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Greetings Earthlings, class is in session. Ok time for our first POP QUIZ! See your questions below. (There is a right or wrong answer, but only you will know if it’s correct or not.)

Question 1.: Who are you?

Question 2.: Who or what did you want to be prior to any doubt of becoming that was brought to your awareness?

Question 3.: Does it bother you to have fun while learning? (This is not a trick question.)

Well, there you go. So, how did you do? Remember, only you can really answer these specific questions. When it comes to exploring self, which most of my lessons extends from, understanding and being honest with whom, what and where you are is the first step in opening yourself up to learning and evolving.

Learning should be fun an exciting. There’s also a sense of freedom that should come along with the power of obtaining new mental tools for life. Your life.

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Self Devlopepment Advocate
Jul 2011 - Present

Imagicatii Academia Mellanium Systems

Our world is God’s most beautiful creation. Behind every corner and yellow brick road, lies an opportunity for love, courage and rejoice in how awesome his work is. The challenge many individuals face in this world is the fact that they forgot that they are part of this magnificent creation. There is a divine being which connects us as a whole, yet resides in each of us as our own special light. When our light all of a sudden is dimmed due to an undesirable experience, many individuals become paralyzed in their walk of faith because darkness has surrounded them. I feel the stronger your foundation is as a child of God, equips you as an adult to keep pushing forward that although your light maybe dimmed at the time, it has not completely gone out. What a child is introduced to early own in their development, is the building blocks to the type of future that child may have as an adult interacting with the rest of the world. I love the opportunity to mode healthier and happier foundations for our youth.


Associates of Applied Science
Aug 2009 - Feb 2011

Sand ford Brown College


Financial Literacy
Jul 2019

Redevelopment Opportunities for Women Agency

Redevelopment Opportunities for Women (ROW) provides advocacy and financial literacy services for women who have been impacted by domestic violence, poverty/economic hardship.
Ck12 Educator
Jul 2017


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