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Chris R.

Dorchester, Massachusetts
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Chris R.

Dorchester, Massachusetts
About Chris R.

Hi! I'm Chris, a guitar teacher who's been working in the Boston area for nearly 4 years. I have a BA in Music Performance from the University of Massachusetts-Boston, as well as passing scores for Massachusetts' Test for Educator Licensure in Music, which tests prospective public school music teachers in their knowledge and skillset. I offer lessons in my own home, over the internet via Skype, or in the student's home, provided they are accessible by Boston's public transport system (INCLUDING commuter rail stops). I've been in many types of performing ensembles, including guitar duos/trios/quartets, jazz ensembles of various sizes, death metal and punk acts of all flavors, as well as performing by myself as a solo guitarist. I can teach your everything from sweep picking to chord melody composition, and you'll definitely have fun as we're doing it! I offer a trial lesson at absolutely no cost or obligation, in which we review and discuss your musical abilities and goals. At the very least, you will come away with some helpful tips and exercises that I guarantee will improve you playing, even from our first meeting. *** Lesson Details *** First lesson is a free, no obligation assessment where we discuss your musical goals and abilities, and I will give you a generalized curriculum that I think is a fit. This will change as time goes on, and every student is different, but having a clear roadmap for success and goals to strive towards are critical first steps in undertaking music lessons. After that has been established, we move forward with either half hour or hour long lessons. Both types will contain the same amount of information per lesson; the half hour lesson would be me presenting some new information, and supplementing it with some exercises and possibly suggestions of musical pieces that would help as well. In the hour lessons, I personally observe you going through some of the exercises and material that I have presented, and offer some more practice tips. The difference is usually whether you feel like you would benefit from direct observation of your practice time! Students can switch from half hour to hour lessons at any time; the extra half hour is only $5 more, so it's an economical, affordable decision that won't break the bank if you think you could benefit form a little extra observation. *** Studio Equipment *** Guitars: Washburn D-10 Acoustic SX Telecaster Washburn CT2 Agile Septor 727 Ibanez SDGR Bass Amplifiers: ENGL Thunder 50 + Randall 4x12 halfstack Roland Microcube x2 Line 6 POD HD300 There is also a computer with internet access/home studio gear (interface, keyboard, etc) in order to help students become comfortable with recording in their own home! *** Specialties *** Jazz Chord-Melody Arrangement Extreme Metal Technique and Composition General Songwriting and Composition Home Recording Live Performance and Band Management

Teaches all skill levels

Age: 5+

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Subject: Guitar
Bass Guitar
Music Performance
Music Recording
Music Theory
Teaches 6 subjects. Different subjects may have different prices.
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