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Daniel F.

Woodland Hills, CA
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100% Satisfaction Guarantee

100% Satisfaction Guarantee

Try the first lesson and if you’re not satisfied we'll refund any unused lessons.
100% Satisfaction Guarantee

100% Satisfaction Guarantee

Try the first lesson and if you’re not satisfied we'll refund any unused lessons.

About Daniel F.

I'm a graduate of UCLA School of Engineering with a B.S. in Aerospace Engineering. I have a passion for explaining how the physical world works through math and physics along with 11 years of tutoring experience in those subjects, test prep, and mentorship programs. The teaching strategy I believe in emphasizes subject fundamentals, a powerful and necessary tool for higher problem solving. This strategy has proven effective regardless of the student's educational background or mental ability. Besides being knowledgeable, I am motivating, caring, and patient in guiding your student to academic success!

Executive Functioning is a separate realm that tutoring can assist in. It deals with cognitive processes including organization, time management, and study skills. Much of the difficulty students face in academic subjects can be attributed to the lack of executive functioning. They either cannot keep up with the pace and workload that advanced courses demand or haven't figured out the best way to study for themselves. I am able to assess a student's shortcomings and formulate a plan for higher achievement.

• Elementary • Pre-Algebra • Algebra 1 & 2 • Geometry • Pre-Calculus • Trigonometry • AP Calculus • Applied/Business Calculus • Differential Equations

• AP Physics 1 & 2 • College Physics • Chemistry (non AP) • Biology

Test Prep:

• MS Word • Excel • PowerPoint • Outlook • Adobe Acrobat • Adobe Reader • Dropbox • Google Drive • Skype • General Windows/Mac • Web Design • JavaScript • Python • HTML

• Grade Monitoring • Teacher Collaboration

Executive Functioning:
• Organization • Time Management • Study Skills • Checking Work

• Completely turned around achievement and self-confidence of mentored students
• Track record of student improvement particularly in math and physics

*Cancellation Policy: At least 24 hours notice or charged for full session

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Reviews (65)

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Ann Jan 10, 2020
Pre Calculus · Online

He was very polite and courteous when I spoke with him on the phone. He’s a keeper.

Dorothy Dec 31, 2019
Algebra · Online

Best math tutor you will EVER have! I have become a mathlete in the areas of Algebra and Calculus. Daniel is AMAZING and extremely patient and understanding when it comes to teaching. He really has a gift. I love math now because he has explained it in a way that is relatable to life. I recommend him for any age and any level.

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Shonda Dec 31, 2019
Biology · Online

Daniel provided A+ work. Fast and very efficient. Thanks Daniel

RM Dec 27, 2019
Geometry · Online

Mr Daniel is a very dedicated math tutor with a flexible schedule. He explain topics in different ways and break them down to the basics so that you really understand it thoroughly. He is always on time and excellent in subject matter. Mr Daniel helped me to achieve visible improvements in test scores ( Virginia SOL and Class Final Exam) in Geometry related to difficult topics such as Circles and Quadrilaterals so that I can score a solid A in my class. I thoroughly enjoyed every minute of learning from him.

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Laura Oct 18, 2019
Physics · Online

Daniel was an incredible asset to our son’s sound & successful Physics experience this semester in college. We are grateful for Daniel’s & Alec’s connection and fluid communication!

Lily Oct 7, 2019
Physics · Online

He’s very professional and punctual specializes in physics and math

Malikah Sep 16, 2019
Web Design · Online

They exceeded my expectations for the web design. I could not be more pleased.

William Sep 3, 2019
GMAT · Online

Daniel did a great job breaking down problems and explaining them.

Ken Aug 26, 2019
Microsoft Excel · In home

My Real Estate business runs on computers. My assistant skills were not great. Daniel turned up, on time, listened to the problem, sat down with J, my assitant, and, voila, problem solved.

George B. Aug 20, 2019
AP Physics · Online

Daniel is very helpful!

Brandon Aug 20, 2019
Algebra · In home

He was very attentive in algebra I needed tutoring in. I would highly recommend him as a tutor.

Courtney Jul 23, 2019
Physics · Online

I absolutely loved this tutoring program because it helped me understand how to calculate many different equations and problems dealing with conceptual physics. My tutor was a great help when it came to responding back to me and explaining how to do the problems step by step.

