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Pasadena, CA

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Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced
Voice Technique Specialist and Vocal Coach. Recently prepared Brian Littrell (Backstreet Boys) for 2017 Vegas tour. Works with all genres of artists and all skill levels (beginners to pros). I'll get you to master your voice so you can achieve the sounds you want--whether it be pop, musical theatre, or opera!
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Brian delivers an exceptional lesson experience and ranks in the top 15% of our teachers nationwide.
Teaches students:
Ages 7+

Teaching since:
September 2008

Brian L. has undergone extensive training with certifications in the Speech Level Singing (SLS)* and New York Vocal Coaching (NYVC)** techniques.

An avid lover of music, Brian graduated Magna Cum Laude from the University of Southern California Thornton School of Music.

His most notable mentors include:
Seth Riggs (former teacher of Michael Jackson, Stevie Wonder, and James Ingram)
Aaron Hagan (teacher of Ariana Grande, Selena Gomez, and Ray Dalton)
Justin Stoney (founder of New York Vocal Coaching)
Greg Enriquez (former Master Instructor at Speech Level Singing)
Lorna Emata Goodwin (Level 5 Instructor at Speech Level Singing)

Brian's teaching style focuses heavily on the intersection of vocal science and artistry. He is also bilingual in Chinese and English and teaches in both languages.

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Voice Technique Specialist
Sep 2008 - Present
Brian L. Voice Studio


Audio Engineering & Music Industry
Aug 2011 - May 2014
University of Southern California


Chinese Mandarin
Professional Proficiency
Fluent / Native Proficiency


New York Vocal Coaching
Feb 2017
New York Vocal Coaching

The NYVC technique is studied by a wide range of professional singers ranging from Broadway actors to Metropolitan Opera soloists, and has combined the best tools and techniques from Bel Canto, SLS, and Complete Vocal Technique (CVT) techniques.

Speech Level Singing
Jan 2009
Speech Level Singing International

The SLS technique is one of the most famous singing techniques worldwide and has been studied by over 120 Grammy Award winners under the tutelage of founder Seth Riggs. Brian was a certified instructor of SLS for four years, from 2009 to 2013.


National Association of Teachers of Singing
Feb 2017

Founded in 1944, National Association of Teachers of Singing, Inc. (NATS) is the largest professional association of teachers of singing in the world with more than 7,000 members worldwide.

Photos & Videos

Preparing Brian Littrell (Backstreet Boys) for the 2017 Backstreet Boys Vegas tour.

Voice coaching in a multi-platinum recording studio.

Vocal producing and coaching an emerging artist in the studio!
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Jason Apr 24, 2017
· In studio

I've been Brian's student for several years now.

I've tried several teachers in the past who spoke very vaguely when explaining things. My favorite thing about Brian is that he explains things very clearly and scientifically. I am now able to navigate through my high registers much more effortlessly.

Singing has become more enjoyable now that my technique has advanced. Brian's wonderfully warm and encouraging personality certainly helped as well!

On top of that, the price was super reasonable and totally worth it.

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Rosemarie Apr 20, 2017
Singing · In studio

Brian is a great vocal teacher. Before I started taking voice lessons from him I almost completely believed I could never learn to sing high notes. For a while I believed it was impossible. Although, just after a few lessons with Brian he helped me discover places I thought my voice could never reach. I definitely do not regret any of the sessions because he has helped me improve my singing tremendously! Brian is so passionate about his job he gets pretty technical. He goes in great detail and in scientific detail too if he has to. Not only does he have great knowledge in vocals but he is also a fun, easy-going character. I highly recommend him!

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Bryan D. Apr 19, 2017
Singing · In studio

As an entertainer, singing has always been the one thing i could never get, but really wanted. Even harmonizing was an impossible task for me. Within the 1st lesson, BrIan got me to a level that was actually bearable to the human ear. Within a couple months of lessons, not only was my (singing) voice in pitch and in tune, but i was auditioning for roles that required singing!

The tools i received here not only helped with my singing, but also my Voice Over work, and getting ready for filming and auditions(just speaking). My voice never sounded so good!

I have been to a few voice coaches in the past (per my agent's request), and Brian's coaching takes the cake. He keeps it simple, does not give a cookie-cutter approach (its personalized), and it helps that Brian is an outstanding singer, so that you have something to listen to and mimic as you go through the exercises (believe it or not i've been to voice coaches who can't sing...yes, really).

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Aire Apr 18, 2017
Singing · In studio

Pretty interesting. He's very thorough in explaining and laid back at the same time. He emphasized my poor posture which was totally correct. And I have a soft, high voice so learning how to belt is going to be funny. Overall great, give him a try, I think there's something to learn, plus first lesson is free!

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Natasha Apr 17, 2017
Singing · In studio

I am so thankful and grateful for Brian Lin! My voice reached a plateau and wasn't getting any better, it wasn't getting stronger and I was getting more frustrated. I decided to mentally let go of my passion for singing and embrace the fact that I wasn't going to get any better. And then I met Brian. Long story short, he took my voice and completely transformed it in two weeks time with two sessions each week. I was able to belt, sing high and low notes strong and confidently, and my voice wasn't hoarse after all that singing because of the proper techniques. Brian is truly gifted and was born to teach!
If you've given up or simply have bad habits and damage to reverse, then Brian is your guy!

