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Brad C.

Los Angeles, CA
100% Satisfaction Guarantee

100% Satisfaction Guarantee

We know that starting lessons is a big step and we want you to feel confident booking with us. If you are not completely satisfied, we'll help you find a new teacher or you can receive a refund for any unused lessons within the first year from the date of purchase.

Lesson Details



Brad passed a background check that includes a SSN verification, national criminal record check, and sex offender registry search. Learn More
Brad delivers an exceptional lesson experience and ranks in the top 15% of our teachers nationwide.
Teaches students:
Ages 5+ and special needs

Teaching since:
November 1978

As a celebrity vocal coach, I am here to give you all the abilities you need to be a great singer, in the most fun and rewarding way.
Having coached many of the biggest stars, many being Multiple Grammy Award and Academy Award Winners, I can guarantee you’ll get the best Vocal Coaching available.

Having a studio in West Hollywood, CA, I am fully integrated into the LA music scene and the secrets I will teach, will help you sing anyway you want. By learning with me, you can gain the same techniques and abilities of the stars:
Ariana Grande, Ed Sheeran, Paramore, Brad Paisley, Justin Timberlake, Blake Shelton, Eric Church, The Band Perry, Lil Wayne, Charlie Puth, Taylor Swift, Bruno Mars, Florida Georgia Line, Pink, Luke Bryan, Shawn Mendes, Imagine Dragons, Fun, Halsey, Rihanna, Julia Michaels, Selena Gomez, Niall Horan, Little Big Town, Alan Jackson, Carrie Underwood, Jason Aldean, Kacey Musgraves, Kelly Clarkson, James Blake, Adele, Katy Perry, Justin Bieber, Miley Cyrus, Maroon 5, Miranda Lambert, Jason Derulo, Lady Gaga, Drake, Tim McGraw, … All levels taught (including beginners)!

50 years’ experience in today's music industry. Veteran and 24x Platinum awarded voice coach w/ Grammy winning clientele. A onetime student, associate teacher, and partner of the famous vocal coach, Seth Riggs; Brad puts the individual’s needs above everything else. ”I will make sure that every technique you learn, works the best for you.”

*** Lesson Details ***
1) Freeing up and developing the voice to give you power, tone, range, and dynamic control. The louder and higher the note is, the more you feel intensity; the lower and softer the note, the more intimate it feels.
2) Brad provides coaching and feedback of the performance, ensuring that the singer’s audience will love you.

*** Bio ***
“Feedback from my clientele, tells me that a lot of my success over the years is due to my background as a rock, R&B, concert, club singer; and my drive to accomplish the needs of today’s recording artists,” says Brad…who has worked with Anita Baker, The Bangles, Quincy Jones, Kevin Cronin (REO Speedwagon), Expose', Marq Torien of the Bullet Boys, … “I was a 60s rock singer and guitarist; and I have been singing on mics, sound reinforcement equipment, and recording equipment since I was 14 (50 years).”
In 1987, not long after he launched his own studio after years as a partner of Seth Riggs, Music Connection Magazine ran an article about his unique approach to microphones and electronic elements. He explained his desire to make sure that students learn to sing well with mics, so they didn't over-sing and that their emotional nuances would shine through. Brad teaches all genres that use mics for amplification.

*** Studio Equipment ***
Keyboard, microphones, recording studio, guitar, and seating for parents

*** Specialties ***
All styles that use microphones, recording studios, live performances with PA systems, and voice monitoring

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Vocal coach
Sep 1983 - Feb 1988
Seth Riggs Studio

After studying with Seth Riggs privately for 4 years, he asked be to join him as his partner, where we worked with the most famous stars in the world.

Top 40 band leader, lead guitarist and singer
Jan 1967 - Jan 1982
Band: Celebration

We toured the world performing 6 night a week.