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Nicole Jun 20, 2019
GRE · Online

Daniel helped me with GRE math. We worked on problem solving, numeric entry and quantitative comparisons, all areas I really struggled with. I needed to raise my score by a few points, and I'm confident that Daniel's sessions will allow me to achieve that when I take my test next. Sessions were extremely useful and efficient. He used an online whiteboard, along with Skype, so that I had an easy to see breakdown of all of the problems. Not only did he help with problems, but he also gave me multiple resources to use in the future when studying for the GRE (e.g. great websites, formulas, etc.) I recommend him to everyone who needs help in math!

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Eloise Jun 13, 2019
ACT Math · In home

Helped me with ACT math and science. Great to work with and good results.

Marti L. May 8, 2019
Microsoft Office · Online

To Whom It May Concern:

Dan was FANTASTIC! I learned so much in 2 hours! I am going to be somebody one day! ;) Please add my name as a reference.

Dennis May 1, 2019
Geometry · In home

Daniel is great. Kids like to work with him.

Ed L. Mar 26, 2019
Microsoft Office · Online

Daniel was very professional yet friendly and up to the task. Our lesson had some technical challenges, but Daniel stayed upbeat and helpful throughout. I would recommend his services to all students looking for a supportive and knowledgeable instructor.

Montse Mar 12, 2019
ACT Test Prep · In home

Absolutely great tutoring. Needed ACT help with math and science and my scores went up a great amount

Manos Feb 26, 2019
Algebra 1 · In home

best of the best

Carla Jan 6, 2019
Geometry · In home

My son was having a terrible time with geometry. Daniel worked with him and taught him in a way that he understood. My son brought home a B (Which I was thrilled with because he had been failing the class beforehand). He is wonderful!! I recommend him highly!!!

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Fima Dec 27, 2018
Test Prep · In home

Daniel was able to help me quickly with a job assessment and reviewed the general topics with me. He was very communicative. I'd highly recommend!

Viktoria Dec 1, 2018
Calculus · In home

Daniel was an incredible tutor for Calculus Part 1, for a college course. I received his help a little late in the game but he did not shy away from the challenge. He gave me advice, showed me how to do problems the proper way and even gave me tips on some shortcuts. I would highly recommend him as a math tutor because he is easy to understand, easy to talk to and makes you feel more knowledgeable.

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Janice Nov 30, 2018
Common Core Math · In home

I hired Daniel to help my daughter prepare for an assessment test. They only had 2 months to prepare and many of the subjects were being introduced to her for the first time. He had his work cut out for him. But he did a phenomenal job. He methodically organized each subject and proceeded to cover it thoroughly before moving on to the next. He had the right balance of persistence and understanding to keep my daughter stay focused and, at the same time, build up her confidence. I'm happy to report that she ended up passing the exam and she credits him for this result.

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Tanya Sep 19, 2018
Physics · Online

Excellent tutor! Daniel tutored my 13 year old son in Physics. My son went from being completely lost to getting an A in the class. Very professional, explains topics clearly, connects well with student. My son loved the Skype/online white board method of teaching. No need to go anywhere or sit in traffic. Daniel was flexible with setting up lessons and even made time when urgently needed, like before a test. My son had a great experience and can't wait to learn with Daniel again when he gets to HS physics.

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Angela Sep 5, 2018
Algebra 1 · In home

He has a great way of not just having kids understand math but retain the information for tests. He helped our son go from failing to fully passing his math class. Definitely recommend Daniel and we are using him through summer to get ahead.

David L. Aug 30, 2018
Microsoft Excel · Online

Daniel is excellent, he has great patience, super nice, learn at your own pace, I am super slow , he understands and teaches at your level, pick Daniel to tutor you.....

Jules R. Aug 23, 2018
Algebra 2 · In home

Daniel was a subject matter expert and showed great patience working with my child.

Kelsey Jul 31, 2018
GRE · In home

Daniel is extremely knowledgeable and able to explain things in laments terms. If you don’t understand he really takes the time to re-work how he’s thinking about it to make it a way you can grasp. I highly recommend him!

Iryna May 11, 2018
Microsoft Windows · In home

Daniel truly deserves five stars ! Classes were great. Highly recommended.

Patricia O. Mar 21, 2018
Microsoft Excel · Online

Kelly Feb 2, 2018
Microsoft Excel · Online

After reading all the glowing reviews, I decided to book a one-hour Microsoft Excel lesson with Daniel. He was 10 minutes late to the session and the the session ended up running over half an hour. In 1.5 hour, I walked away with not having any of my excel questions solved. Nice guy, but Just make sure he can assist your Microsoft Excel needs before booking a session with him.

