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Bonnie N.
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Crochet is never been easier when you find the right tool and right lessons.
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I have over 25 years of crocheting experience. I like to work with all kinds of yarn. Teaching and designing are my true passion. No worry about how far you can go, let's just pick yarn and a crochet hook work on chain 1, open up the joy of handmade. Let's keep it simple, what you can learn from me: following patterns, reading charts, crochet terms modifying patterns, finding the right tool and yarn for the right projects, finding the right project for you, tips when working on a project. Am I the right one for you? :) I also teach knitting, if you are a beginner that doesn't know which one you like, why don't you try to take a knit and crochet lesson from me, find out which is right for you. If you are an absolute beginner, I recommend the first 1 or 2 lessons to be 1 hour long. After, that any time slot will be fine.
About Bonnie N.

Designing and teaching are my true passion. I am a certified knitting instructor from CYC (Craft Yarn Council ). I have over 35 years of knitting experience. I have so much knitting/Crochet experience want to share with you. Do you want to start a new project? Do you have a question about finding the right yarn for the right project? Do you have a question about finding a next challenge project? Do you find yourself stuck on the current project but don't remember where to begin? Do you want to learn how to fix your knitting/crochet mistakes? Do you have a problem following a knitting/crochet pattern? Do you want to modify the pattern you follow but don't know how? Hey, if you answer a yes to the above questions, then I am the right knitting/crochet instructor for you. I am here to help you enjoy more knitting and crochet. Let's finish your knitting/crochet projects together. Let's really enjoy the fun of knitting/crochet. I am a published designer and have had my designs published in Interweave magazine. If you don't see a time available from my schedule. If you prefer the afternoon or evening lessons, Let me know and we will make an arrangement.

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