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Candid L. B.
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Develop your vocal skills from a professional with a Ph.D. in Music
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This class is designed for preparing auditions, shows, recordings, public speaking, streaming, performances in general. I'll coach you on text, body and voice to prepare your performance, based on techniques for voice, acting and body expression. Please also find more information in my singing profile.
About Candid L. B.

PhD in Music, International Musician, Expert and Scholar in Music Education, with modern methodologies to teach music (performance, creation, well-being) - in New York and ONLINE! TOP artistic training and experience, in high-quality studios in Times Square area, top equipment in class or ONLINE, cutting-edge techniques and training - combining arts, music, music history, concepts, composition. For all ages, make your musical experience a really valid one. I am a touring artist, with a career on piano and singing that you can find works and followers in every social network. I'm a Brazilian musician around 35 years old, based in NYC for a PhD Research in Music Composition, MASTER in Piano Performance and Singing, Professor at a University in Brazil and in the US, also Bachelor in Singing and Composition. I am also educated in multiple techniques, that I apply to my unique methodology. I combine elements of Linklater, Estill, Alexandre Technique, Feldenkrais, GDS; I am certified under the Somatic Voicework Technique and I am becoming a designated LInklater technique instructor soon (5 years education in NYC). The combination of this technique allows me to work from a body/emotional perspective to approach music. Through the last 20 years of performing and teaching, I created a unique program that approaches music in a holistic way. I approach a cross-technique between piano-singing-composition and a cross-genre repertoire, that (finally) includes folk music from multiple cultures. Deeply grounded in studies of music, the student receives a program to be created collectively with me during classes, including syllabus, methods for assessment, coaching and opportunities for performance and recording. I am very experienced leading classes of piano and Jazz/pop singing, songwriting, for kids and adults. I have a huge repertoire of classical music, pop, musical theater, Brazilian and Latin songs. Also, the practice can include harmony studies, ear training, improvisation, and composition. The main concept of my methodology is about using creativity, technology, and good music to make the students feel inspired and motivated to play the songs they want and develop skills. I teach in English, Portuguese or Spanish. I've been teaching beginners and advanced students. I coach professional musicians, applying for auditions, releasing new works or developing their careers - especially in New York. My students include kids to successful musicians. Check my reviews, please. PLAY Music - LEARN Music - CREATE Music Use the piano or voice to play a great variety of songs, from classical to pop, crossing jazz, Brazilian and Latin tunes, american classicals, etc. Using sheets, chords, iPad/iphone, "play by ear", books or just improvising! Add to your training elements of Music Theory, Harmony, Music History and Ear Training with interactive material online and books. Creativity!!! Jam every class, learn to songwrite, to create your melodies, change chords, write lyrics and produce your songs! Acoustic and digital support, many tools to express your ideas, kids to adults! Create your own program, combining different subjects, like singing and ear training, music theory and piano, piano and singing, piano and songwriting, etc. Classes are online or in Manhattan, New York - in studio or in-home. Worldwide students. FOR ONLINE CLASSES, I developed a great structure working with your ipad/ tablet/ phone/ computer, using Skype , FaceTime, Facebook, Zoom, and more, to work with worldwide students and institutes. Ask me more about it! ABOUT THE CLASSES: I recommend starting with online or in studio classes of 30 minutes. You will receive instructions for an amazing, affordable and comfortable class! Want a longer class, double or mixed subjects like piano and singing? Let me know! I can also work in groups, so invite your friends and family! Any doubt or special case? Write me a message! I'll be happy to consider your request! Las clases también pueden ser en ESPAÑOL y con el repertorio latino! Ou se preferir, com a alegria e a facilidade de se falar PORTUGUÊS em aula! FROM MY WEBSITE: Professor Cândida is an inspiring world-class musician, classically trained and rooted in Brazilian/Latin culture. While completing her Doctorate, she holds a Master in Piano Performance, Bachelors also in piano, singing, composition, studies in music production and electronic music, sound therapy, special needs and coaching. Professor Cândida is a true educator and artist, specialized in Music Pedagogy. Her artistic work mixes folkloric music, bossa nova, pop, latin and African music, jazz, and styles of world music.  After 15 years of teaching in Universities in Brazil, the United States and other countries, she created a program in which she offers her experience as a music educator for all ages worldwide students. To be effective, warm and simple.  Her program consists of private and group classes, live online and in New York City. Not by video, it's a true instructor to help you build repertoire, good technique, and great support to your studies and development. Her methodology consists of a modern approach to music education and coaching,  that connects creativity, repertoire, technology and skill