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Bryan J.

Antioch, Tennessee
About Bryan J.

Hello, my name is Bryan J. I am a graduate of GIT at the Musicians Institute in Hollywood, California. I was privileged to have studied with the best musicians in the world, some well known and some are not, however, you don't have to be world-famous to be a great musician. I have twenty years of playing, touring, recording, and teaching experience and I have seen how life-changing music can be. I simply use my experience in a practical way to work for my students to achieve their goals and get where they want to go without the pressure or stress of trying to please someone else, including me. This is for you. If you are inspired and love to play, practicing is never an issue. Becoming passionate about your studies is key to your success. That's what I am here to help you with. *** Lesson Details *** Each student is different. Some outgoing, some shy and musically diverse, so i research the students taste and form a plan based on their goals. It is extremely important to know if they are more creative and want to write their own songs or if they want to be a technical player and a soloist. I always ask about their playlists and what they like as well as introduce them to styles they may not have experienced. It is extremely important to know their background and lifestyle. Some are very sensitive and can be fragile and some assertive and outgoing. The pace at which a student learns is essential to be aware of and to exercise patients in all circumstances. As far the music itself I basically use the songs they like and want to learn, or if they want to write their own, as a template. Once they reach success and accomplishment then I begin to analyze the material and address music theory, structure and mechanics of the songs. *** Studio Equipment *** Living room w/ bass, guitars, banjo, dobro mandolin and seating for parents *** Travel Equipment *** I always bring an acoustic instrument as well as an electric with a small amplifier. Student need to have their own instrument *** Specialties *** I currently live in Nashville and perform modern country with emphasis on songwriting although my education involves extensive jazz training and rock performance.

Teaches all skill levels

Teaching since 1993

Age: 5-70

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Subject: Guitar
Bass Guitar
Classical Guitar
Flamenco Guitar
Music Performance
Music Recording
Music Theory
Teaches 10+ subjects. Different subjects may have different prices.
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Best music teacher I've had Bryan is different from previous teachers I've had because he doesn't waste as much time on tedious details like countless memorization of chords and scales. He will get you playing with other instruments right away and then explain the music theory later in a way that makes much more sense. A very pragmatic and effective teacher.

Posted Jun 2, 2012

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