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New York, NY
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100% Satisfaction Guarantee

100% Satisfaction Guarantee

Try the first lesson and if you’re not satisfied we'll refund any unused lessons.
100% Satisfaction Guarantee

100% Satisfaction Guarantee

Try the first lesson and if you’re not satisfied we'll refund any unused lessons.

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I would love to become involved and help strengthen the math skills of your high schooler! I am currently tutoring a number of high schoolers and have seen a huge boost in their confidence and abilities and would love to work with yours.  In addition to reinforcing the fundamentals, and dissecting advanced material so it is more easily understood, I plan to initially is to examine their thought process, and then deconstruct their approach so it becomes more systematic and methodical.  

 I had a near perfect SAT math score (780 when it was scored out of 800) and also attended UPenn. But most importantly I can get him/her to raise her math score! I dont like to make guarantee's but in general in a 1 month time frame i have been able to raise my students math score 100 points. If given 3-6 months i can raise their math score 200-350 points. My general strategy is to identify the type of question (Alg, Trig, Geometry etc) s/he struggles with and to examine hish/er thought process tackling these questions. I have also counseled students and parents on college admissions process since I was a counselor for UPenn undergrads for graduate school admissions.    

I excelled in math and often tutored family friends (that have since outgrown tutoring needs) who were in middle/junior/high school. My contagious enthusiasm for mathematics helps inspires my students to enjoy and appreciate the subject.    

I am an Ivy educated individual and also taught in an Ivy institution and look forward to creating an immersive and nurturing learning experience. I certainly hope to inspire his/her love of math so it may never become an obstacle again.  
Consider reaching out to me and discussing how we can tailor his/her educational need.  I am available to tutor on a regular consistent schedule and can commit to them.

About Craig W.

Welcome students and parents: You may not know it yet, but stumbling upon my page may change your life for the better. With me, your immersion into the world of science and education may open up opportunities that may alter your children's future path.

I have tutored students at the junior/high school, and college levels. As a teaching assistance for undergraduates at the Ivy league, the Univ of Pennsylvania, I teach pupils to dissect problems and challenges into manageable components. This was my stepping stone into a professorial role. I am originally from NYC, and attended Stuyvesant, so I also help tutor students with the SSAT and SHSAT. Knowledge and understanding alone does not make a good educator, it is the ability to transmit such skills which is remarkable.

I have a Master's of Science of Biochemical Engineering from the University of Pennsylvania, and a Bachelor's of Science in biomedical sciences from King's College, University of London.

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Andrea Feb 18, 2019
Algebra 2 · In home

Craig's teaching is quite impressive. I'm a math teacher myself, but when I caught moments of him teaching my daughter struggling in algebra 2, I thought his approach was better! His instruction is excellent and she is now doiing great in Algebra 2.

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Shelley Feb 18, 2019
Chemistry · In home

Craig has greatly helped my daughter struggling in chemistry! She now consistently achieves in the 90's. Without him, she would not have found an appreciation for chemistry and has now decided to sign up for AP Chem. His explanations are clear and easy to understand.

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Patrick Feb 18, 2019
Chemistry · In home

Craig is a marvelous tutor. For my twins, he brought up their MATH SAT 130 and 150 points respectively. With my middle schooler he has helped bring up her SSAT to the 94% (percentile) getting her into our top choice. He is thorough and meticulous tutor teaching them how to find and fix their own mistakes.

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Ayham Nov 8, 2018
AP Biology · Online

We enjoyed Craig wealth of knowledge in Biology and simple, easy way in explaining the contents of the subject, my son score has improve tremendously with Craig help
I do highly recommend Craig for anybody who needs help in AP Biology

Malky S. Sep 15, 2018
Chemistry · In home

Craig was knowledgeable and extremely patient!
He is really invested in seeing his student excel!
Would highly recommend him for all your subjects!

Saama P. Apr 8, 2018
Biology · In studio

Saama is very very happy with his way of teaching and delivery of curriculum. He is a true and amazing teacher.

Chip Jan 18, 2018
Chemistry · In home

Off to an amazing start with Craig. We started just prior to a big Chem mid-term and were blown away by the commitment he made to getting our son prepared for it. Looking forward to doing much more with Craig!

Karen Apr 23, 2017
SAT · In studio

Craig has been tutoring 2 of my children, one a junior prepping for the SAT and the other a freshman needing help with Bio and math. From the feedback I get, my children love him. He is patient, and systematic and methodical and from the brief glimpses I get, he is very interactive and genuinely nurtures a love of science in them

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Jennifer Apr 11, 2017
SAT · In home

Craig has been tutoring our daughter on the SAT Math and we have seen a boost in her confidence and her performance. He has been able to decisively shown her how to tackle questions she would normally struggle with.

Allyson Apr 10, 2017
Chemistry · In home

Craig is a phenomenal tutor. I struggled with college chemistry and he was thorough and patient in his explanation ensuring the strength of my fundamentals before explaining the introducing the more difficult topics. He even has now began tutoring my brother in SAT math and my brother has commented how Craig has been able to propel his approach to math. Craig is a fantastic tutor!

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Teaching Assistant for Molecular Biology, Microbiology, Biology
Sep 2007 - Sep 2009

University of Pennsylvania

 Taught analytical methodology including data analysis, hypothesis testing, observational analysis, analysis of statistical confidence levels, control measures, assessment of reproducible controlled conditions and corrective actions.  Instructed the fundamentals of research, instrumentation and calibration in recombinant DNA techniques and purification, DNA sequencing, protein purification and other in‐ vitro techniques.  Designed lessons to inspire student exploration of scientific methodology and enhance team‐oriented problem solving.  Prepared laboratory experiments. Assisted in operation of teaching labs in molecular biology.  Introduced refinements to the laboratory curriculum by targeting cost cutting, and streamlining experimental set up.  Mentored students in their aspirations for graduate school. Graded submitted student reports.


Dental Medicine
Aug 2009 - Jun 2014

University of Pennsylvania

Molecular Biology
Aug 2006 - Jun 2014

University of Pennsylvania



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