Ashot Bznuni

Ashot B.

Glendale, CA
Teaching Locations:
Profile-location-studio Teacher's Studio
Profile-location-home Student's Home
Teaching Locations:
Profile-location-studio Teacher's Studio
Profile-location-home Student's Home
Levels taught:
Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced
Beginners: Warm-Up Exercises, Pitch Control, Simple Song Choice
Intermediate level: Warm-Up, Breathing Exercises, Right Song Choice
Advanced Level: Warm-Up, Repertoire Choice, Audition Preparation,
Studio Recording Preparation

About Ashot B.

Ashot B. is a professional musician, composer, arranger, producer, vocal-band leader, and voice/piano teacher. A graduate of Yerevan Komitas State Conservatory ( with a Master’s Degree in music Performance and Education), he, along with a classical music, has been a lover of Pop and Jazz music from an early age. Among his influences are Frederic Chopin, George Gershwin, The Beatles, Led Zeppelin, Oscar Peterson, Bill Evans, and Quincy Jones.

The academic education on one side, and a personal research and self-education on another, brought him to the determination to find his own way for self-expression. In 1987 he was invited by the National Centre of Children’s Art, Music and Aesthetics to work as a music director and arranger for its Musical Theatre. Soon, he was offered to lead a small group of singers, mostly teenage girls, which later evolved into his original Jazz-Pop- Choir. In 1990, the choir was featured on National Television, performing the famed The Beatles hit “Let it be,” and becoming an instant sensation. The work with this choir within the next 3-4 years brought many awards and fame to Mr. B. as well as to the young singers, many of whom went on to become nationally acclaimed Pop stars.

The years following the Jazz-Pop-Choir saw Ashot B. take on a new direction: individually working with aspiring young pop singers pursuing their dreams of a big stage. As a part-time professor in the Yerevan State Komitas Conservatory Jazz Department, the Yerevan State Pop & Jazz College, as well as privately, in his own Home-Studio, Ashot B. made it his top commitment to find, through individual approach, each young singers personal strengths, and, through the development of a musical taste and the choice of the right songs, help each of them reach the pinnacles of their potential. The results were participating and winning numerous prestigious international competitions, such as “Sloviansky Bazaar” (Slovenian Bazaar), “Shire Krug” (“Wider Circle”), “Golos Azii” (“Voice of Asia”), as well as, more recently, “Eurovision Song Contest,” and “American Idol.” Needless to say, many of these solo proteges joined the list of stars in the Armenian Pop Hall of Fame.

In 2006, Ashot B. moved to Los Angeles, and to this day continues to educate the young generations.

*** Piano Lesson Details ***

I strongly believe that it's extremely important to help beginners acquire a strong foundation in real musicianship. The first thing that any aspiring/beginning piano student should learn is the combination of the following:
1. Proper posture and proper hand-position
2. Proper touch that ensures a full sound and a beautiful tone
3. Basic music theory and notation
4. Appropriate and personalized choice of various songs/pieces: building of a repertoire

*** Singing Lesson Details***

I believe that anyone with a musical ear/sense of pitch can sing, no matter how powerful their voice is. My experience allows me to see a hidden talent of the prospective student, and in a short time find the best way to help them to achieve their goal.

***Studio Equipment***

Digital Piano Roland RD 700 NX, JBL Studio Monitors, Mic. Shure SM58, MacBook Pro, Apple-Logic-Pro, Etc.


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10 Reviews
Anna B.
Profile-location-home Student's Home

Ashot is a wonderful person and very talented teacher. It's my first lesson and I learned so much already. The way he explains everything is very easy to understand, which is very important. I'm very excited and can't wait till my next class)).

Posted Sep 11, 2015
Sarah A.
Profile-location-studio Teacher's Studio

Ever since I went to professor Ashot's class, I felt like singing is my passion. I love the way he teaches me to sing, and I love how he does the musical arrangements for me. I have participated in many international competitions and won many 1st places. For me, he is the best teacher anyone could have. He is talented, patient, and caring. I found guidance, friendship, discipline, and love in my talented teacher, ASHOT BZNUNI!!!

