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Autumn teaches: Ages 18 and up
Teaching since: October 2008
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I have been actively involved in music all my life. I started playing violin 15 years ago. I never would have expected it to take me where I am today. It has guided me to become a confident, respectful, and creatively evolving adult.

I teach mostly classical style violin, but do have a few students who are mainly interested in church music, pop, folk, and fiddle. I love to arrange popular music for my students, and encourage this side of the violin as well as the classics.

I have played in a few symphony orchestras on the west coast Including the Orange County H.S. of the Arts Philharmonic, and the Spokane Honors Symphony. I have been involved in the creating of Composition Clubs, and String Quartets as well as String Trios in the Pacific Northwest.

My main focus with the violin is in a folk pop band called Saints Apollo, where I perform and arrange string parts with Kaitlin Grady, an accomplished local cellist. I am also heavily involved in the rock/pop/indie music scene in Raleigh, and I frequently provide session work in and out of the studio for local artists.

*** Lesson Details ***
Always depending on the student's goals of course, I like to involve personal creativity into my lessons. From figuring out well known tunes, to eventually writing melodies, or at least coming up with the basis and foundation to a piece. I have learned that writing music on your instrument, in conjunction with learning to play the classics, opens up a vast array of musical knowledge and musical creativity. Everything depends upon what the student wants out of their lessons though.

I do enforce weekly homework in the form of scales, warm-ups, etudes, and selected works. All varying upon playing level, and progressing differently from student to student. Recitals are offered at local coffee shops and community churches. The student will have a choice on whether to play solo, with piano accompaniment, guitar accompaniment, or duet music for recitals.

After the first 6 months, the student should be able to comprehend most basic music theory, from note names and where they sit on the fingerboard, to basic scales, time signatures, and basic rhythms in order to effectively sight-read sheet music. The student will have developed a proper bow hold, and will be able to demonstrate a smooth and straight bowing pattern to obtain great tone! Every student grows at a completely different rate, and this is what is expected of the average student.

*** Studio Equipment ***
Music stand, yamaha keyboard, multiple violins, guitar,

*** Travel Equipment ***
Music Stand, Violin, Violin Bag O' Tricks

*** Specialties ***
For my beginning students I use a combination of the Suzuki Method, All for Strings or Essential Elements, and Harvey Whistler's Scales in First Position.

Materials used for advanced students varies.

This instrument holds true to so much that occurs naturally in nature. The science behind the instrument is so fascinating, and I love to teach with that thought in mind! There is a reaction to every action you make!

I enjoy teaching classical styles, but also encourage exploration into popular music as well, and provide arrangements if the selection is appropriate.

Photos and Videos

This is me playing When You're Evil by Voltaire. Rex is Singing. Most violin parts are improvised.
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8 Reviews on Autumn B.

Kelly S. Aug 3, 2014
Violin · In home
Verified Student
We could not have asked for a better violin instructor for our 7-year-old daughter. Autumn is exactly what she needed: someone engaging, flexible, creative, and most of all fun! Obviously she is tremendously skilled and a master of her craft, but this does not always make a great teacher. But Autumn is a great teacher, which makes her an absolute gift and inspiration! We are so lucky to have found her! Thanks, Autumn!!!
Lori B. Jun 8, 2014
Violin · In studio
Verified Student
Autumn is encouraging and enthusiastic and helpful and fun. I am an adult and an experienced violinist who stopped playing for 20 years. I am just getting back into it and am delighted to find that I haven't forgotten how to read music and play, but I am really wanting to improve my sound. Autumn is happy to work on just what I want and need. I don't believe I could have found a better instructor for me.
Vito I. Feb 14, 2014
Verified Student
Autumn falls magically!

So here I am on yet another fork in the road and now I have REAL aspirations of making wonderful sounds with my violin! I'm just an old silly man chasing a dream, and Ms. Autumn is making it happen! No matter how much I make annoying squeaking ear drum popping noises, she's right there making it all sound.....imaginary! Ms. Autumn rocks! Ms. Autumn rolls! She is the best of the best! I can't wait for each new lesson! Thanks so much!!!
CaitlinN May 16, 2012
Autumn's great! She really works with you! Very patient and happy to answer questions. I'm 25 and decided I wanted to learn the violin. My first lesson with Autumn was a little over a month ago. She really understands me as a beginner and as an individual learner. Everyone learns differently and I feel like she picks up on that and really works with it! She's a great instructor!
JaimeM Apr 8, 2011
Mom of 5

Very pleased with Autumn. Our child had taken lessons but was being pushed to hard to learn material she was not ready for. This has been such a blessing and our daughter LOVES going to her lesson. Finally!!!!
AmyH Mar 21, 2011
Sarah Jane is really enjoying her lessons. She is learning a lot and loves to practice. Autumn is an excellent instructor!
LeeT1 Feb 28, 2011
An outstanding teacher for all ages

Not only is Autumn passionate about the violin, her dedication to performance is dimmed only by her desire to teach and inspire her students.Her nurturing manner helps her connect to students of all ages and all skill levels, from beginners to advanced; young to matured.I heartily recommend Autumn to anyone desiring to take their skills to the next level.
AndrewL1 Jan 3, 2011
Exceptional Violinist and Teacher!

Autumn is a wonderful violinist and her knowledge & love of the instrument really shows through in her playing & teaching. I am an adult taking violin lessons for the first time. But coming from a musical background, I can say that I am also highly impressed with Autumn's depth of music theory and her ability to adapt her teaching methods to the individual student.Autumn is always prepared when I show up for my lesson and has even taken her time outside of the lesson to prepare key teaching tools for me to use while learning to play the violin.5 Stars all around! I would recommend Autumn to anyone in the area, child or adult, that is looking for a caring and competent violin teacher.