Rock and Roll and most other popular styles ... I've been learning it from the masters for 50 years
Jan 1965 - Present
The recordings and live performances of all styles of recording artists.
Guitar and Voice
Sep 1973 - Oct 1983
UCLA and Private Training with World Renown Seth Riggs


English - When my students sing and speak in other languages, we use an interpreter
Fluent / Native Proficiency


Recording studios and sound systems operations
Jan 1973
American Recording Academy

Learning these skills at the age of 20 helped me immensly in my music career and now I use it to help singers sing in studios and on live stages with PA systems.

Recording engineering degree
Jun 1969
American Recording Academy

Learning recording has helped me with my own career and now I use that knowledge to help you.


24 Platinum Records
Jan 2017
Recording Institute Association of America
Whitesnake 8x Platinum album
Aug 2013
Geffen Records


The Recording Academy
Mar 1989

Celebrating music through the GRAMMY Awards for more than 50 years, The Recording Academy continues its rich legacy and ongoing growth as the premier outlet for honoring achievements in the recording arts and supporting the music community. The GRAMMYs are the only peer-presented award to honor artistic achievement, technical proficiency and overall excellence in the recording industry, without regard to album sales or chart position.

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Photos & Videos

My student, multi-platinum singer, Jeanette Jurado talks about how I helped her with her star-studded career.
What makes Brad different from other voice teaches is asked and answered during a seminar.
My student Emily Perry is number 13 on Billboards Dance Club charts this week with 'Walk in Silence[.  Listen to how I'm helping her.
Meet Luca Tarqua.  He just finished singing on one of Juicy J's new singles.  He speaks highly of his training with me.  Enjoy.
Video testimonial from one of my longtime students
My Student Halle Johnson on American Idol this Season.  Listen to what she's says about my coaching of her.
I'm showing you how to 'Learn Directly from the Greatest Singer's of Your Genre'.
My best student ever.  She really personifies my training.
Producing young Michaels vocals at West Lake Studios in West Hollywood.
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58 Reviews

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lymari N. Nov 13, 2018
Hip Hop & Rap · In studio


Andy Oct 16, 2018
Singing · Online

Extensive experience knowledge and most importantly- patience!

Glenn Aug 20, 2018
Singing · In studio

Brad is among the best voice coaches today. Using techniques honed through his extensive experience along with his trained ear, he helped me get back what I thought was lost forever. He's not just a great coach, but one who knows what is good therapy for the voice. Brutally honest, Brad doesn't sugar-coat ... he is helping you as the performer be the absolute best, and being honest is what we all need when training. Brad delivers results as long as you put in the work. He also helps you to learn the difference between singing and yelling ... there's a difference! I could not be more blessed to have reconnected with Brad. He is a master of his craft!

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Misato O. Aug 6, 2018
Singing · In studio

He is the best voice instructor ever!!! He may be a bit expensive compared to other instructors, but it's SO worth it.
I have been taking 3 lessons from him, but I can already feel that my voice has improved in so many ways. I always wanted to sing high "belting". But I was very confused about so many things and always feeling tension and didn't know how to get rid of it. But he spotted my problems right away and gives me tools to fix it. I still need to practice but now I know how to fix it. He is very knowledgeable, experienced in teaching, and very patient. I highly recommend him!!!

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Alli Jul 28, 2018
Singing · In studio

Great teacher. Made the process fun for someone whom had never taken lessons before. Easy to work with. Professional. I would recommend.

Tyler May 25, 2018
Singing · In studio

Brad is hands down one of the best vocal instructors in LA. He is knowledgeable, patient and truly understands the craft of singing.

He teaches you to sing with emotion and gives you tools that you can use your entire career to continually grow. I had bounced around from teacher to teacher until I found Brad and right away, after only a few lessons, he took me to a new level. Good luck!

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Monroe May 7, 2018
Vocal Training · In studio

I always loved singing but never knew exactly how. Brad really broke every part of singing down and helped me find my range and control.