Posted Oct 25, 2014
Anna S.
Profile-location-studio Teacher's Studio

Ashot B. is a multi-talented musician, composer and educator! I made my first steps into the music world with the help of and under the direct supervision of this wonderful man! I was one of the lead singers of his Jazz/Pop band in Armenia. I was about 9 years old when I joined that band, and, since then, my life has never been the same! He introduced us to the best music, inspired us to sing in many styles; he taught us how to sing sophisticated harmonies, introduced complicated rhythms, helped each one of us find our own style, sing with our own unique voice. Our band took numerous prizes at music festivals around the world, and many of our band members continued our musical careers as professional singers and became top-level artists in different countries! He’s a great teacher, who knows exactly what each singer needs in order to bring out the best out of his/her voice. I can’t even find enough words to express all my gratitude and appreciation to my first teacher, my musical mentor, and a wonderful person who helped me become who I am today! I definitely recommend Ashot to everyone who’s looking for a great teacher! He knows the right path!

Posted Oct 24, 2014
Joseph T.
Profile-location-home Student's Home

I met Prof. Ashot 7 years ago. By now, he has taught my eldest child for 7 years, my second child for 5 years, and my third child (youngest) for 2 years. Knowing that I have retained his teaching service for so long should tell you all you need to know about his teaching skills. But I will elaborate anyway . . . He is GREAT with children! He is patient, warm, and encouraging, and his love of music and teaching shines through. Not every student learns the same way, so Prof. Ashot, as a wise and experienced teacher, alters his teaching methods to suit each student individually. Below are a few simple words of praise from my kids:

“Prof. Ashot is a very experienced piano artist. I enjoy working with him very much because he is patient and has taught me a lot in the last 7 years.”
Phi, 13 years old.

“Prof. Ashot is a very experienced teacher with a knack for music. He has good taste in music. I have learned much from him and I’m learning more every week.”
Nhi, 11 years old.

“Prof. Ashot is a man with talent and skill. Prof. Ashot pushes us beyond our limit, but I love to work with him very much.”
Quoc, 10 years old

Posted Oct 12, 2014
Sophie H.
Profile-location-studio Teacher's Studio

My experience with Professor Ashot has truly been phenomenal. He is extremely talented and an amazing piano instructor! He chooses my program significantly for me, and never in about three years have I played one unnecessary song. Professor Ashot is extremely patient, but is also very stern. He pays attention about how I perform during my time in class. Lately, I've been having many problems with my finger technique and coordination. My professor noticed every time, and after seeing my struggle, he suggested me to a Hanon book. It was so helpful! After practicing on that for a week, I felt my fingers getting a lot stronger. To anybody who is searching for a piano teacher, I resolutely recommend Professor Ashot B. for you. He is very patient, kind, fun, exciting, firm, and he pays attention to how your learning process goes. He never ignores anything I say, and allows me to play freely so I can learn in class, even after making many mistakes! He is the best instructor, and I feel very rewarded after my years of hard work to end up where I am because of him! Five stars for sure! :D

Posted Oct 11, 2014
Khoa L.
Profile-location-home Student's Home

Mr. Ashot is great piano instructor, and a very talented musician. He is a very patient teacher, which is one the most important quality in my opinion. He also teaches me a lot new and popular song which I love playing. Before I had him as my piano teacher, I used to just wait for the instructor to tell me what note to play. Now after having taking theory with Mr. Ashot my sight reading have improved a lot. Thank you for being such a great piano teacher.