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Bradley Apr 13, 2017
Singing · In studio

My first singing lesson ever. It was a 2 person Lesson and I love the way Brian explained to us our bodies and how as instruments we work. It even showed when he specifically did different exercises with each of us depending on what we needed. And the effects were immediate in the change you felt. Excited for the next one!

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Calvin Apr 11, 2017
Singing · In studio

I have been a singer in different ensembles and choirs and pop/ rock bands over the years and it is very apparent how Brian takes a very effective style in teaching when compared to others. The exercises and solutions he gives cuts right into the cause of vocal problems, directly addressing certain parts of my voice which immediately makes vocal production much more healthy, and the quality of tone much better. Looking forward to working with him in the future and definitely recommend to anyone with any experience or vocal issues. He is indeed very knowledgeable and a good voice teacher.

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Chung Ming Apr 10, 2017
Singing · In studio

I have been singing on and off for about 15 years, but I've never gotten serious about singing until 2 years ago when I started to sing in the USC Concert Choir. Since most of my influence on my current singing technique comes from the classical/choir side of things, I thought I needed some help in sounding more "pop" and eliminating some of my choir habits that might
not be the best for a solo singer. So I went to visit Brian last Saturday to have him help me out with Maroon 5's Sunday Morning, a song I'm planning to sing in a singing contest.

On top of giving you instructions of how does he want you to sing, he also spends time in explaining why he wants you to sing in the way he wants you to sing, which was really helpful to me. Some of his instructions can be a little... unorthodox, such as the "Chinese Stance" and "Snarl", but they always end up in producing a better quality of sound, and of course he explains why he's asking to snarl or stand in an awkward stance. So, apart from making you a better singers, you'll also walk away with more knowledge about your own voice.

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Said Apr 6, 2017
Singing · In studio

Had an amazing first session with Brian! The techniques in which he uses are completely unique and sooo useful. I noticed a difference in my singing right away. I did things with my voice that I have never heard myself do before. All good things of course :)

His understanding of the vocal chords and how they work sets him apart from others. I learned more about the vocal chords in my first session with Brian than I have ever learned before. So if you are looking for a vocal technician that will push you to be the best and most powerful singer you can be, while teaching the anatomy of the vocal chords, definitely come see Brian Lin.

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Alicia Apr 5, 2017
Singing · In studio

I've been self taught for the last 6 years, and my producer had been getting on me to take vocal lessons. As a soul,jazz, pop artist I was definitely weary of teachers needless to say. It's not like you can teach soul. But I knew I was missing some basics and wanted the right person to help me let my voice soar. I found Brian and have been a weekly student ever since. His ability to pinpoint a weak spot and find its solution in a matter of minutes is what keeps me going back. Its like science. I literally hear the difference in my voice over and over every session. As crazy as it sounds I never expected a teacher to have that kind of power, effect and result. But teachers SHOULD! I also dig the fact that he's as passionate about teaching as I am about my craft, again something all teachers SHOULD possess, but don't. If you want practical solutions and improvement for your voice I'm positive you'll get it here

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Jeovana Apr 4, 2017
Singing · In studio

100% RECOMMEND!!!! What can I say more than I had an amazing experience! Ive never learn so much about my voice. Brian is an excellent teacher. Patient. Pushes you to push yourself but is still encouraging. Personalizes the experience so that it is easier for you to absorb what he is teaching you.
I could not have been happier and more thrilled with my lesson.

This is the first of many as I learn to expand and grow my voice stronger and stronger. Best instructor I have ever had, and I have a lot of hobbies....definitely going to be bringing my children to learn from Brian as well. Wouldn't trust anyone else with our voices.

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Steven Apr 3, 2017
Vocal Training · In studio

Brian Lin was very confident in his knowledge and gave a lot of personal experiences and where he started from which helped me get over a lot of performance anxiety that I've been struggling with. He understood my motivation for singing and was eager to help me through a lot of problems that I had. What I liked best about his methods was not only his patience but all the technical knowledge and focus on the important things. I was very unfamiliar/uncomfortable singing and his lesson guided me in a way so I could easily relate to it and learn. As the lesson progressed we found my vocal growth and ability and that spurned me on to do more.

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Kayley S. Apr 3, 2017
Singing · In studio

I'm beyond thrilled to have found Brian! He is exactly what I've been looking for in a vocal coach. I am in my mid-twenties with some musical background, so I was looking for someone who could go in-depth with me and help me stretch my voice and understand better how to use it. He was been extremely thorough and patient from the first lesson, and he frequently refers back to a diagrams he keeps in his studio of the anatomy of singing muscles and pathways. He is realistic but very positive and encouraging and is adaptable in his methods. He is clearly experienced in teaching people with a range of vocal abilities and I feel that I've made great progress with his help just in the first couple of lessons. I would recommend him to anyone looking to improve their singing!

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Jamie C. Apr 3, 2017
Singing · In studio

I moved to California 3 years ago and had no clue how to sing with proper technique and struggled immensly with bridging and finding a good tone. Brain has helped me not only learn how to sing properly, but he has brought my voice to a place I never though possible. With his knowledge and skill as a voice instructor, every lesson always felt like I was learning and making improvements. He listens to every specific problem, and always has an answer to my questions and concerns. Brian goes above and beyond to make sure you learn and improve your voice, he often times links videos, gives advice, and shares his own learnings of the voice outside our hour lessons. Overall, by far the best teacher I have every had!

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