Gene Apr 3, 2018
Music Recording · In studio

Highly recommend! I had the great opportunity to shoot a promotional video for Mr. Chapman's vocal coaching, and it was an excellent learning experience. Brad is a great communicator, and I quickly grasped his clear and effective methodology for significantly lengthening the careers of his high profile clients while they express their artistry to the fullest.

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Yolanda Feb 19, 2018
Singing · In studio

LOVE his style of teaching! Very patient. He teaches you how to connect with your audience. Music is not just about getting the notes right, it's about connecting with others and allowing people to feel your pain or happiness.
I noticed a change in my voice within weeks. He's the BEST I've ever had!

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Lezlee Feb 14, 2018
Music Recording · Online

Brad brings his own experience as a singer in a band as well as his decades of experience teaching students vocal techniques, voice therapy, style enhancement for many styles, working in the business, and how to sing with the kind of feeling that “makes ‘em cry.” I know this from 10 years of work with him.

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Zev Jan 30, 2018
Singing · In studio

Was exactly what Zev wanted. He enjoyed it thoroughly!

Alicia Jan 22, 2018
Singing · Online

Brad has completely changed my singing voice for the better. I get compliments regularly that I have a beautiful voice and people enjoy my performances. He tailors his lessons to the needs of the student to bring out his/her best. I can't recommend him enough!

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Rickie Jan 19, 2018
Singing · In studio

Brad is a great guy with the teaching style to match. He's friendly and patient, and all of our lessons have been a positive learning experience. Though Brad has worked with seasoned professionals, he makes me (as a total novice) feel comfortable and welcome, adeptly coaching me through my problem areas. He has a great dog too!

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Donna E. Scott Dec 10, 2017
Music Recording · Online

Brad Chapman is professional, funny, able and exact in helping you achieve what you need before recording. As my vocal Pre producer, he helped me achieve what I wanted, the feel, of each song to communicate that on the recording for my audience. While I did not receive a GRAMMY nomination my CD did make the first ballot, semifinals and it received great reviews from trade magazines in the US and globally. Hey. Wonderful person to work with and I highly recommend him.

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Monaye Dec 10, 2017
Music Performance · In studio

He's so amazing! He really know how to get the emotions to come through my vocal.hes such a great supporter and he always gives great encouragement

Aleisha-Heart Avail Dec 10, 2017
Vocal Training · Online

Brad is the best in the industry. Not only have my vocals improved but my stage presence and emotional portrayal have gotten 100% better. Since taking vocal coaching with Brad, my audience engagement has vastly improved and I feel more confident then I ever have. Next time I need help with vocal coaching for an album or tour, Brad will be the only choice for me.

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Teeshay Nov 21, 2017
Vocal Training · In studio

Brad is fabulous with his teaching skills. He heard me out patiently and then customized the program i need to follow and did a few cold reads with me making me more confident in the process. I absolutely recommend him to anyone looking to use their vocal chords professionally.

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Shannon Nov 20, 2017
Vocal Training · Online

Brad has been great! He works with my voice to make it stronger and more versatile without trying to change my style or sound. I love working with Brad and have seen a wonderful change in my voice when it comes to confidence AND ability. He takes time to explain little nuances that help me understand the science behind how my voice works and a ton of very helpful hints and visualizations that, simply put, make singing easier and more enjoyable. I've been singing since I was a child and I've never had more fun with it since working with Brad.

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Michel Nov 17, 2017
Vocal Training · Online

There was a hole in the production line when larger labels would have producers and vocal coach on payroll and the trends went to home studios .This service that Brad is now making accessible to all without the proverbial label steel claw contracts to sign on is a valuable asset for people with faith and vision on their talent,kudos Brad ,keep up the great work.

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Monaye Love Nov 7, 2017
Vocal Training · In studio

I was amazed at what he can do! I was able to do things that i didnt think i could do. I loved how he took his time with me and allowed me to understand the correct way to use my vocal vs the incorrect way. It was a perfect lesson and it prepaired me for a really busy ωєєк. I had 3 shows back to back in one week and man he was a life , savor I would highly recommend him to anyone who is trying to develop themselves as an established artist. He's the perfect gentleman for the ʝσв!

