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David F.

Nashville, TN
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Teaching Locations:
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Learn how to arrange your music for your performance and playing style.

About David F.

Since beginning his teaching career in 1974 David has taught 7000 people how to play guitar! Some aspiring only to play at home for fun and others to pursue a career in the entertainment industry.

David F. has also taught advanced guitar and music theory to several professional musicians who already play other instruments fluently including Oscar nominee Scott Rogness, who co-wrote and performed the songs featured in the movie That Thing You Do. Scott had this to say about his study with David:

"I studied with David for about 8 months. Although proficient on keyboards, a singer and songwriter; I had never learned the guitar. I knew a lot about the guitar by osmosis, but technically was green. David let me look at the guitar in a whole new way, using infinite variations on basic chords, showed me how to move and follow vocal melodies and challenged me to SEE what I was playing. All at the speed of thought."

Scott Rogness

David F. plays a custom built guitar with Bartoline electronics made by Jay Rhyne in Atlanta, GA. For live performances, David uses a Roland Guitar Synth and an Apple PowerBook with Logic audio for mixing his arsenal of software synthesizers and samplers, as well as Guitar Rig for guitar effects processing. When in Nashville contact David F. for private guitar lessons.

I am always looking for the band that will allow me to express myself, my influences include Hendrix, Page, Dimeola, Weather Report, Chick Corea, Emerson Lake and Palmer, and many others.

I read music and charts, and between practicing, teaching, playing, and recording, I have spent 80+ hours a week for the past 34 years with a guitar. I like to soar in the wind when I am playing."

*** Lesson Details ***
Almost all of my students learn bar chords and how to use them in song they want to play in the first hour of lesson time.

Almost all of my students begin in the first lesson with songs like Little Wing and Georgia On My Mind, and Stairway To Heaven, with the right chords in sheet music form. Once you learn how to do that you can begin to take yourself through songbooks, if you learn how to use the printed music, there is a vast amount of it available everywhere.

Almost all of my students are reading melodies using real notation by the 4th or 5th lesson. Reading melodies they like and want to play. Although my students know how to use tab, Notation is the best way and they all prefer it, once they know the difference. Like the Stairway To Heaven Solo, or any of the beautiful Spanish melodies from J.Rodrigo, or blues ,jazz,rock and roll, once you can read, you can read anything in print on your own.

All of my students learn rhythm skills playing scales and songs with a metronome, so you learn how to play in time, as you develop stronger rhythm skills you can play better alone or with other people.

All of my students learn the Music Theory. What Time Signatures are and mean, Scales and scale harmonization. Chord progressions and playing through the chord changes. All of these and more are the fundamentals you will begin to work on in the first 4-5 hours of lessons with me.
I just don't show you songs, I teach you to teach yourself and begin to become musically independent.
Work on picking and speed and most importantly touch and feel.
Work on Finger picking as well, learn to use all 5 fingers on your right hand. or use the pick and 3 fingers, with me you WILL use your pinky or little finger.
By 3-4 months we will have covered the fundamentals and be working on more advanced material, songs and technique.

*** Studio Equipment ***
separate room with seating for parents

*** Specialties ***
I use a Learn to play Guitar book that i wrote and self publish in full color. I also use several books by Jerry Coker with some jazz students,and I recommend the Harvard Dictionary of music to students
I teach the fundamentals of music applied to the guitar and bass, as well as metronome skills,sight reading and music theory.


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8 Reviews
Mike L.
Profile-location-online Online

I have increased my lesson frequency to two one-hour sessions per week simply because of my progress under David's direction. After only three months of weekly lessons, I can now read music and play while reading. David has introduced me to effective melodic soloing, has significantly improved my understanding of barre chords up and down the fretboard, and has convinced me to abandon "guitaristic" thinking in favor of really understanding the potential of the guitar beyond shape memorization.

Posted Dec 8, 2014
Mike L.
Profile-location-online Online

For those players serious about music, who are willing to devote the time and attention required to improve, and who appreciate not only learning to play guitar but the theory and history behind the music, David is your man. I have taken lessons in the past, usually consisting of a teacher asking what riffs I wanted to work on that day. Sound familiar? Not David. Within the first two weeks, he has me focused on plucking the strings with more feel, using a pick and fingers simultaneously with my right hand, practicing scales to the tempo of a metronome while using the forwards and backwards technique, etc. He has convinced me that I can become as accomplished a player as I put my mind and heart to. His mantra is to work towards playing at the speed of thought, which, for the first time in my life, looks to be a possibility with time. Thank you, David.

