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Carol teaches: Ages 10 and up
Special needs
Teaching since: June 1991
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I've sung most of my life. I've been teaching since 1991. I listen to a lot of different singers but my real passion is jazz, Brazilian music and blues. I've performed in the US as well as England and Scotland. I also have recorded 2 Cd's.

I teach many different styles of music and work with beginners to advanced. Both of my teaching studios are equipped with a P.A. system so that students can also work on their performance skills.

What's the first lesson like? When I first meet a new student I ask about what experience they've had singing. Even beginners sing in the shower or along with their favorite CD's.

Finding out what kind of music the student listens to and wants to sing is also a big part of the first lesson. I find that it is more motivating and fun to work on songs that the students enjoy.

It's good for me to know if they feel strain, tension or raspiness. I explain a little about how the vocal cords work, visualizing or picturing the action of the vocal cords and the muscles that work with them.

I encourage students to find their own images that they can relate to. We work on breathing, increasing range and power through vocal exercises. I record exercises at the lesson and give the student their own practice CD to work on during the week.

Working on songs is equally important. Knowing how to get the sound that is uniquely your own and expressing yourself without strain or damage to the vocal cords.

Do any of the following things interest you? Increased range and power, ear training, song writing, breath management, music theory, or improved performance skills? Try a lesson. It's rewarding and fun!

*** Lesson Details ***
I have a warm down to earth approach to voice lessons. I'm laid back and very patient. This doesn't mean that I'm not demanding of my students. I'll help you find the best way to find practice time and enjoy the journey. In a few weeks you'll notice an easier time hitting those higher notes. In a few months you'll be singing songs with more freedom. You'll learn breathing, tone quality, how to increase range and power. We'll also work on performance and making a song all your own.

*** Studio Equipment ***
Both studios have a full PA system for singing on mic. Recording lessons or songs is also possible.

*** Specialties ***
music theory, voice, singing, speaking, beginning piano, performance skills
I specialize in jazz though I don't have much call for that. I'm good with most styles except Rap & Opera.
I am a believer in Speech Level singing. I combine methods of Caesari and the methods that both Musician Institute & Los Angeles Music Academy use.

Photos and Videos

Working on some new music in the recording studio I owned in 2007. Blonde, redhead, glasses and no glasses - I always keep you guessing!


voice, beginning piano teacher
Jun 1991 - Apr 2014
self - employed, Center For Voice, Platinum Music, Los Angeles Music Academy

I've taught in England, Chicago, Los Angeles and San Diego. For the Center For Voice I was Director of Education for 2 yrs.(developing classes & hiring teachers for them) I also taught classes as well as privately. After that I was the Executive Director. For Los Angeles Music Academy I taught privately and classes.

Director of Education and teacher
Jan 1994 - Jan 1998
Center For Voice

I hired the teachers for classes i.e. Music Theory, Beginning Voice, Sing with a band class, etc.

I taught private students and 3 of the classes over different years.


Vocal Performance
Oct 1990 - Mar 1991
Musicians Institute - Vocal Insitute
Jazz Vocal Performance
Sep 1972 - May 1974
Wisconsin College Conservatory

Languages Spoken

Fluent / Native Proficiency


Vocal Performance
Mar 1991
Musicians Institute

Learned everything needed for small and large stage performing. All performances were graded and recorded.


1st runner-up Most Outstanding Vocal Student
Mar 1991
Musician's Institute

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Lisa Dec 12, 2016
· Singing · In home
I decided to finally pursue voice lessons, after years of thinking about it but never taking action. Now in middle-age - and not sure exactly what I want to do down the road - I can definitely say that have LOVED working with Carol! I could not have asked for a better teacher to start me on this path. Her knowledge and experience comes through in every lesson, but it is her warm and personal demeanor that helped me believe that I could start on this journey and really enjoy the process. She has a way of connecting with you so that you understand what she's saying, and you can then starting improving under her direction. I would highly recommend Carol and I look forward to continuing with her.
Mike Nov 27, 2016
· Singing · In studio
Learn something new every lesson!
Bryce S. Aug 29, 2016
· Piano · In home
I think my son really enjoyed the lesson. I'm very hopeful for a continued positive relationship. Hope we can meet next lesson a week from Labor Day! Thank you! Brenda
CJ C. Oct 11, 2015
· Singing · In studio
A caring and sensitive teacher which promotes confidence in her students. We are looking forward to more lessons!
Jolene S. Oct 10, 2015
· Singing · In studio
I've really been enjoying my singing lessons with Carol. I'm learning so much. Carol is very upbeat and encouraging. I will definitely be continuing with her after my first five lessons.
Kate G. Sep 22, 2015
· Singing · In studio
Carol is a great teacher! I was glad that I was able to find a teacher who has experience in the genre's of music I like to sing which are Jazz and Blues. Carol keeps things fun by letting me learn the things that I want to learn and her flexibility make her such a good teacher. Thank you very much Carol!
Kerry C. Jun 26, 2015
· Singing · In home
Carol is awesome! Complete professional with tons of knowledge and experience yet laid back and approachable. Honest assessments and expert guidance. Carol is a great person and a wonderful teacher and I feel lucky to study under her!
Lydia S. Jun 9, 2015
· Speaking Voice · In studio
My son Steven has been taking taking lessons with Carol for about 2 years now and we think she is the greatest! Carol was very knowledgeable during the lessons and her patience with my son helped him achieve greatness. My son is now moving and we wish he could take Carol with him but shes got great work to do with other students! I HIGHLY recommend lessons with Carol!
Maury P. Apr 29, 2015
· Singing · In home
Carol is very personable; I've made good progress through exercises and helpful advice.
Lisa L. Apr 21, 2015
· Singing · In studio
Carol is wonderful. I would highly recommend her as a singing teacher. My daughter loves her lessons with Carol and she is a very talented musician
Carol Fuller
Carol F.

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