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Arjola H.

La Crosse, WI

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Arjola teaches: Ages 3 to 60
Teaching since: January 2008
Last sign in: More than two months


I hold a Bachelor’s Degree in Foreign Languages and Literatures from the University of Pisa (Italy). I am currently writing my Master’s Degree. I gained my first teaching experience when I worked in two primary schools and in a secondary school, where I facilitated the settling in of immigrant children. My second chance with education was provided by Mondolingua, a private language school where I did an internship, teaching English and Italian as a Foreign Language to adults. I undertook a position at British Institutes as an English teacher. Furthermore, I also worked in two nursery schools as an English teacher. I did an Erasmus Placement internship in London in a Bilingual school (Italian / English) and a one month internship in a Language Center at the University of Technology in Tianjin (China) as an Italian teacher. I worked in a primary school as a Teacher's Assistant. I work in an international school in La Crosse (WI).

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