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Danny S.
Springville, Utah
Turn into John Bonham on the drums with this fabulous drum course with a teacher who has been playing over 30 years. 
Teaching students how to play with bands and read music are both important. I've played over 30 years and taught over 20 of those years. Grooves, coordination, reading and soloing are all aspects of what I teach from mostly my own books. I combine having fun with the commitment of practicing into a well rounded learning experience. I have recitals for students to show off their talents 1-2 times yearly. I'm versatile in teaching new drummers or advanced students. I look forward to our lessons.
About Danny S.

I've played drums about 30 years and taught lessons about 20 of those years. Each student is different and I've evolved my lessons to accommodate teaching each student. My background consists of all styles of Drumset, marching band, rock bands, soloing and Troopers drum corps. Also playing in jazz, concert and orchestra bands gave me opportunity to perform and compete many places including P.A.S., scoring a 1 @ state and G.C. drum off. I took private lessons for a few years before leaving to college in Hollywood, CA, attending M.I.(Musicians Institute) with one of my instructors becoming the current drummer for Korn, "Ray Luzier". I now teach mostly out of my own books on how to read music, coordination, grooves, soloing and playing with bands. If you are not local, I offer online lessons too. I have 1-2 recitals each year and make it possible for online students to participate. Accepting beginner to advanced drummers, come check it out.

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Danny is a great teacher with lots of experience. He teaches with clarity and care.

Posted Jan 20, 2021


Posted Nov 16, 2020

Danny is really patient with my 10 year old son and gives detailed notes after each lesson by email. My son loves his lessons.

Posted Jun 26, 2020
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Drum Clinics
Jan 2001 - Present
DS Drum Lessons
Sometimes I'm asked to demonstrate a drum clinic at various school's and music stores. I always bring my gigantic drum kit of 20 drums and 28 cymbals with many accessories and 7 foot pedals. I usually stress coordination, reading and different styles at clinics. Unless I'm asked to demonstrate something else specific. Most clinics are inbetween 1-3 hours.
Drumset Lessons
Apr 1996 - Present
Teaching private drumset lessons to students of all ages and skill levels. Each individual is different and needs to be taught in the best way for them to progress quickly. I wrote my own books to break down beats, patterns, rhythms, songs and solos for learning step by step material. I offer every genre of music with coordination and reading notes. I enjoy my job.
Drumline Instruction
Oct 1999 - May 2003
S.F. band
Teaching a drumline of 8 - 16 drummers how to play snare, tenors, bass, and pit instruments. Marching style and formations were included. Every morning and most afternoons we had practice for about 4+ hours daily. The Drumlines took 1st place many years in a row during my instruction.
2 Yr. Degree in Drums/Drumset
Aug 1997 - Aug 1999
M.I.(Musicians Institute)
Marching drums
May 1996 - Aug 1996
Troopers Drum and Bugle Corps
2 year in drums/music
Aug 1999
M.I.(Musicians Institute)
Learning from some of the best instructors in L.A., we examined music theory, ear training and keyboarding as well. Each class room had a drumset for music. Each student also had 24 hour access to their own practice room with a drumset inside the school.
scored 1 on snare drum
Mar 1996
Utah State
Drum Solo 3rd place
Feb 1996
Best Drumline
Jan 1993
various judges

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