Posted Oct 11, 2014
Tatev Y.
Profile-location-studio Teacher's Studio

In addition to being a fantastic performer himself, Ashot is a brilliant person to converse on any subject and has been a mentor for me and my vocal trio for many years now. Our repertoire grew immensely and has been very versatile because of Ashot's vast knowledge of Jazz, pop, classical, rock and therefore, the rest of genres that are a combination of the above styles. His passion for music and calm character has almost healing powers, which he so gracefully combines with the type of demands/assignments that one always completes with pleasure! My love and development in singing, piano playing, compositions for my performances or film scores have been influenced and encouraged by Ashot from a really young age and for many years now! Anyone who has the chance to sing or play even one piece with or in front of Ashot B., is a lucky rascal!

Posted Oct 9, 2014
Thao N.
Profile-location-home Student's Home

My daughter and son have been taking piano lessons with Prof. Ashot for almost 8 years. Both of my kids are very happy with their lessons. Their piano skills improve a lot over time. Prof. Ashot is professional in teaching and patient with the kids. He has passion for piano so he teaches young children to have that passion too. Prof. Ashot also encourages his students to choose the music that they like so practicing become more fun for them. That helps them in spending more time with practicing piano. Prof. Ashot teaches them both classical music and popular song. He is very good at identify each student’s strength and interest. Since my daughter likes to sing, he also teaches vocal. He trains them on music reading, ear training, performing. Prof. Ashot is flexible with time which help us a lot since my children are busy with other activities. I would recommend Prof. Ashot to anyone who wants to learn piano and to parents who want their children to learn and advance in piano. He’s a wonderful piano teacher!

Posted Oct 7, 2014
Claire H.
Profile-location-studio Teacher's Studio

My experience with my piano teacher is fantastic! Every day Professor Ashot teaches me play piano, and if I have a hard time, he is very patient with me. He tries to teach me amazing, new songs, which are a little challenging, but when he helps me, it seems kind of easy. I know my sight-reading is kinda bad, but sometimes his help makes me go through it with ease. Thank you for teaching me and being one of the best instructors I have ever had!

Posted Oct 6, 2014
Lika B.
Profile-location-studio Teacher's Studio

Ashot is extremely talented, unique , having his own style musician and teacher.
We have tried several piano teachers but Ashot has found a way to inspire our son and teach him in a manner that makes him want to learn more. It's an absolute pleasure to see how your child grows from lesson to lesson.
Ashot is so patient , yet firm with his students. He is also a great psychologist and knows how to inspire each student.
I really recommend Ashot to all my friends who are interested in piano classes.
Also it's a pure pleasure to see our 8 year old son experiencing excitement every time during and after the classes.
He is everything I could have asked for as a Teacher for our son and just a great person.

Posted Oct 5, 2014

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Independent Music Producer, Composer, Arranger, Teacher
Jan 1992 - Present

Ashot B. Studio

Head of Pop Music Department, Singing/Choir Instructor
Jan 2008 - Sep 2013

Hollywood Academy of Music and Fine Arts

Piano/Voice Instructor
Jan 2008 - Nov 2009

Encino Yamaha Music School

Commercial Voice Instructor
Jan 2000 - Oct 2006

Yerevan State College of Variety and Jazz Arts

Commercial Voice Instructor
Jan 1999 - Sep 2004

Yerevan Komitas State Conservatory

Music Director, Arranger, Producer.
Jan 1988 - Oct 1992

Yerevan State Children Center of Fine Arts, Music & Aestetic


Master's Degree in Music Performance and Education
Sep 1973 - Sep 1978

Yerevan Komitas State Conservatory



Fluent / Native Proficiency


Fluent / Native Proficiency


Fluent / Native Proficiency


Excellence in Music Education
Nov 2012

Hollywood Academy of Music and Fine Arts


Diploma Award for Contribution in The Field of Musical Art
Mar 2006

RA Ministry of Culture and Youth Affairs

Mar 1991

All Union Children Festival of Pop Art, Yekaterinburg, RF

ASUP TV Award for Best Recording and Music Video
Jan 1990

Armenian National TV

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