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Aaveen Oct 24, 2017
Vocal Training · In studio

Brad Chapman is a very thorough instructor who helped me improve my singing ability exponentially while I was training with him. From him I learned skills and techniques that did a great service to my craft and will stay with me for life! Highly recommend!

KEN Oct 22, 2017
Vocal Training · In studio

I started with Brad in 1982 in SLC Utah. Then LA, Back to SLC. He so knows his stuff. Just listen to what he is telling you, and you will succeed. We did lessons at his studio and my house I wish he was still here in Utah. Take advantage of this man's knowledge!!!!!!!

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Brian Oct 21, 2017
Music Recording · In studio

Brad is exceptional at his work. I have sent him the singers for two of my projects to prepare to record their vocals for their respective EPs and Brad sent them back to me with completely new instruments. He knows how to get the most of a vocalists performance, better pitch, and convincing delivery. He is patient and encouraging which puts the artist at ease and more receptive to instruction. If your goal is to be a recording artist and stage performer you need to engage Brad to help you be the most you can be.

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Jonathan Oct 20, 2017
Singing · In studio

Excellent warm up techniques and preparation

Ingrid Oct 17, 2017
Singing · In studio

Brad Chapman has the capacity to bring out the
best in you !

David Oct 15, 2017
Country Singing · In studio

Brad has helped me not only to be a better vocalist but also a better vocal performer. He genuinely cares about your progress. I highly recommend Brad not just for beginning singers but for anyone looking to get better - and better fast!

Elizabeth Oct 15, 2017
Vocal Training · Online

The best thing I ever did for my music was to start taking lessons with Brad.

I came to Brad with chronic sore throats from playing about 200 performances a year. His vocal warm ups fixed the problem almost immediately. Brad doesn't try to change your voice, he develops your own, unique sound. He also teaches you how to put emotion in to every word you sing. My vocal lessons have helped me to connect with my audiences more than ever before.

The highlight of our lessons was when Brad worked with me on vocal pre-production for a recording project. My producer and I decided to keep a studio take for one of the songs that we had recorded live with drums and acoustic guitar. The intent was to re-record vocals in a second studio day, but we kept the vocals because they were so locked in to the groove and emotional.

I believe in Brad's program so much that I have referred him to many of my friends. We are all so grateful to have him as a vocal coach. You will be too!

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Nick Oct 9, 2017
Vocal Training · In studio

Brad has a long track record of helping vocals perform at their best. He is friendly and knowledgeable!

Lezlee Oct 1, 2017
Vocal Training · In studio

Brad's decades of teaching and performing experience combined with his keeping current with cutting edge vocal technique and trends puts him in a class of his own. I know this because I have worked with him for ten years plus and seen his evolution along with my own. He takes the student and artist, meets them wherever they are, and streamlines the vocal work to their desired goal through technique, sometimes even intuited, creating the best possible results their voices are capable of, sometimes as fast as one lesson. However the results of longer term work with him are even greater. He has always been able to take me to a new level of vocal excellence and feeling. I sing songs frequently now that I never thought I could ever sing, not alone in an effective, moving way. The audience feedback confirms for me that my work with him has been most valuable to my career/income, but even moreso to my desire to make a difference for good on the planet. My singing has moved lives whether in the rock band, solo at a retirement center or my original albums from the recording studio because Brad was my teacher/coach/vocal producer/voice therapist. My musical life is so much more because you are in it. Thank you.

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Amanda Sep 30, 2017
Singing · Online

Brad was very thorough and dedicated.

Jody Sep 29, 2017
Music Recording · Online

Brad has an understanding of phrasing and emotion in regards to singing that is so important in delivering a solid vocal. I highly recommend him.

