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***My Background***

To make sure that I understand the SAT and ACT better than any other tutor, I spent the last two years learning the other end of the test; I worked as a practice test writer for multiple testing agencies, wrote tutoring curriculum for various tutoring companies, and completed practice tests for both the SAT and ACT every month to stay sharp. My students consistently have an unparalleled understanding of how to master their test of choice because they learn to approach the test with the mindset of a test writer.

I’m currently pursuing degrees in Government and Economics at Harvard University. I’ve received more than two million dollars in scholarship offers to study at a dozen different universities such as Cornell, Johns Hopkins, the University of Chicago, UC Berkeley, UCLA, etc. My test scores allowed me to attend my dream school - I tutor to make sure that my students can do the same.

***My Philosophy***

My teaching method is fundamentally different from the way a student is used to learning in school. If we’re reviewing how to solve a polynomial, for example, I won’t waste time explaining the lengthy underlying concepts followed by one method to solve the problems. Instead, I introduce 3-4 different ways to solve the problem, record how long each approach takes the student when doing practice problems, and then assign a series of similar problems as homework so they can refine the fastest method.

***My Results***

My ACT students improve their scores by an average of 4.1 points and my SAT students by an average of 340 points. That means a student who had the average accepted score at the University of Florida now has a score high enough for Harvard.

Many of my students make substantial leaps within a single session because of the personalized strategies I teach. One student tripled their ACT reading speed within a call while another improved their SAT grammar score by 220 points after two hours of work.

All of my students in the last two years have gone on to attend one of their 3 top choice universities.

Students tell me that after working with me on the SAT or ACT they can use the same strategies to do better on tests in high school and college.

***My Scores***

ACT: 36
SAT Math: 800
SAT Reading: 780
SAT Math II: 800
Calculus AB: 5
Calculus BC: 5
Statistics: 5
Spanish Language: 5
Spanish Literature: 5
Microeconomics: 5
English Language: 5
English Literature: 5
Human Geography: 5

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Aug 2017 - Present
Assurance Education

College Admissions Expert
May 2017 - Present

Curriculum Development
Feb 2016 - Jun 2016
Eclasstic Education


Economics and Government
Jun 2017 - Present
Harvard University


Fluent / Native Proficiency
Fluent / Native Proficiency


Diller Teen Tikkun Olam $36,000 Scholarship
Jun 2017
Hellen Diller Family Foundation
Congressional Commendation for Community Service
Mar 2017
US Congressman Bill Dodd
Golden Heart Award
Mar 2017
City of Davis

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Sarah Feb 7, 2018
SAT · Online

We believe that Ben Hoffner-Brodsky scammed and cheated us!
We were taken in by Ben's impressive resume. He seemed so smart and proficient. We booked five TakeLessons sessions with him. He contacted us and asked where our daughter wanted to attend college. We had no idea. He offered to provide us an additional service outside of TakeLessons, where he would help our daughter with the college search and application process. We felt overwhelmed with the college prep process and accepted. He told us that we would need to pay him additional money in advance for these extra sessions, which we paid by check.
We had one session with him via Skype in which he talked to our daughter about her interests. After this initial session, we were to begin our SAT tutoring. Our daughter had taken a mock SAT one week prior to our first session, and we sent him those scores and offered to give him the test booklet. We gave him all this information, and then he canceled the lesson when it was to begin because he told us that we had not taken a test from his website. He had never given us a link to this website until the day of the lesson.
The second session on the following week, he canceled last minute because we thought that we were supposed to use Skype since that was how we had communicated with him previously. Our daughter had taken and graded one of his practice tests and we were absolutely ready for the lesson. We were logged onto Skype waiting for him to start when he texted our daughter to tell us that we had to use TakeLessons site. We had technical difficulties logging on to Take Lessons and he canceled the lesson telling us that he would have to charge us for missing the lesson. We contacted TakeLessons since Ben insisted that it was our responsibility to request rescheduling a lesson. The Take Lessons' tech support explained that instructors are allowed to use Skype if there are technical issues with their online portal. Based on our problem accessing the portal they said it was OK to reschedule at the discretion of the instructor. We sent an email to Ben explaining all of this, and planned to have our daughter's TakeLessons session at our next scheduled appointment.
We were all ready for that session on the following week. Our daughter had taken the required test and we were logged onto the TakeLessons portal. While we were waiting for him to log on, Ben sent us an email telling us he didn't want to work with us anymore. Each week we had worked to prepare for the lesson and each week he canceled at the last minute! It was very difficult to communicate with him and he had no flexibility.
Alright he has a right to decide not to work with us. But if someone ends a business relationship without fulfilling their obligation, then they should return the money that wasn't "used". When Ben told us he didn't want to work with us anymore he asked us for our PayPal account so he could send us back our money. We gave him that information right away. We waited for a week and it didn't come. I contacted him and asked him to send the money so we could move forward with another tutor. He replied that he had sent it the week before and it was our fault that we never got it. We called PayPal three different times trying to figure out why or how we never got the money. We contacted him again, asking him to help resolve this problem and he accused us of harassing him. He would not give us the PayPal transaction id for his claimed payment even though we explained it would help us figure out what happened to the lost money. We told PayPal about our issues and they questioned whether he ever really sent us the money. He finally sent us money, but kept over half of it for himself saying that we owed him for all the "extra" time he had to spend dealing with our emails (asking him to pay us).
I have never written a bad review in my life! This was a nightmare. He wasted precious time when our daughter should have been preparing for her upcoming SAT exam. We believe that he scammed and cheated us. He had already had our money. He decided he was owed more, even though he ended the relationship, and so he simply took it. I know what I would call that.

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Evie Jan 21, 2018
ACT · Online

Communicates well and has been very helpful with explaining the questions. My daughter seems to respond well to his teaching methods.

Sarah's Mom Oct 22, 2017
ACT · Online

Ben took the stress out of testing for me and my husband. He handled the scheduling and materials, assigned a healthy amount of work outside of lessons, and followed up to make sure our daughter was always on track. She even admitted to enjoying her ACT preparation for the first time! We'll definitely be using Ben for our son next year and couldn't recommend him enough.

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Sarah Oct 22, 2017
ACT · Online

I learned more from a single lesson with Ben than I did in my 4-month ACT class. Instead of telling me what to do he taught me how to approach the test like a puzzle. I don't think I could possibly feel more prepared for my test and my score ended up increasing by 4 points!

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