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Mark Jan 29, 2018
Microsoft Excel · Online

Great instructor, Very professional!

Courtney C. Jan 14, 2018
Microsoft Excel · In home

Good teacher, clear communicator, nice guy!

Jeffrey S. Jan 8, 2018
Microsoft Windows · In home

Nice guy. Very patient with my elderly mother.

Amy K. Dec 1, 2017
GRE · In studio

Daniel tutored me for about 8 weeks, 2-3 times a week for the GRE. He was friendly, knew his stuff, and definitely helped me to remember my high school math from over 5 years ago. Great tutoring experience!

Susan H. Nov 10, 2017
Algebra · In studio

Daniel is patient.

win Oct 25, 2017
AP Calculus · Online

Daniel, do you know how to solve this problem?

f(x) =(3x-2)/(2x+1), x=3 linear approximation f(2.90)

Claire C. Oct 21, 2017
AP Calculus · Online

Daniel is an interactive tutor who is very helpful with any calculus problems you have. He helped me study for my math test by going through problems step by step with me, which allowed me to understand the concepts at hand. He made sure that I actually understood the process by asking me questions, so it wasn’t only memorization but actual grasping of the way to solve problems. I definitely recommend Daniel to anyone who would like help with their calculus!

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Ivy P. Sep 22, 2017
AP Physics · Online

My son taking AP Physics in 11 grade, Daniel help him understand and solve his problems quickly. He can do rest of his questions after understanding the concept. Will definitely recommended to others. Thank you Daniel!

Christine Sep 12, 2017
GRE · Online

He was super great with the Math portion of the GRE material! Super helpful!

Sammy S. Sep 3, 2017
Pre Calculus · In home

Daniel helped me reinstall core Algebra 2 concepts that I learned the past year within a couple of hours. He helped thoroughly explain concepts that I might have had trouble with, and tried to find different approaches to the problem, so that I could derive the answer. He truly is a caring tutor and person.

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Isabel S. Aug 23, 2017
SAT · Online

I really learned a lot from Daniel. He clearly knows a lot about the topics he tutors in, and knows how to explain it in a way that's easy to understand. His demeanor was calm and is very easy to talk to!

Carl E. Aug 17, 2017
Microsoft Word · In home

It was a very good lesson and what I was looking for.

Lana K. Jul 19, 2017
Physics · In home

Nice guy , very helpful! , on time.­

Greta Jul 9, 2017
Calculus · In home

I was struggling with calculus 1 at SMC and felt very intimidated before Daniel came along. He helped me understand what calculus was all about and always explained new concepts clearly. Daniel went above and beyond his duties and was always on time. I ended up with an A and would highly recommend Daniel to any student with math needs. ­

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Aliyah Jul 1, 2017
Geometry · In home

Awesome experience with Daniel! He takes the time to guide you and review when necessary. Thanks Daniel, for the amazing results!

Kris A. Jun 21, 2017
Trigonometry · In home

My son had one session so far and thought Daniel was very personable and knowledgeable. He really helped him understand and feel comfortable solving trigonometry problems. We set up additional times for tutoring.

David Jun 11, 2017
Microsoft Excel · In home

Daniel helped me with many different mathematical obstacles while working with and teaching me excel. It was a great learning experience and I became a lot more experienced with excel.

Kay L. Jun 3, 2017
AP Calculus · In home

Daniel is the perfect tutor for Math. We are using him for AP Calc and Honors Pre-Calc/AB. I would highly recommend him to anyone looking for a Math tutor!!!! He has a lot of experience.

Michelle May 22, 2017
ACT Test Prep · In home

We just recently hired Daniel. So far, he was exceptional at explaining his services and listening to my son's academic needs. We hired him in preparation for the ACT. Daniel is customizing the ACT tutoring in relation to our son's learning style. My son was very pleased with his
first session with Daniel, and learned so much about strategies and the break down of the ACT, all in just one session. My son looks forward to continue working with Daniel.

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Lindsay May 18, 2017
Algebra 1 · In home

I can't say enough wonderful things about Daniel. He is immediately responsive, thoughtful, caring, and an absolutely fantastic tutor. In just two weeks he helped raise my 7th grade son's algebra grade from a 36 to a 90! It doesn't get any better than that. We are already excited for our 5th grade son to work with Daniel in the future. Thank you Daniel for becoming a terrific addition to our family!