Posted Sep 23, 2014
Lewis G.
Profile-location-studio Teacher's Studio

Just had my first lesson with David. Gave a wealth of info now it's up to me but with his approach I know it will be all good. Have had other teachers but David is not only an accomplished player he is also is able to instruct and teach. Will write again after a few more lessons.
Lewis G.

Posted May 15, 2014
Joel D.

I begin learning the guitar with David I’m well on my way….

I purchased my first guitar about three months before starting lessons with David. I tried self-study through several books and quickly realized that I needed to find an instructor if I was serious about learning. I was hesitant about trying lessons online but quickly realized that there is almost no difference between face to face and online lessons. David can clearly see and hear what I’m playing. The commute downstairs to my computer is also an advantage.

I have several friends who play at various levels and I questioned them about how they learned. Most of them who didn’t take music in school (high school or college) don’t read music and rely on TAB. After eight months of lessons I have a solid foundation on sight reading, bar cords, theory, and understanding the relationships of the notes and cords on the fret board. I’m able to pick out a song from a songbook and I have the tools to start learning the song myself. This is due to learning the fundamentals correctly the first time…

My experience learning with David has been very good. He keeps me motivated, I’m learning songs that I enjoy, and I have an expert leading me in, what I feel is, a good direction. Of course I need to do my part and practice, but that’s part of the fun…right?

Posted Dec 5, 2013
blue jazz B.


I have played for over 30 years. Three and half years ago I selected David after careful consideration of advanced instructors.
My experience with David has exceeded my expectations. My preliminary goals were met earlier than anticipated and David has been instrumental in reinforcing my knowledge and skills while leveraging my potential as a player. The ability to take lessons online through Skype has made this as convenient and comfortable while never compromising what occurs face to face. I highly recommend David F.

Posted Dec 4, 2013
Joseph M.

Excellent, dedicated teacher

I started taking lessons with David almost a year ago, coming in with a few years of piano lessons in my distant past and a year or so of tinkering around with a guitar on my own (read: wasting my time). In the year that I've been with David my guitar playing has blossomed faster than I would have thought possible - my technique is developing, I am playing challenging and rewarding music, and I am beginning to get a handle on basic music theory concepts.
This is all because of David's rigorous teaching technique: David is not satisfied with teaching basic chord shapes, which are easy to learn but can stunt musical development; instead, David insists on developing knowledge of chord voiceings and the ability to see the notes that you are playing as you play them. Though it is challenging, the payoff is the ability to sight read almost any song and improvise. David is happy to work on whatever song you would like to develop, but he also insists on practicing challenging music, mostly jazz and boss nova, that will develop your chord vocabulary and technique. I should also mention that David is a great guy and a pleasure to work with. If you're looking to work hard and learn a lot, this is the teacher for you.

Posted Dec 4, 2013
Doug J.

Great instructor who teaches you how to be a true musician

I have taken lessons with David for about 5 years. He is not the typical instructor you run into in a music store. The focus is on music theory and how it relates to guitar. Instead of starting right off with a few easy songs and power chords you learn basic chord types, scales, etc... Once you have the basics down then you learn how to apply them to actual songs. The difference is that you will learn how to play the song not only as it is written but also how to modify it to make it your own. The other thing that is nice about David is he a structure set up that allows you to see the progress you are making and actually know that you are getting better. That is not really easy to see in something like music where gains are slow and not easily measured. He also comes up with an individual lesson plan that allows you to work on your weaknesses and keep up your strengths. You can find teachers out there that will be easier on you but would be hard pressed to find one that will teach you as well as David. I highly reccomend to anyone who is serious about learning guitar.

Posted Dec 3, 2013
Christopher H.

The best teacher I've had

I've tried several different teachers in Nashville.
David is by far the best. Anyone can teach guitar
riffs, but it takes a special kind of teacher to teach music.
Not only will you learn the song, but you will learn the theory
behind it. Your guitar playing will improve immediately, but more
importantly your comprehension of music will improve.

Posted Dec 2, 2013

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Stage Band Guitarist / midi guitar Synth
Apr 1986 - Sep 1986

Seven Stages

I played guitar and guitar synth in the stage band for a 20 week long run of Hair in Atlanta


Music Major-guitar performance
Sep 1976 - Jan 1978

Dekalb Community College

Music Major
Sep 1975 - Jun 1976

Atlanta Jr College

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