continue taking lessons. I would highly recommend David to anyone looking for music lessons.

Emmett Mar 5, 2017
Bass Guitar · In studio

David is very together and great for an adult student.

Gary K. Dec 14, 2016
Classical Guitar · In studio

Excellent first lesson. Before the first lesson, David listened to the areas I wanted to improve and then at this first lesson he proceeded to address those areas. I have had several years of lessons before with two other teachers. David will definitely help me improve quickly by building on my current skills. Great start!

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Christa B. Dec 5, 2016
Ukulele · In home

David is so patient and encouraging. He is really helping my 9 y.o. daughter to learn to play ukulele.

Ronan R. Nov 3, 2016
Guitar · Online

Nicholas Aug 29, 2016
Ukulele · In home

FIRST LESSON was a great experience. Although my 12-year old son was hesitant about Ukulele lessons, he immediately felt relaxed with David. Of notable qualities...David was professional, very patient, redirected my son when he got off track, boosted his self-esteem with words of encouragement, and took the time to answer any questions my son had after the lesson was over. My son left excited and looks forward to his next lesson.

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Rachel R. Aug 9, 2016
Piano · In home

My daughter started lesson with David about a moth ago and she makes a lot of progress already :-) David is a very good teacher, he is patience and makes learning fun and interesting. He gives her an assignment then he will follow up in the next lesson. Seems that David makes my daughter to like and enjoy piano more than before. I strongly recommend David if you are looking for a good, fun, and reliable teacher!

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Jennifer Jul 24, 2016
Acoustic Guitar · In home

David is a consummate professional. He has been giving our 10 year old daughter in-home lessons for a few months, and she is thriving under his tutelage. She has been making great progress with every lesson, thanks to his patience and excellent teaching skills. He is definitely great with teaching children. We highly recommend him!

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Aadil S. Jun 20, 2016
Piano · In home

David is very professional, polite and always on time, at the same time makes it fun for the kids so that they can enjoy music. My son felt piano is more for girls but after meeting with David and doing star wars music he is now interested in music lessons. My kids really enjoy their lessons with David.

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Selena M. May 10, 2016
Guitar · In home

David was on time, thorough, focused, professional, and a wonderful teacher, and I could go on. My daughter is looking forward to many more lessons with him to come!

Nyree C. Nov 12, 2015
Piano · In studio

David is such and awesome person and teacher. I feel very confident that i will continue to get better. He is very encouraging and very patient. I would definitely recommend him.

Nyree C. Oct 3, 2015
Piano · In studio

I learned so much in the one lesson. I have homework which i like... i need the accountability. David was very kind, and patient and willing to answer my many questions. I felt relaxed and a little more confident that I will be able to learn Piano.

Cathy D. Jul 8, 2015
Acoustic Guitar · In home

David was our family's music teacher for the last 6 years. He taught my son piano, electric guitar, acoustic guitar, and music theory and composition. He also taught my daughter piano. He is an excellent teacher. He is very good at approaching music from the student's level and growing with them by bringing in new theory or music when the student is ready. He is in no way intimidating and is very good at instilling a love of music. He has a warm and gentle nature and can relate to very different personalities. The only reason he is not still teaching our family is that he moved. I highly recommend him.

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Tara and Jason Jul 5, 2015
Guitar · In home

We were fortunate to have David recommended to us by a family member. Not only did he come to our house and save us the added stress of traveling during our busy week, he often stayed longer than scheduled to ensure understanding of new skill(s) being taught. He was calm, professional and patient and had an adaptive approach with our son that increased his confidence when he struggled.

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Susan F. Jun 21, 2015
Piano · In home

David L. Was highly recommended to us by multiple people. He taught my two daughters piano for 1 1/2 years before we said a tearful goodbye as he moved to Texas. David L has a perfectly magical way in communicating to young students. He always spoke positively and found something good to say about any piece they played. He would then very positively guide them towards the correct way of playing. My shy, nervous girls thrived. It is truly going to be a challenge finding his replacement, David L. is an amazing person and teacher.

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Cameron D. Jun 17, 2015
Bass Guitar · In studio

After signing up for lessons with David L. I knew I made the right choice. Just after a couple of weeks I didn't see him as a teacher but as a best friend. There was always a relaxed atmosphere during the lessons. He was very easy to talk to and he really listen to you. If I ever had a question he would answer. He tailors to what ever you want to do in that lesson. David L. is a great teacher and a friend. I totally recommend him for anyone

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Scott B. Jun 17, 2015
Acoustic Guitar · In home

David is not only a great musician and educator but also a delightful human. We began using David six years ago as a piano teacher for my two boys. Since then my eldest moved on to acoustic and electric guitar and my youngest electric and stand up bass. Somewhere along the way I began to take guitar lessons also (I was David's most bearded student at age 48). David always came prepared to lead but also to follow, he often asked what we were listening to and taught us how to play it. His ability to listen to a piece of music and transcribe it always left me amazed, we have several notebooks full of songs we learned individually or played as a group. After a shoulder injury David continued to impress by teaching me music theory instead of our usual lesson. I could go on forever, David made a positive impact on my family and feel fortunate to have met him.

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Private Music Instructor
Jan 2000 - Present

David L. Music Lessons

Upright Bassist
Dec 2011 - Apr 2015

Philip Paul Trio

Played jazz standards in the lounge of the Cincinnatian Hotel three nights per week.


Jazz Studies
Sep 2004 - Dec 2007

University of Cincinnati College Conservatory of Music

Upright Bass, Performance
Jul 2001 - Aug 2004

Northern Kentucky University

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