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Ron May 9, 2017
Algebra 2 · In home

Daniel, you are great. thanks for helping my son. making it easier for him to understand.

Samuel Mar 22, 2017
AP Calculus · In home

We got together to study for my Calculus Test. Daniel was so helpful that I continued to use him and even got a 107% on my mid-term. He is very flexible with lessons and I highly recommend him!

Daniel F. Mar 22, 2017
AP Calculus · In home

We got together to study for my Calculus Test. Daniel was so helpful that I continued to use him and even got a 107% on my mid-term. He is very flexible with lessons and I highly recommend him!

Rick K. Sep 9, 2016
Microsoft Excel · In studio

Daniel was as helpful and informative as I could have hoped. If I need more lessons down the road, I will definitely use him again.

Barbara Y. May 12, 2016
Microsoft Word · In home

Was very knowledgable in the facts I needed

Leor May 5, 2016
AP Calculus · In home

Great tutor! Very friendly, very knowledgable, very helpful... Would highly recommend!

Jerold C. Apr 25, 2016
Trigonometry · In studio

Had a good experience with Daniel who helped me learn basic computer and cell phone skills and I look forward to future lessons.

David Mar 8, 2016
Calculus · In home

Daniel has tutored me through 2 years of college math including, calculus 2, calculus 3, linear algebra, and differential equations. He helped me on a weekly basis with homework assignments and preparing for tests. The way he taught cleared up all of my questions from lecture and changed my approach to math for the better. Thanks to Daniel's methods and thorough explanations, I earned A's in all my classes. If you seek a solid understanding of math and a professional tutor, I highly recommend Daniel.

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Lissa C. Feb 2, 2016
Physics · Online

Worked through each problem thoroughly so that I understood the question being asked and how to solve it.

Amanda Jan 13, 2016
Physics · In home

Dan was a life-saver! My son was up against finals in Physics and Math, we found Dan and he was working with my son within 24 hours and explaining concepts that had never been effectively taught.. My son walked into his exams with more confidence and understanding and for that we are very grateful.

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Jeff Federman F. Dec 7, 2015
Microsoft Excel · In home

on-time, efficient and very helpful. I would recommend Daniel.

Shannon Nov 5, 2015
Physics · In home

Over the last six months, Daniel has been tutoring me on and off for my intro to physics course. I do not have a strong background in science or math, but Daniel was always able to explain everything clearly and in detail. He knows how to answer your questions and really works hard to make sure you understand the material. I highly recommend him for anyone looking for help.

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Cyndi Sep 3, 2015
Physics · In home

I feel compelled to share a great “find” I made last year. School had only been in session for two weeks before my kids came home lamenting that their AP Physics teacher left them totally confused and stressed out. Switching to a less demanding schedule wasn’t an option so I decided to look for some help. Lord knows, it wasn’t going to come from me or my husband! I found Daniel, a 2012 UCLA engineering grad who has been tutoring for many years. After the boys’ first meeting with him, the level of stress in our household plummeted and the boys did well on their first physics test. They ended up with A's in the class and doing well on the AP exam. We’ve decided to have him come regularly, just to make sure the boys understand the material and keep them confident. Daniel is able to help them with anything they don’t get in their calculus class as well.
So as you stare the next school year in the face, if your child has any difficulty with their studies, especially in math or physics, consider talking to Daniel. He’s a lovely young man and the boys really responded to him well.

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Hannah Sep 1, 2015
AP Calculus · In home

Daniel is a great tutor. He effectively breaks down difficult concepts and makes them much simpler. He is very flexible with scheduling and very easy to reach. Having him as a tutor allowed me to raise my math grade from a D to an A.


Subject Tutor
Apr 2013 - Present


Private Tutor
Jun 2009 - Present

Private School

Tutor high school students in math and physics

Homework Assistant
Jun 2008 - Sep 2008

Mathnasium Learning Centers


Aerospace Engineering
Sep 2008 - Jun 2012




Professional Proficiency


Scholarship Recognition Award
Sep 2009


AP Scholar with Distinction
Jul 2008

College Board

Bank of America Mathematics Achievement Award
Jun 2008

Bank of America

California Scholarship Federation — Highest Member Award
Jun 2008

Taft High School

Top 1% High School Class
Jun 2008

Taft High School

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