David L. Raffle, PhD Sep 28, 2017
Jazz Voice · In studio

I am a neuropsychologist who works with individuals with brain injuries. I refer all of my patient who singers prior to their trauma to Mr. Chapman, whom I trust as the most competent voice instructor in the field.
--David L. Raffle, PhD
Director, Raffle Brain Institute

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@SeanNickRocks Sep 27, 2017
Vocal Training · In studio

In 1986 I began taking vocal lessons from Brad in the hopes of passing my tough aural skills courses in music school. In fact, the techniques he taught me that year and coaching he gave enabled me to sing and front bands ever since. I even sang in choral ensembles multiple times at Carnegie Hall, first in Robert Shaw's Chorale, then as part of college alumni choir. I really cannot thank Brad enough.

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Jacob Sep 22, 2017
Vocal Training · In studio

I worked with Brad for over a year and still listen back on our recorded training sessions on a daily basis to sing along with them. He is truly unique in his abilities, with surgically guiding a singer to finding their own emotional truth in any given song. If you ever feel like your performances are lacking that certain special something, Brad can help you find it.

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Daniel H. Sep 21, 2017
Vocal Training · Online

My falsetto voice was making bad vibrating noises. I tried several different teachers and talked to a couple others. None of them knew what the problem was or how to help. I saw that Brad had a lot of experience and credentials, so I gave him a try. He discovered what the problem was very quickly and showed me how to resolve it. He knows his stuff. Don't hesitate to give him a try.

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Andy Sep 20, 2017
Vocal Training · In studio

Took 4 years to get an "A" on a lesson. After Brad moved back to L.A., about 2 years after that, I finally figured out what he was trying to explain to me. It wasn't really difficult; I was just being a bonehead. Ease of delivery, relaxation, and getting beyond worrying about singing so you get to the point that you pretty much can't make a mistake. Then you can tell the story. Feeling so good and having such a good time that all the really beautiful possibilities for how to sing a song are totally available to me without thinking. I invariably , when recording these days, sing a part of the song and wonder " where did I come up with that"'. Upon listening with the engineer and wife it is always excellent, and I almost always only need one take.So, thanks to Brad for that. There are more than a few people that think I have one of the best voices in the world. Thank Brad for getting me to this point.

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Susan Sep 15, 2017
Singing · Online

I have worked with Brad Chapman for almost two years now. I can say without hesitation that out of the seven voice teachers I have had over the years, Brad is by far the best. I would highly recommend Brad for any singer who is serious about his/her craft. He has a wealth of experience and knows both the business and artist side of music. Furthermore, he has a gift for knowing exactly how to help you improve your voice and performance and thus, provides the utmost quality in voice coaching.

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Luca Sep 14, 2017
Vocal Training · In home

Brad Chapman is truly the best Vocal coach and Tutor out there he gets everityhing right! he teahces People how to sing with great emotions and a lesson with Brad is truly a great experience because everytime you have a lesson you come out with great new assets to use for your own musical Kareer or Journey.

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Alicia Sep 14, 2017
Vocal Training · Online

I have been working with Brad for years, and let's just say you can't argue with results. He has changed the way I sing entirely. I have stamina, strength, and emotive quality in my voice that I didn't even know I could have achieved before working with him.

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Jasmin Pearl Sep 13, 2017
Vocal Training · Online

In 2016 I started taking pre production vocal coaching lessons with Brad Chapman, because I wanted to work on the performance side of my songs and connect better to the emotions of the songs. Thanks to Brad Chapman's training, the different excercises, that vary through the differerent classes and his positive coaching, I have been able to not only stretch my voice, and build my stamina, but also improve the expression of my emotions in my songs to a much deeper level.

Thank you Brad!

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Tyler Sep 12, 2017
Singing · In studio

Brad is an amazing person to work with. He does an amazing job at explaining how to sing with emotion and with proper technique. He is Very informative and super easy to work with. If your serious about your music and thinking about working with Brad, stop thinking and book a session asap! He will take your voice from a 2 all the way to a 10!

