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Da-Rell teaches: Ages 18 and up
Teaching since: January 2003
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I am a hip-hop/house/contemporary dancer with professional/classical training, an academic background, and a passion for taking my students to the next level. I received my degrees in Dance, Psychology and Philosophy, and use these fields as a framework to help direct and assist students in learning how to train their bodies and minds in many different disciplines. I've lived in many cities and always learned each city's dance styles.
I can teach: popping, locking, waving, tutting, liquid, sliding, house, footwork, breakdancing, acrobatics, choreography, improvisation, and theatrical.
I can help you build your own style. A style that specifically pertains to you. I'll show you how to incorporate concepts, themes, and ideas, to tell a story, or to just express yourself through movement and rhythm.
I love teaching, and I love that look in a persons face after they get something that was tough. I love helping them understand what they could do differently to yield different results.
If you want to learn hip hop, house, or fusion- I am a very patient yet motivating teacher. I can be strict at times, but only when needed ;-)

Classes focus on ideas and concepts as well as ways to act them out. We learn how to utilize balance, emotion, finesse, attention, and focus to transition between movements. Exploring performing with character, style, technique, and form to develop their own individual philosophies on movement. We dissect different instruments and rhythms to experience them in different parts of the body. Integrating hip hop, ballet, modern, house, and martial arts into one cohesive style.
My goal is to foster artistic growth and to help you surprise yourself!

Photos and Videos

Sunrise Vibes


Head Instructor/CEO
Feb 2016 - Present
Hieroglyphic-Chi School of Improv

A dance and performance company focused on developing the physical and mental advancement of its students and audience.

Talent Coach
Jan 2015 - Present

I work with all the artists who join the GoHarlemNYC entertainment and performance tours.

Director of Talent
Sep 2011 - Mar 2012
Miss Black America

Helped pageant contestants develop their performance for the talent portion of the show.


Aug 2004 - Dec 2009
Case Western Reserve University
Bachelor's in Dance and Theater
Aug 2004 - Dec 2009
Case Western Reserve University

Languages Spoken

Body Language
Professional Proficiency
Fluent / Native Proficiency


Master of Improvisation
May 2009
Case Western Reserve University

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Jordan B. Jan 10, 2017
· Hip Hop Dance · In home Da-Rell and I hit it off right away. In less than a day we already had a dance lesson planned, and we got right to it. Da-Rell has groove and is the number one recommended hip-hop dance trainer from the Take Lessons company. We went over moon walking, sliding / gliding, and other modern hip-hop moves. Da-Rell also helped film the dance moves on camera so I could keep the video as a study guide. Thank you Da-Rell!
Soozi T. Nov 29, 2016
· Dance · In home Da Rell was awesome! Patient, informative, knowledgeable, interesting, and fun!
Vaughan P. Oct 3, 2016
· Hip Hop Dance · In home Da-Rell is amazing!!!!! The lesson was for my ten year old son and far exceeded our expectations. My son was so excited after his first lesson and he gave it ten out of ten! Da-Rell has a very personal approach I can envision that he is an amazing teacher for anyone!
Beckett F. Jun 16, 2016
· Hip Hop Dance · In home Da-Rell was terrific with my 5 yr old son. He really knows how to work with kids, keep their attention and make it fun while they learn. It was exactly the kind of class we were looking for.
Danna S. May 22, 2016
· Dance · In home Da-Rell is great. He helps build confidence with children/kids.He is getting to know the person and works accordingly.Through his method ,he made my son feel very safe and friendly first so they can move on to dance moves. He is super sweet and i highly reccomend him! hopefully we will be able to dance like him very soon! :)
Jay K. May 21, 2016
· Dance · In home Da-Rell did a great job teaching me how to dance in advance of a family wedding. I already had an instructor for ballroom dances, but needed someone to loosen me up for the club (rock, pop, hip-hop) dancing which represented a large part of the repertoire of the band's program at the wedding. After 5 hours of lessons I felt confident both using the moves that DaRell had taught me as well as even inventing some of my own along the way. DaRell did a great job on a difficult assignment, outside of the normal repertoire of most dance lessons.
Hananel B. May 11, 2015
· Hip Hop Dance · In home Da Rell was very professional
We went over some dance moves and he had the ability to recognise my dance style , as oppose to just teaching me mechanically
I wanna thank Da Rell for the classes and recommend him as a dance instructor and choreographer
Da-Rell Townes
Da-Rell T.

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