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Steve Sep 12, 2017
Vocal Training · Online

Brad is a wizard! I highly recommend him to anyone. His approach is perfect. He has a great ability to explain his message in a easy to understand manor. I felt comfortable right off the bat and in one session I can already see and feel a difference. I will definitely be back! Thanks Brad.

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Robyn Sep 12, 2017
Vocal Training · Online

As a full-time professional singer with almost 20 years of training, I can tell you that Brad is a phenomenal coach. Within the first few lessons, I was hitting notes I never dreamed of hitting, powering through a grueling tour schedule with no vocal problems, and creating my best recordings yet. I highly recommend training with Brad!

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Renman Sep 12, 2017
Vocal Training · Online

Brad is a top pro when it comes to getting the most out of your voice. I've been a manager for years and I know how important it is for singers to take care of their voice. When you don't its a showstopper.

Deborah Sep 11, 2017
Vocal Training · Online

Brad Chapman is thorough in sharing knowledge of how the voice works and what needs to be done to get it to peak performance. I sing in all styles from classical Opera to belting Rock, and now I do it with ease and the comfort of knowing I'm doing it right ,while also taking care of most precious instrument, my voice.

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Khaliq Glover aka Khaliq-O-Vision Sep 6, 2017
Singing · In studio

Brad will give you that edge you need to stand out from the crowd. He has worked with the best of the best, and will help you become the next of the best.

Michael H. Sep 5, 2017
Singing · Online

I had a great experience with Brad! He really knows his stuff!

Ruby Chase Sep 5, 2017
Singing · In home

I love the way Brad broke down where the voice lives and that it is more in how we perceive the sound and less that we have different voices. In one lesson, I had so many breakthroughs! Thank you Brad !!

Grant Sep 2, 2017
Singing · Online

Brad knows how to reveal the essence of every singer, and then bring it to the fore. He's got a gift at helping you realize YOUR gift!

Jeff Sep 2, 2017
Singing · Online

He was patient, knowledgeable, and professional. Truly, best instructor ever.

Elizabeth Sep 2, 2017
Singing · Online

Brad is kind and patient, but gently instructional in vocal technique. He is also very flexible with scheduling.

Suzanne Sep 2, 2017
Singing · Online

Several singers I have had the pleasure to manage have used Brad Chapman's service for pre-production coaching have gone on to submit vocal recordings for Grammy consideration. Also has lead a few to winning other music awards.

If you have the passion, Brad has the know how. Check him out for yourselves. You won't be disappointed.

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Sandra Jul 16, 2017
Singing · In home

I gained confidence and control very quickly from Brad and every minute was fun and exciting!

Dave P. Sep 25, 2013
Singing ·

Confidence for my 9 year old daughter

"With Brads knowledge, expertise, and gentle will, he has given my Daughter the confidence to explore the world of performing.
She is 9 years old. What a thrill it is to watch her grow as a musician.”
- Guitarist/
Dave Phillips

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Mark C. Sep 11, 2013
Singing ·

Brad Chapman has elevated my voice where it's never been

Brad Chapman has elevated my voice where it's never been. He helped me get my first band and I am using those skills to lead another. I will be seeing you soon, Brad, to strengthen and tone, to bring my voice to NEW MUSIC!!

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Zachary K. Feb 14, 2013
Singing ·

why pick brad

brad is the best teacher i have ever had he is my first but he is very open and understanding.

CatherineL1 Jul 31, 2012

Love Brad, he is so down to earth, and very encouraging as he teaches...I like his style of teaching, he makes me feel very comfortable!

EmilyS1 Jul 26, 2012

instills confidence

I am a beginner at singing and after 9 lessons with Brad, I was able to perform in front of a group with confidence. Brad is well educated in music and voice and teaches in such a way to challenge you and also give you confidence with where you are.

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